Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jamaica, Jamaica... Addicted

I'm off to Jamaica, for my much needed and much deserved vacation. I can't promise that I will be an angel, but I do promise to be fun and safe and to return... (unless some beautiful man kidnaps me!).

When I return (just in time for my b-day!) I hope to be well rested and ready to take on 2009!

Before I go, I have a few confessions to make, well not a few, just one really BIG one (no I DID NOT get LAID):

I talked to Mr. Henry. After consuming a bottle of champagne ... (I know, not good), I made the call. He's like a BAD habit that you have to work really hard at to get rid of (some habits that come to mind are drinking, smoking, eating too much, smoking CRACK)... I promise to do better, it's just hard with my choices (or lack thereof right now)...

He gets me and I get him. It's hard to throw 8 years away... we were like a common law, DYSFUNCTIONAL, Bonnie & Clyde (without the killing, but with great sex) in denial duo...

I think Jamaica has the cure... see ya in 2009!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve: What Does That Mean?

Christmas Eve

I spent Christmas Eve this year with Tony. Before he came over, I thought about what I did last year. Last year, I didn't go home because I had a trip and surprise planned for my Mom in February, so I stayed here. I spent it with this guy I met online, whose name escaped me. I do remember he made me a candlelit dinner, and I spent the night. I woke up the next morning, thinking's Christmas...I can't believe I'm here. We didn't have sex, but I somehow felt dirty...I guess it was from all those years of being with my family on Christmas Eve, but I found myself with this guy, who I wasn't feeling enough to have sex begins with a D if that means any case I digress. This year was different. I spent it with someone I know/knew, and it wasn't bad.

I cooked dinner, made cookies, we watched a movie and he left. Still no sex, not that I wanted to have sex, but since it's been so long, I might as well become celibate It wasn't a bad Christmas Eve. Sort of sweet, like Grandma's gifts, that you hate, but keep around because you love Grandma, and you don't want her to ask where they are at...something like that...

Also, I made him a gift, because he told me he brought me I didn't want him to leave empty handed. I made homemade cookies, and a really cutesy/corny CD with music I thought he'd enjoy. I personalized it and wrote some interesting things. I didn't give it to him, instead I slipped it in his jacket pocket. When he left, I sent a message that said "check your pocket"

He texted me back and said "Thank u, luv, u"...

I was confused as fuck...what does that mean???

Monday, December 22, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

All I want for to get rid of this awful cold...

Six days from now, I will be in sunny, beautiful, Jamaica (for 7 days!) for a much needed vacation. This isn’t the trip with Brian in February...instead it’s a “Girls” vacation to ring in the New Year right!!! I’m so excited and am so trying to get rid of this cold/flu that has had me down for the last few days!!! Being sick, sucks major A.

The Old Man has tried to get my spirits up, but between work, the cold, dog sitting, and everything else, I haven’t been in the mood to see him. He gave me the disclaimer months ago that he doesn’t do Christmas and not to buy him I won’t. I’m not even sure if I even want to spend it with him (I won’t be going home). We have plans to see a movie or something tonight, but, I’m not sure what I want to do. Tony has called me a few times last week, saying how much he missed me, and he wants me to see him perform tonight... I may just say no to both of them and crawl in my bed...

In Other News

My birthday is coming up in two weeks. I started making plans on how I’m going to celebrate. The Party Girl, will fall off the wagon by this time I’m sure! Thus far I am celebrating at my favorite club/lounge. I sent the E-vite out on Friday. I contemplated on who to invite, and I decided to invite a lot of guys, including Mr. Henry (for shits & giggles), don’t ask me why, I don’t know...maybe I miss him, maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. I also invited Brian, Jason, John Q, the young boy and some other friends... I haven’t decided if I’m going to invite the Old man or Tony yet. I can invite one, but not both...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Maybe It's...

Maybe it's me...maybe I have these high expectations of what I want in a man, and when someone doesn't meet them, I'm done. Maybe I am searching for this Prince Charming, when all that exists are Dukes and Earls. Maybe I have a secret fluorescent light on my forehead that says "All Losers Apply Here", "All Old Men Apply Here", and "All boys between 21 & 24 take a number, you're next"...

I don't know what it is, why it is, or who it is, and half the time, I wonder if it's me....then I think about it....and I'm like ..."Hell no" was him (at least 95% of the time, ok 90%)

The Old Man's visit had me contemplating my dating style and habits this past year. I mean, actually, I can't be too disappointed, I met more guys than I have fingers & toes ( I have them all!) and went on more dates this year, than any other year in my life. So it has been a good dating year for me (except for the lack of sex recently)

In the dating process, I learned a lot about myself, and I learned not to sweat the small stuff...but it's the small stuff that sill F'n bothers me. I mean really small stuff.

For example, the Old Man came over for his very first time since we have been dating. I finally let my guard down and invite him to my oh so sexy love shack (yes) and he pisses me off.

First, he's super late, he gets here by about 9pm (and I'm calculating in my head how long I will let him stay over, 2 hours max)
Second, he's supposed to be taking care of me, you know babying me & pampering me cause I don't feel well. Well he was acting like a freakin kid in a candy store. He wanted to look at everything, take his slow grandpa time, and "snoop" so to speak. Granted it was his first time here, but WTF... I wanted to say "you're 56, take a chill pill! You act like you've never seen a cute, stylish, sexy 1 bedroom, English basement apartment before" (ok, not exactly like that, but close.)
Third, we ordered Thai food, and transferred it to real plates. Why in the F was he spilling sh** like he needs to wear a bib or something... (spilling on the couch, himself, the floor, my decorative serving tray that's for display only)...not sexy at all...
I don't know, maybe it was me. Maybe I was irritated because I was sick, or I'm not sure, but I just am not feeling that connection with him right now.
When he finally got ready to leave, he was lingering longer than he wanted me to say "You know you can stay here, you don't have to go"... (it was almost 11:30p, way pass the 2 hr mark)
It never crossed my mind, I didn't want him to stay...I was so ready for him to go...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Guess Who's Coming...

Between work stress, weather stress, running crazy stress and lack of sex stress, I somehow am starting to feel sick. Last night, I got home, doped up on every vitamin in my house and drank two packets of Thera-flu before hitting the sack. This morning, I get my daily wake-up call.

Me: Morning Babe (in my not so sexy, throat hurts voice)

Old Man: You still sleep Kitten?

Me: No, I'm on my way to work, I don't feel good...

Old Man: You're not taking care of yourself

Me: I know, it's hard, I've been running crazy and haven't been able to get enough rest

Old Man: Awwwe, you need me to take care of you

Me: Yes

Old Man: Well how can I if you don't sit still

Me: You can come over tonight & take care of me. We'll order Thai food and play Scrabble

Old Man: (probably shit'n in his pants from excitement, 1st invite to my place!) Ok, what do you need me to bring???

I'll let you know how it goes...

In Other News

Latino Papi Alex finally got the picture (I hope) and stopped texting me. For the last few weeks he was sending me these one liner texts asking when he could see me. Tony sent me some stupid mass text last night. Brian asked me to dog sit for him this week, I'm going to JAMAICA in 10 DAYS!!! (different trip from the one with Brian in February)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Something New: Second Chances

Recycled Booty - Reusing your previous sex partners for a variety of reasons, including great sex, comfort, lack of choices, familiarity or for the sole purpose of not adding "notches" to the belt...

So I seen the "new" craze this year. You know the one, everyone proud of their shiny brand new recycled bag, that you can use over & over for groceries and everyday shopping. You see them everywhere. Also, as Americans we tend to recycle other things, and sometimes get rewards for doing why not recycle booty???

Tonight, I was invited out by Tony. I know what you're thinking...WTF!

But, I think, everything & everyone deserves a second chance...( most cases)

I don't know if I'm delirious because I haven't gotten laid since October...or if I truly have it in my heart to give people another any case I went out with Tony tonight. After a brief conversation (and voicemail) he invited me out. It was a short quick date (right to the point) but good. I got to see a different side of him, and we got caught up. Of course he asked me about Mr. Henry & I asked him about any new "girlfriends"...

Afterwards he walked me to my car (after alluding to my place, and how he's going to come over with wine) and we hugged & gave each other a peck goodnight...hmmmm

Friday, December 12, 2008


Like 10 minutes ago, I'm on the comp, minding my own business... unknown caller calls...

Me: Hello

Unknown Caller: Hey Cutie

Me: (heart stops) Oh, heyyyy, how are you

Unknown Caller: Good. I was just calling you to give you my new number

Me: Wow, so you're giving up the 517

Unknown Caller: Yeah, I gotta grow up sometime, I'm a Washingtonian now...

We have a few more minutes of idle conversation. Then I hang up. I contemplated on whether I should save the number or not... (I could have really USED IT last night)...but I delete it...

Stress Reliever

I need a “stress reliever” BAD. I’m not talking about Girls Night Out, or getting out of town for the weekend. I'm not talking about making a stiff drink and talking to friends about bad day.

I’m talking about the hair pulling, butt smacking marathons that you can let all of your aggressions, frustrations and anger out on. The one's where no talking is ok. The one that has you gripping backs, tugging sheets, sweating, and breathing like you just participated in a triathlon… the stress reliever that has you staying up all night, knowing you have to be at work in the morning, but you don’t care. The stress reliever that has you covering your mouth so you don’t wake the neighbors up, although the pounding of the headboard against the wall was sure to already do it.

Clients and work has me stressed. This weather has me stressed, job satisfaction has me stressed and the LACK of great, can’t talk afterwards, just get me a drink sex has me stressed… I’m almost tempted to make a call…and not to the Old Man….
Don’t worry. I’m just gonna take my stressed ass to bed.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Unknown Callers

I knew this was going to happen. That's why I frantically looked for my phone ( and lost my buzz during the process) Friday night. Anyways, tonight has been quite eventful. The Old Man and I made last minute plans to hang out, but once again, he was acting indecisive (which I hate), I wanted to say "Just make up your fucking mind and choose something, be spontaneous, I told you I didn't care", but I didn't. I talked to him at 6ish. Told him to choose something, anything, that I would be ready at 9pm. Well he must have taken his Geritol or whatever Old people take that makes them sleepy or whatnot.

7:50ish pm

Old Man: Hey
Me: Hi, What's up
Old Man: It's me
Me: I know, what's up
Old Man: What are you doing, are you still taking care of your business (I had a list of stuff to do), do you need more time?
Me: I'm working on it now, I'll be ready when you get here
Old Man: About that, don't be mad at me...
Me: What
Old Man: Will you be mad if I say I don't feel like doing anything?
Me: No
Old Man: I don't feel like doing anything tonight
Me: Ok. Bye.

I know I got short with him, but WTF, I'm running around my place like a mad woman, trying to take care of a shitload of stuff I have to do, and I squeeze him in, and he cancels an hour before our agreed upon time.
I stop.
I breathe.
I was tempted to go to the bar and get a drink and to just say fuck it (sorry for the language, but I had a REALLY rough day).

Anyways, I make a drink, and decide to chill for a minute. I get a call (unknown caller..... DAMN):

Unknown Caller 1: Hello, hey how are you?
Me: Good, who is this?
Unknown Caller 1: It's "Jason... Jason Mathis" ... (haven't talked about him yet)
Me: Ohhhhhh. Hey how are you!

After a few minutes of conversation, someone beeps in, I immediately recognize the number...

Unknown Caller 2: Hello,
Me: Heyyyyy Island Prince, oh my god, how are you!!! Hold on....

At least tonight wasn't all the way bad. I talked to Island Prince for a few moments, and I called Jason back...I still need that stiff drink though

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mr. Good On Paper

So I am F'N tired of meeting these good on paper guys, wasting time on the phone, texting, e-mailing, then finding out Mr. Good On Paper has some major characteristic flaw...we all know some Good On Paper Guys, you know the one's:

attractive - (check)
good job - (check)
nice car - (check)
educated - (check)
lives alone/or own's place - (check)
non-smoker - (check)
no baby's mama's - (check)
no girlfriend or wife - (check)
spiritual - (check)
healthy/works out - (check)

So what's missing??? Hmmm, it's usually something major, like: bad in bed, bad breath, calling/texting too much, player type, too nice, not spontaneous or adventurous, bad conversation, habitual liar, small package nicely wrapped...if you get the drift. In any case, you never find out about the OTHER traits until it's too late and you've invested time (that you can't get back) into this Good on Paper Guy. I have the perfect example, of one of my former "Good On Paper Guys".

Meet Carlos:

He's an ex boyfriend from a long, long, time ago. He had/has it all. He's the quintessential "Good On Paper Guy". He even took the "Good On Paper Guy-ness" to the next level and owned not one, not two but three (3!) houses (financially stable - check). He's a non-smoker, non-drinker, who is drug/disease free (check). He's a military man, who worked his way up the military ranks (ambitious - check). He was kind of a golden boy who didn't want to have sex outside of marriage (Virgin- no check). I kid you not, the last time I spoke with him (September) he had only had sex with two (2!!!) women in his whole life (I wasn't one of them...another blog another time). His ex-wife and now his current girlfriend... (just two)...commitment type (check).

So what's wrong him (rather what did I think was wrong)?

Long story short, he wanted to get married and be in a relationship with me (no I'm not kicking myself for passing this seemingly good man up). My major issues with him were: spontaneity, predictability, boring-ness(with a capital B!), different education, spiritual and political values. He didn't want to engage in sexual relations (sorry I gotta test drive it first)...and he didn't like going out and doesn't go out. (that's like DEATH for me!)

Anyways, he was the quintessential Good Guy On Paper...

Did I miss something???

Just my's cold outside (I don't care what you say, long john's are NOT sexy) so I'm inside (trying not to fall off the party wagon), so one of three things are going to happen...1) I'll blog all day and night, 2) I'll cave and invite the Old Man over...damn wintertime weather!!!, 3) I'll fall of the Wagon, and be at the Club/Bar in no-time!!!

Q & A Session: Clarifications

So I wanted him to feel comfortable...he looked rather perplexed, intrigued and like a deer caught in headlights. So I made the first question easy.

Me: Did you enjoy staying the night in playing games?:
Old Man: YES (he held up the card)

Me: Ok now your turn
Old Man: Did you like the meal I prepared for you?

Me: Do you wonder why/ or does it bother you that I haven't invited you to my place yet?
Me: Why
Old Man: I'm not mad about it, I'm just curious as to what your place is like. I want to see what you are like at home, your personality so to speak...

Old Man: Does our difference in age bother you?
Me...(after a long pause, I hold up 3 cards): YES, NO, DEPENDS
Old Man: Why give me an example
(I go on to explain to him about the time I went with him to his friend's place on Election night, and how that lady was "fishing for info", and how I wondered what his friends thought of me, if they asked who I was, and how I was the youngest, (by at least 20 years) person there)

Old Man: Do you think about having sex with me?
Me: YES, but...I feel like sex could be a really good thing or a really bad thing. We've taken a long time to build a relationship, and I'm scared about what would happen if the sex is bad
Old Man: Wha...
Me: Because I know how I am, and I'm scared of the ramifications after we take it there

Me: You want to have sex with me don't you?
Old Man: (Grins): YES, DEPENDS
Me: Why depends
Old Man: Kind of what you touched on, on the ramifications that could happen afterwards

Me: Are you seeing/sleeping with other people?
Old Man: Have I slept with other people, yes
Me: REALLY (I didn't see that
Old Man: It was awhile ago
Me: REALLY???? How long ago
Old Man: I don't know, a month or two
Me: Wow. I didn't expect that..... that's not that long ago( I really, didn't expect that, I was almost speechless)

We talk somemore about sex and how I didn't think he was having sex based on some things he has said, that I drew assumptions from.

We then go on, back and forth about our past, and what we want right now. Basically, he understands I'm not ready for anything serious, I understand he is seeing other people as well, and I told him, that if we ever did take it there, and decided to have a sexual relationship, then I would want it to be monogamous (although at this point I still can't see us having sex)....

...but there is one thing I didn't mention....he didn't ask me if I am/was seeing other people, and I'm on the don't ask, don't tell policy....guess he didn't want to know.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cookies, Convo, & Clarity

Yesterday was the day I dedicated to the Old Man. The plan: Dinner at his place (he promised to spoil me) and then a night out listening to live music.

I arrived at his place around 4p (I know, twice in one week!). When I walked in, he had the mood set. Music, warmth, food on the stove simmering, the oven full, and cookies. (one of the many ways to my heart). So a few things you should know about the Old Man, 1) he doesn't cook much, 2) he's a self proclaimed vegetarian (he eats seafood on occasion).

He cooked everything from scratch. Cookies and all!

He had me to try a cookie first...(ugh, ick, wtf??? Just a few things that came to mind)

Old Man: Sooo what do you think

Me: Ummmm, they are....

Old Man: I made some changes, I used honey instead of sugar

Me: Oh

Old Man: I can tell by the look on your face you don't like them

Me: Nooo, they are ummmm... good ( I ate another one to prove to him they were...gag)

Old Man: Do they need sugar

Me: Yes!!!

Dinner was much better. After dinner, we laid on the couch and tried to decide whether or not we were going to brave the cold weather & to go listen to the band he picked out? ( It was so cold, I couldn't even think straight.) We opted to stay in. I asked him if he had Scrabble. He went to the basement and came back with three board games. The first one was some ancient game, that I never seen or played (waaaaay before my time), but managed to beat him four times! Then we played Scrabble (yes, the party girl is SMART!). I killed him in that, then I made up a game for us to play...QUESTIONS.

I knew he wanted to "TALK" and he had questions. We pulled the cards from the Scruples game (yes, no, depends, halo, pitch fork).

Me: Ok. Here are the rules. We can ask each other seven questions. You lay one of these cards on the table, and that's your answer. No question is off limits. But you ONLY get 7, ok?

Old Man: (holding up the cards) So these are my answer choices....

Me: Yes

Old Man: (silent)

Me: Want me to go first

Old Man: Yes

(to be continued...)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

If 30 is...

If 30 is the new 20. What's 28?

Ok, the last two nights I've been out partying. Thursday night I hung out with Brian. We hadn't hung out in awhile, so it was a nice change. After we finalized our plans for our upcoming trip in February (Jamaica, Jamaica!) we went to this lounge that is the "place to be", if you are into the seen and be seen crowd. Although that's not really me, I always have fun...Thursday night was no exception.

Since I drove, I kept my drinking to a minimum (1 glass wine, 1 vodka & cran at Brian's), which is generally hard for me. The solution: leave credit/debit card in car or at home. Take a certain amount and once that's's gone.

Sometimes when I go out with Brian it's hard to meet other guys because they aren't sure if we are together or I split for awhile. On my mission to search out hot guys I ran into this guy, John Q, I used to work with at a previous job. HOT, HOT, HOT! He's the quintessential good guy, with a mysterious secret life you want to know about. At work he's a suit and tie guy, extremely nice, well liked, smart.

Well, I seen a different, sexier side of him Thursday. I like!!! I had a crush on him, when we were working together. I never told him (or anyone else) because 1) we were co-workers and 2) he had a girlfriend at the time. But now...I think he's fair game. I heard he's single again!!! Hmmmm

For the most part, I was good on Thursday. I met another (and I mean this in all kindness) young guy. What is it with me meeting 23 year olds??? We danced & hung out for a second, but I could tell what was on his was on mine too...but not with him.

Friday. Ahhhh, too much to tell, but I will say this. I'm going to stop partying...I mean it this time, really I do. I went out with friends, and ended up:

1) using the same pick-up line three times (three different guys), it works! Trust me!
2) someone from my night of partying two weeks ago, recognized me, "Hey aren't you that girl.... "Uh no, that was my twin sister Victoria" ....(Damn, I need to go to obscure spots)
3) not sure if I drunk dialed or drunk text messaged anyone, because I lost my phone
4) woke up at 6:30am...(why do I wake up early when I drink???)
5) drunk more than I intended to drink (damn open bars get you in trouble!)

So my pledge is to stop partying...yep. Starting tonight (salsa dancing doesn't count).

Friday, December 5, 2008


Fu***n A.

Slap me.

Do Not Answer called me. I recognized the number right away. I took a deep breath and answered.

Me: Hello

Do Not Answer: Hey what's up

Me: Nothing how are you

Do Not Answer: Good.You called me yesterday

Me: Yes

Ok. I know what you're thinking. Who is "Do Not Answer".

It's Mr. Henry, and in my defense, I was on my way to Old Man Benjamin's house. I was listening to a CD when I started feeling sad, nostalgic...and in my quick moment of weakness I called.

No one answered. I hung up without leaving a voicemail.

He called me tonight when I was on my way to Brian's place.


Don't worry. I'm not that stupid. I'm not going back down that road.

I just had a quick, really quick moment. It's over now.

Litte Red Riding Diva...Continued

He starred at me. Touched me, his looks were piercing, like he was trying to look in my soul. We sort of had "The Talk" but he decided we'll talk more about it later. I think it would have ruined the mood. At one point he laid on top of me & kissed me. He grabbed my butt, he stroked my hair, I told him it was getting late and I should go.

Old Man: You can stay the night

Me: You would like that huh

Old Man: Yes

Me: NO.

Me: I have to go to work in the morning, besides I don't have stuff with me.

Old Man: I'm sure I have something you can wear...

I got up, stretched. I caught him starring at me in the mirror. He walked to the closet to grab my coat and walked me to my truck.

I had a nice time.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Little Red Riding Diva & The Field Trip

I did it!!!!

I went to the Old Man's place tonight. I know what you're too (at least I think I am). We didn't make any plans. After work (and my afternoon siesta) we were talking on the phone and planned on going salsa dancing. Instead, the Old Man said I should come over. Nothing unusual, he ALWAYS says I should come over...and my response is usually the same...NO!

Well tonight, I must have drunk DC's tap water, because I said YES!

I arrived to his place around 8:30p. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised....(no he didn't have rose petals and candles lit everywhere!) The pink was gone!!! The first and last time I visited his place it reminded me of his wife, and how someone would have decorated their place 40 years ago...on a tight, really tight budget. Silk flowers and all.

He got rid of a majority of the pink...he still has a long ways to go, but it is looking more and more like a man lives there.

When I walked in, he had music (similar to the music we heard in the movie the other day) playing. A strategic move on his part. He remembered how much I enjoyed the music. Ten cool points.

I took myself on a little tour while he hung my coat up.

First we settled in the basement (my choice). I sat on the couch and he sat in the chair. We conversed about mundane things, work & how much I hate my job, my day, blah, blah, blah, him redecorating etc.

Then we moved back upstairs to the sitting room. At first we were on different couches, then somehow, he magically appeared on my couch.

I laid on him. His back was rested on the arm of the couch, and I laid back on him with my back on his stomach. He wrapped his arms around me. We talked. He caressed my hands, my face...he traced my hairline with his fingertips. We talked. He ran his finger down my cheek and traced the outline of my lips. He studied my skin, my hands, my fingers...we talked.

At some point we got up and went to the kitchen to change the music. He gave me a split bottle of champagne, and we went back to the couch...

To be continued's late and the Diva is tired


Monday, December 1, 2008

Pro's & Con's

So after our date on Sunday night, the Old Man had and still has me thinking. What would be the Pro's & Con's of a relationship with him...

He'll be getting Senior discounts soon
He'll be up for retirement, which will allow more time for hanging out
He can tell me about all of the Social Security (SS) benefits I will be missing, since SS probably won't exist by the time I retire
He can tell me if Ensure really works or if I should go with Boost instead
He probably has tons of experience, and I can learn new tricks from an Old Dog (or is it the other way around...hmmm)
He'll be the envy of all of his dirty old friends...60 is the new 20
He probably doesn't want anymore kids since he has kids and grandkids
Since he's older than my parents, he can tell them what to expect when they retire
He calls me Kitten, but then sometimes gets a little forgetful and calls me "Cupcake" (My Dad calls me cupcake, he can't do that!)
He knows all about Recessions & Depressions since he's like...old as...(fill in your cliché term)

Uhhh, did I mention he has sons my age???
I wouldn't want him to have a heart attack while horizontal "dancing"
When we go out, people think I'm his daughter
Sponge bath's
He'll be up for retirement, which means he may not allow me enough "space"
I may have to start spoon feeding him in less than 5 years
60 is NOT the new 20, maybe the new 50...but definitely not 20
He doesn't know who JayZ is...(that was quite funny actually...)
You can't teach an Old Dog new tricks
If we were to get married, I'd be his kids Step Mother...ha!!!! (that's not funny)

Two In One Night - The Talk

I guess I was making up for lost time...I double booked my Sunday, although I was tired from a night of parting on Saturday. I should have laid in bed all day, but I couldn't help myself. My first date was supposed to start at 5pm. The plan: tea with the new guy. I met him before I left town. We got started a little late. The date started at 5:30, which caused me to feel a little rushed, because I had a second date for 7pm. None-the-less, a Diva never sweats under pressure!

So I hate dinner dates and any date that requires you to sit down and talk as a first date. Tea was no exception. Actually it was kind of lame, but because the plans were so last minute and I had other plans, I didn't want to do anything it was raining all day.

"Gary" and I meet at the place of choice and he greets me with a hug. We get in, and do the typical get to know you conversation...I was a little bored. So of course I'm checking him out and I'm not impressed. He was kind of cute, but his nails were F'N dirty. And I do mean F'N dirty! It looked like he just changed the oil, put in a new carburetor and changed 4 tires on a 1989 Buick. We sat and chatted. He's nice but...I had to facilitate the conversation too felt forced. I tried to come up with something different (Two Truth's and a Lie) but he didn't take the bait the way I expected him to. We finally leave and I'm relieved. He walks me to my car, and gives me a hug. I thank him for a nice time, and he tries to give me a kiss. I turn my head, and do the cheek to cheek, European fake air kiss...whew.

I head to the cinema to meet the Old Man. Yep, our Sunday movie night. We see this great movie (Slumdog Millionaire) and both agreed the movie was great. I drive him to his car and we sit and talk for a moment. Mostly about the music in the movie and I told him how one of the songs was remade as a rap song. Then we kiss and he says he has something in store for us later in the month depending on my schedule. We talk about hanging out later in the week, then he says something that I'm not sure I'm ready to face.

Old Man: We need to have The Talk

Me: About what?

Old Man: Us. You can come over and we'll make cookies, and that will be a good time for us to to talk.

Me: (Damn cookies) Oh...the dreaded talk...ok

So I guess the time has come...damn, damn, damn. I hate it when someone says "we need to talk".

And what exactly is our "talk" going to actually consist of?

Festive Friday

OMG, I was soooo glad to be back on Friday, you have no idea! I love my family, but after being stuck in the sticks for 5 days, I welcomed the sirens, metro's opened doors and the nightlife. I realized I am somewhat of a "quintessential party girl". No I don't party every night or every weekend, but I need to know a party is going on somewhere. I need to know that I have options if I choose...when I was at home, the options were slim to none. Kind of like the Detroit Lion's winning, I mean losing streak and I can't have that!!!

P.A.T.T was in town for the weekend visiting her family. The plan was to go salsa dancing...and guess who we went with? Yep, the Old Man. He picked us up, and we headed out for a night of good times. So P.A.T.T. is the first one of my friends to meet the Old Man. We get in the car, and I look at her to see what her reaction would be...she smiles. Later on, I had to get a second opinion.

Me: So does he look old?

P.A.T.T.: No, he doesn't look the way I imagined him

Me: What did you think he looked liked?

P.A.T.T.: I thought he'd have grey hair & look older

Me: Really???

P.A.T.T.: Yeah, but he looks good for however old he is, how old is he again?

Me: 56

P.A.T.T.: Damn he's old...He looks like he could be in his forties

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dating On A Budget

Have you ever put-off a date or postponed a date due to lack of funds? Remember the good ole’ college days where everyone was broke, so $2.00 happy hour was great and no one would get upset because you took them to a $2.00 happy hour, even if they were a two-bit…(ahem)

Well I’m here to the rescue. Don’t hang up your dating life because we are in an economic crisis. In fact, this is probably the best time to date. If someone can stick with you through the Dow’s downfall & Congress bailing out everyone and their mama, then they are a keeper. Plus it’s an excuse to be cheap and vett your dates on a budget before taking them home to meet the family!

Here are some cheap/free date ideas to help get you started on your new dating life during our modern day depression! Shawn Smith from SBMINNOVA threw in a few of his favorite as well! Happy Budget Dating!

1. Movie Night In - Skip paying for the $11.00 movie, $5.00 popcorn and $4.00 drink …instead there are these cool little red boxes in most major cities at grocery stores that will allow you to rent a movie for about a dollar a day. And since you will already be at the grocery store grab a box of microwave popcorn and a cheap bottle of wine; like the Barefoot brand. Total Cost of Date - $10.00

2. Culture – Most major cities have a free museum or a free exhibit at an Art Gallery. Grab your local city paper and circle the one’s of interest. Not only will you seem refined & cultured. Haven’t you heard…SMART is the new SEXY… Total Cost of Date - $Free

3. Throwback Date – Remember when hanging in the parking lot of (insert place here) was cool??? Ladies remember when you’d go to the recreational center/gym to check the guys out, knowing you didn’t play basketball? (The good ole college days!) Pick your favorite nostalgic hangout spot. Take your boombox (nowadays MP3 Players with speakers) and crack open a cheap bottle of Boonesfarm (2 for $5.00) and get to know each other all over again! Make use of the backseat if you must...Total Cost of Date - $5.00

4. Dinner for Two – Ok, so you’re not ready to invite him/her to the pad yet. Not ready to show your Wolf Gang Puck cooking skills. Don’t fret. You can still have dinner really cheap and it doesn’t have to be Romen Noodles and PBJ. Cool places to go include Mom & Pop places or places off the “beaten track”. In DC one of my favorite good cheap eat places is Sweet Mango Café. They always give you a decent sized portion. Enough for sharing! Other fairly cheap places to check out in DC include (The Tandoori Grille, Julia’s Empanada’s, The Diner, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Sticky Rice…and anything else that has more than 5 entrée’s for under $10.00). – Total Cost of Date - $20 or less

5. The Scenic Route – Feeling a little romantic? Is the weather nice out? Does your city have a scenic river overlook? As long as it’s safe and you aren’t breaking any indecent exposure or trespassing laws, get a bottle of wine, some cheese & grapes and watch the sunset. Don’t forget the blanket! And remember fellas, don’t be too cheesy…just the right amount will get you there! – Total Cost of Date - $15.00

6. Get Sweaty Together – No, not in the bedroom…well, I’m not opposed to it, but another great way to get the juices flowing is at the gym. There’s nothing hotter than working out together. Once you get your heartrate up, you’ll feel sexy, sweaty & ready to take on the world…or some after gym action??? (Go online to get free 1-Day gym passes from a local gym) – Total Cost of Date – Free

7. Shut Up & Drive – I’ve never done this, but it’s not a bad idea, test-drive your dream car. Pretend you just hit the lottery or you’re filthy rich and go test drive your favorite car. Did I hear someone say Aston Martin???? Total Cost of Date - Free

8. Happy Hour – In a city where Happy Hours are trendy, you’ll never look cheap when you take your date for free drinks before 8 and half-priced appetizers. One up them and take care of the tips the whole night! Total Cost of Date - $10-$20

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

This is a PSA. I wouldn't be a good Diva, if I didn't do this...WRAP IT UP, WRAP IT UP, WRAP IT UP. There's no excuse. I just found something new online as well. Has anyone ever tried this? If so, what were your thoughts? Be safe, go have fun for me. I'll be stuck in no-where-ville (actually it's a city...but nothing like DC) with the family for the week. Wish me luck, I'll need it......and a big bottle of vodka.


EEO - Equal employment opportunity. Everyone deserves a chance.

My dating definition - Every man that meets certain requirements, passes a rigorous physical examination, and can show/give proof as to why they are the "man" for the job can apply for the position. Disclaimer: Not all applicants will be selected. Must show proof on demand, be unmarried between the ages of 25 & 40 (some exceptions to the cap at 40 rule) must not have tons of "baggage", must be a heterosexual male (who was born as a male) must be willing to relocate (no relocation stipends are available at this time) and must be willing to properly fill out the application without assistance, show proof of commonsense, be attractive and drug and disease free...requirements may change unexpectedly and at my whim...and as I deem appropriate and fitting based on the circumstances, my mood, and the time of month. Now accepting applications for a boyfriend, before requesting an application make sure you meet the prerequisites, and provide a resume and proof of job and insurance....

Thursday Night Old Man Benjamin & I went Salsa dancing. I noticed that this is starting to be a routine for us. Salsa dancing & movies...we need to do something to spice it up.

After I left, I noticed I had a missed call from Tony. I called him back, and we talked for about an hour. He wanted to see me before I left for home for the Holidays. I told him when I get back, that this weekend was pretty busy for me.

In Other News

Something happened to me this weekend. It's a delicate situation and I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach it. Do I just spit it out there and hope no one takes offense. Or do I skirt around the situation & hope people get it. Ok, here it goes.....I ummm, had a weird Interracial sexual experience on Friday. We didn't have sex (I did try) but well for lack of a better word it was...............small. So why did I throw in the fact that it was "Interracial"? Well because it was my first one. (sort-of) I'm not the one to believe stereotypes or promote them, but if everyone's first experience was like mine...then I could see how the stereotype would perpetuate.

So when I spoke with P.O.W. about it, we came to the conclusion that I should have just went over the Old Man's house. And basically why haven't I taken it there with him yet. My only conclusion is that he's old...but now, I'm wondering...maybe old won't be so bad...he will have experience on his side.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Imagine It

It's getting cold out, pretty soon, I'll be hibernating until spring. I've been contemplating more and more about inviting the Old Man over. We've been talking everyday and in so many words, he said I "could have whatever I like" from him. It came up when we were joking and I said something about quitting my job and being homeless and moving in with him.

We have all types of random conversations and I try to imagine what would "it" be like.

1. What would it be like to SERIOUSLY date someone 31 years older?
2. What would he look like naked (I'm seriously grossed out right now, a little bit)?
3. What would, S-E-X be like?
4. What would his first visit to my place be like?

Funny thing is, I met him in February of this year. It's going on almost a year.....hmmm, who would have thought

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tainted Water

I'm convinced the government has put something in the water in DC. Maybe it started out as a social experiment then somehow mutated and got out of hand; then they jumped ship and left us to deal with it. That's why I drink bottled water from tap for me. I don't want to catch what's in the water...

Why the rant? Because Cartoon Hands (Carl) sent me a F'n picture of his "johnson" out of nowhere.

I swear to you, I did not give him any signals, key words, or indication that I wanted him to send me yet another picture of himself...especially his "johnson". We've never had phone-sex, never talked about sex or body parts...hell we haven't even had our 1st date yet. Damn, I know I haven't had any in awhile but WTF? WTF?

Don't drink the water in DC...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sexless In DC

Something's not quite right...not sure, I can't put my finger on it. Have you ever had one of those weekends where everything seems a Well I haven't had one in a long time, so I guess it was long overdue. It's time to confess...

Confession # 1: Friday Night - I stayed in. (I know!!!) It was rainy, I was feeling crappy (Can we say I hate M.N.), and I just felt like chilling alone. I made dinner, rented a movie and indulged in ice cream and champagne. (not together)

Confession # 2: Saturday Night - Felt completely off. Although I hung out with friends...something was missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I hate it when I go out, and it's not the party on wheels I expected. Then I get bummed because I wasted a hot outfit.

Confession # 3: I ran into Akeem when I was out on Saturday. It wasn't awkward or anything. I think he was with a girl that was standing next to him. He gave me a hug and said hi.

Confession # 4: (We're still on Saturday) - I sent a mean text message to Mr. Henry. I don't know why. I wasn't drunk (that drunk). I don't think he got it, but I said, "I hate you". I don't though. I guess I was being dramatic plus I was horny, (and M.N. was visiting) and ok...I was quite tipsy.

Confession #5: It's been 3 weeks since I had sex, I need something to take the edge off so I won't make any rash decisions, I thought about going to THE STORE, but was too lazy to drive I guess I'm not that hard up...yet

Confession # 6: Sunday Night: Old Man Benjamin & I went to see the Bond Flick tonight. I loved it! Plenty of shooting, car crashes, and action. Old Man Benjamin didn't like it as much. He was upset there weren't any good sex scenes (no sex scenes). The theater was crowed. When we got there, we had to sit up front. I wasn't completely sure who was behind me (DC is small sometimes), so I opted NOT to snuggle up with him, although he lifted the armrest for me to move closer. Instead I put my hand on his leg most of the movie. When he started making comments about sex and how he hoped there was lots of it, I moved my hand. After the movie, he took me home & the conversation went a little like this:

Me: So what happened to the cookies you said you were going to make me?

Old Man: (laughing) You're right, I did say I would make you cookies. I tell you what, the way that you are going to get these cookies is if you come to my place

Me: (LMAO) You're always trying to get me to come to your place...we'll I'm on a diet, so I don't really need any cookies

Old Man: Well we can make them without sugar and all natural ingredients. Then after we are done, if you're up to it, we can make "other cookies"

Me: You're not getting my cookies

Old Man: Well we can do whatever you want, no pressure

Me: With each date you're getting bolder and bolder

Old Man: And you're slowly starting to reveal yourself

Unbelievable right???? Earlier he invited me over to in his words "Play House". What am I going to do??????????

Friday, November 14, 2008

When 1 + 1 = 4

Boyz 2 Men.

The difference between boyz & men is great. And to determine the difference quickly, it takes a woman who knows what a real man is. That would be me! I met this guy "Akeem" Friday when I went out. He was cute, charming, and most of all, he had sexy hair that I wanted to pull. We exchanged numbers and texted and talked a few times since Friday. Tuesday, he asked to meet for tea or coffee, but I had plans with the Old Man. Last night he asked me to meet him at a local lounge that was advertising free drinks and admission. I'm all about the drink specials!!! So I said YES!

The agreed upon time for our date was 9:00pm. He took the Metro, so he ended up getting there late! After waiting in the car & sending text messages back and forth, I decided to go in and wait. He called me & told me that he ran into one of his friends and they would be joining

I get in and go to the bar to wait for him. By this time it's 10:00pm. This guy sitting at the bar starts a conversation with me, so I entertain myself while I wait. Akeem finally walks in. He walks over and we exchange hugs. So there's a few things about him and said place that I must disclose. He's young. 23 to be exact. Everyone else in said lounge is about 21ish as well. I must have been hanging around Old Geezers too long, because I really felt like I was back in college on "college-night".

So one friend turns into two friends. Fine. I'm running the text messages and conversations back through my head to see if I missed something...

1st Text from Akeem at 3:00pm: Hey hope u been well..._______ has free open entry and open bar tonight, would you like to go if your time is free?

Me: Thank you. It's going well. What time would you like to go? I could use a drink!

Akeem: I could use a drink too. I just got the text. Open bar is from 9-11. Let's shoot to be there at 9 if that's not too late for you

Me: Perfect. Can you please forward me the text

So after texting back and forth a few more times, our plans are set. We even talked once again around 7pm to confirm everything. During all of this he didn't say my friends are coming or are meeting us there...nada. Had he said, "I'm going to the bar for drinks tonight with friends, you should stop by & have drinks with us" I would have been cool. But I wasn't in the mood to hang out with 21 year old boys tonight. So I left the boys and went to the grown-folks lounge around the corner. What a difference!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twice It's...

So Sunday, while I was out and about doing my own thing, I ran into Tony (Weird Guy from the Gym). I forgot what the saying is, but isn't it like twice it's happenstance? It was weird because I almost half expected that I would run into him, but that was like two hours earlier before our chance run-in.

We gave each other a hug. He held me a little bit longer than expected. We had that awkward pleasantry "wow, it's good to see you" conversation. You know, act surprised, smile, blah, blah, blah. But this time it didn't feel as forced as our first run in.

Tony: Heyyyy (yeah he does that a lot)

Me: Hi, how are you?

Tony: Good, what are you doing here?

Me: I just had dinner, on my way to buy a laptop, you? This isn't your neck of the woods

Tony: Waiting on a friend, we're going to a show

So after 10 minutes of pleasantries, he walks me to my truck and asks me for my number again. I give it to him. (don't ask me why) We hug & say our good-bye's. So one awkward, wtf, "why are you asking me this" moment during our conversation was he asked me what happened to us, that everything ended abruptly, all of a sudden he didn't hear from me. I'm getting better at biting my tongue and not saying the first thing that comes to mind, which would have been, "You we're acting weird as f***", but I waited 5 seconds before I points for me!

He called me tonight. We almost talked for an hour. He was much calmer (no red bull & coffee highs). But he still asked me a lot of questions I wasn't prepared to answer. Why me?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last night Old Man Benjamin and I went on one of our weekly dates. When he picked me up, I decided to surprise him with a few things. The first was homemade tortilla chips that I made myself. I'm always telling him about the fabulous food I cook, so I surprised him!!! The second surprise was the commemorative issue of the TIME magazine with President-elect Obama on the cover. He was surprised and pleased with both! (I can pull out the sweet card when needed!)

Tonight's date was the movies again. The cool thing about it, is we went to an Independent movie theatre, so there's always bound to be something interesting. We seen this great movie with Robert Dinero; I must say we enjoyed ourselves.

At the end of the movie, as I was leaning to get up, I had one of those moments where my pants didn't quite cover all of my know, where you see the panties peeking out. Well, I suddenly felt a hand right there! I sort of levitated out of my seat & pulled them up. I looked at him a little sideways...(slow down gramps...)

Old Man: What??? (smirking...)

We left the movies arm in arm, hand in hand. As we made our way through the parking garage to the car, the Old Man seemed to be in his normal chipper mood. He unlocked the car doors and reluctantly waited by the passenger side and starred at me.

Me: What???

Old Man: Nothing

He grabbed me, gave me a kiss and grabbed my ass!

I was caught off guard. Wow!

Afterwards we found ourselves at this little Latin Club. Hmmm, I'm starting to notice a theme here. We sat and listened to the band for a moment, then walked around and headed back to my place.

I didn't invite him in.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Missing In Action

So I know I have been missing in action last week. Between the stunning electrifying election, spending time with Old man Benjamin and partying, I haven't had time to sit down and breathe. So here goes...

Last Monday - I went Salsa Dancing. It was ok, except, it always seems like the shortest guys want to dance with me, then when they try to turn me, I can't fit under their arms...go figure. Hmmm, they must not have gotten the memo, you have to be "at least 5'7 to ride this ride".....

Election Night - I spent it with Old Man Benjamin. We started out at a music/coffee shop, then he wanted me to accompany him to his friend's place for their Election party. This is the first time I was introduced to them and they to me. So a few things happened worth mentioning. 1) I'm the youngest one there, 2) I was Introduced by my first name (no title needed), and 3) This lady thought I was his WIFE! Yep, and she kept fishing for information.

Lady: So do you cook?

Me: No

Lady: WHAT, you don't cook, you strike me as being able to know how to cook. You gotta cook for your Husband

Old Man Benjamin: She's being shy, she cooks, in fact she's a great cook

Me: He's not my Husband, and he's never had any of my food

Lady: What? Well if you cook for him, he'll be your Husband

Me: I'm the prize, he should be cooking for me

Lady: You're right. My husband cooks for me

After dodging her questions and "nosiness", I had a great time. I spent Wednesday recovering, and soaking in everything from the night before, including the monumental win!

Thursday Night - Old Man Benjamin and I went Salsa dancing. The whole time he kept dropping hints about me coming to his house and vise versa, to give me "private" Salsa lessons. I still haven't invited him in. I guess I don't have a really good reason, but I think he likes the challenge. My place is like a mystery to him. He knows I'm not hiding anything, but none the less, he still inquires about getting the invitation...hmmm, it must have gotten lost in the mail!

Friday and Saturday I went out and had a blast.

Sunday was a me day, and lo and behold...guess who I ran into?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Liquid Courage

OMG...something is in the water! The building Engineer "Al" in my office stopped by and flirted with me longer than normal today. At least 15 minutes. Aside from eluding to me making him dinner next week, he dropped a few hints that his birthday is tomorrow and also squeezed in a "so are you single, do you have any kids?" line:

Me: Oh, your birthday is tomorrow. How cool it's on Election Day!

Al: Yeah, so do I get a birthday discount on my first dinner?

Me: Yeah, I'll bring you a cupcake...don't hold your breath though

Al: I'll practice my look of surprise

Me: Yeah, practice all week

Al always stops by and says hi and asks the usual, "how was your weekend"...I guess he took his liquid courage this morning because that was unexpected! I'm going to start selling bottles of "Liquid Courage" - $9.99 a bottle.

Disclaimer - Not guaranteed to work with lame pick-up lines

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Inner Hooker"

Last night was almost amazing! Actually it was amazing. I went out and had a blast. While most girls were bringing out their “inner hooker” in sexy costumes…I opted to wear my old cheerleading uniform from high school! Yep…I still got it, and filled it out a lot more than I did 10 years ago! I’m happy I decided to skip hanging out with the Old Man. I ended up meeting a few potential new daters, danced all night, and made it home by 3!!! What a Friday, I wish every Friday was a costume party!

Today is such a nice day out. I don’t know what I want to do. Do I hang out with Old Faithful, or do I hang out with someone new. Cartoon Hands (Carl) called me earlier this week and wants to do something. Also, Latino Papi has been trying to see me for the last week…what to do, what to do???

Friday, October 31, 2008

Addicted to Men

I never thought in a million years that I would be dating someone who is 31 years older than me...but I guess I should know to never say never. Although Old Man Benjamin & I aren't exclusive, we've been seeing a lot more of each other. Last night we went out to dinner and to this little jazz spot. The atmosphere and music were great, there was just one problem...I kept looking at other guys. There was this absolutely gorgeous trumpet player who was probably my age, who I was eyeing the whole night. I have a problem...I'm addicted to men...ok, maybe not addicted...wait I am. The first step to recognizing you have a problem is admitting it.


Ok, now that that's out the way. I realize what I need. I need someone who can hold my attention...because I have the attention span of a puppy or a small child. I need to be with and date someone, that when I am out with them, I don't care about anyone else or anything else around us at that moment. It's just me and him. I won't secretly check out the other hotter guys, because I will think he's the best thing since sliced bread...

I felt that way with Island Prince. When we went out, I can honestly say...I did NOT check out anyone else. Not once. And he didn't either.

Calls From the Dead

Mr. Henry called me tonight. On both of my lines from a number that looked familiar. I missed the calls. (Thank God I was on a date) Called it back because I thought it was someone else...he was using someone else's phone.... Why can't the dead stay dead???

Monday, October 27, 2008

Inquiring Minds...the Million Dollar Question

Last night Old Man Benjamin & I had a wonderful date (with the exception of bad food & an even worse movie). We started the night out going to an Independent movie theater to see a movie (Ashes...something) that was in subtitles. We both agreed the movie was horribly long, hard to follow and boring. We should have just walked out...but we stuck it out.

Afterwards we found ourselves at the restaurant P.O.W. and I took Island Prince and Willard to. I got a little nostalgic but kept my composure! The Old Man and I had a fairly long conversation. He said he was curious as to what I think about and what I want out of life, love, blah, blah, blah. I reiterated the fact that I'm not ready for a serious relationship and I like how things are slowly progressing with us. He then asked me the million dollar question. What do I think about HIM?

You could hear a pin drop. Whoa, I wasn't prepared for this question. I took a deep breath. "You don't have to answer if you don't want to" he said.

I took my time (an eternity to him). I took another deep breath and then proceeded to tell him why I like him.

After dinner we took a Pedi-cab (also know as a Rickshaw) back to his car. It was a little romantic…for a moment.


Subparsex (sub-par-sex) - Not measuring up to sexual standards of performance, value, or longevity

Saturday night, after going to my favorite lounge, I called Chris. He came over. Everything was sub-par. It left me wanting more...but not from him. I thought about the late Mr. Henry. As much as I dislike him...he rarely left me wanting more...then I added something else to my list (a short one) that I want in a guy.

#5. A great horizontal dancer, whose appetite for the "finer" things in life, matches my own appetite, leaving little to desire, but always wanting more..."disclaimer"...from him.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nightmare on Hand Street

So the last few days have been quite interesting. I talked to "Cartoon Hands" aka "Carl". The first night he called me, it threw me off guard. I almost didn't know who he was. The conversation was brief, but he started displaying early signs of weirdness.

Carl: So do you remember me?

Me: Yes

Carl: Do you need me to send you some pictures?

Me: No, I remember you.

Carl: Well I am going to send you some. Do you have any?

Me: Uh, not on my phone, I really don't take pictures of myself with my camera phone.

Carl: Ok, well I'm going to send you some

He then proceeds to send me not 1, not 2, but FOUR pictures he took of himself with his camera phone at various angels, including one without his shirt. I forwarded them all to P.O.W. and P.A.T.T for "shits & giggles". Not because he was unattractive, in fact he's kind of cute. I just have a problem with someone I met in person, who was apparently sober, sending me 4 pictures of himself, when I didn't solicit him to. Also, it was a sign of (to me anyways) insecurity & narcissism.

P.O.W. told me I should have asked him to send me a picture of his hands!!!

Last night he called me; we had a normal conversation. But from the conversation, I realized that he's not my type. We are supposed to hang out this weekend...what to do, what to do? Maybe we should play football, with his hands he should be able to catch a boulder!

In Other News:

I talked to the Old Man everyday since Monday. P.A.T.T. seen his picture and said he doesn't look that old. Woo hoo. Maybe, just maybe...

Brian and I talked more about our upcoming trip in February. We have the date set and he doubled checked to make sure I was going to be "ok" that weekend...funny

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dirty Dancing

Last night was quite interesting and entertaining. After a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, I decided to go Salsa dancing. I knew Old Man Benjamin was going to be there, as we talked earlier and he told me that's where he'd be. He's pretty predictable, he goes Salsa dancing at least 4 times a week.

Before I can even walk into the door, this random guy stops me. He was cute, so I give him my number. When he's putting my number in his phone, I notice his hands. They are HUGE (not in a good way). They reminded me of embellished cartoon hands, kind of scary. Or maybe like the hands of those mascots except they did not match his body type or was too late to take my number back...hmmm, is there a such thing as a hand disease?

So I get into the bar & see the Old Man dancing. He doesn't see me yet, so I sneak past him and go to the bar. I wanted to scope the scene a little, but too late; he spotted me! He was thrilled and surprised to see me. I wore these really tight pants (that showed all my curves) and an oversized off the shoulder shirt. He noticed. It was like it was his birthday all over again and I gave him the gift of Viagra!

We danced the night away. It was good. I actually had a great time. So confession...Old man Benjamin is growing on me. Here are some of the reasons why? (in no particular order)

1. He showers me with compliments
2. He's a great dancer (Salsa, Meringue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Reggae, Booty...he does it all!)
3. He has a zest for life
4. He's genuine. He'll call me in the morning to wish me a great day & tell me what a great time he had the night before & how great he thought I looked
5. He notices the little things. Like last night he noticed my earrings, and outfit, or he notices my hair, or something new he hasn't seen me wear before

In Other News:

Island Prince called me Sunday night. It was a short sweet conversation. I wonder what's going through his mind and why he's keeping the line of communication open, seeing as how he has baggage and he lives thousands of miles away? The only thing I can think of, other than our hot sexy times, is that its the "what if" factor. (another blog another time)

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Death of Mr. Henry

It is with nonchalant feelings that I announce the death of Mr. Henry (figuratively speaking) on Friday, October 17, 2008. Sometimes unmotivated and selfish, Mr. Henry, was never willing to go over & beyond for his friends, unless of course it directly benefited him.

Mr. Henry basically dug his own grave this week. On Monday I asked him for a favor. I told him I really needed his help on Saturday with something that came up at the last minute. In fact, I needed 10 people! (long story). He told me he’d think about it and asked me when I needed to know by. I told him as soon as possible. I also told him that I’d make it up to him; not that I should have to, but none the less I did.

I called him and e-mailed him almost everyday after Tuesday. I wanted to rub it in his face that Brian volunteered to help, but I didn’t. I awaited his return call. He never called, never sent a text, not even an e-mail. (Brian ended up helping me, as well as other people, including someone I met at the bar Friday night!)

This is where the jack-ass part of him comes in. As a friend (we’ve known each other for eight years) I expected him to help me out. Seeing as how the last few weeks when he wanted something I obliged him, even when it took all day (i.e. helping him shop for a new wardrobe). Granted he’d give me money, buy me something and take me out to dinner, I still gave him my time, when I had other things to do or guys in the line-up I could have seen. He would have been compensated for helping me on Saturday (which he was fully aware of), but he didn’t come through. So I had no choice but to kill him…for good.

Mr. Henry will only be missed for his sexual appetite in the bedroom. He didn’t have much to leave behind or divvy up, unless you count his borrowed camera, lacking bank account, or zest for laziness. He leaves behind a brother, a mother, and a father, who may miss his drunken phone calls at 2am…or not. R.I.P. Mr. Henry. R.I.P.

Friday, October 17, 2008

An Hour and a Half

Tonight was the night I allocated for taking care of business. Fortunately & unfortunately, I skipped out on the stuff I needed to do, but it was for a good cause! Chris and I talked for an hour and a half!!!! Talked. Actually talked, for a whole hour and a half!!! No texting, no e-mails...real live conversation! We talked about everything (except sex & why he didn't take advantage of the fact that, I was laying next to him, in cute tight short shorts, waiting for him to make a move).

Everything from the debates, to our families and background, to drive, ambition and motivation came up! I haven't had a conversation like that with anyone in the line-up in a long time. I guess the last person would have been Brian while we were in Miami, where we had no choice but to talk to each other!

I have a new found respect for Chris now. Interesting.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Converted One Night Stand

One Night Stand- "a sexual encounter limited to a single occasion". It's no longer a one night stand if said parties continue to talk outside of the night of said hook-up. (i.e. texting, calls, e-mails, seeing each other) - my personal definition of the "converted one night stand"

Last night Chris came over to watch the debates. He sent me a disclaimer, that he'd have to stay over & wake up early for work. Now Chris lives maybe 15 minutes from me, so I know that was his way of saying, "Can I spend the Night". A confession about Chris...he is a converted one night stand. Yep. P.A.T.T. and I laugh about this. She says she loves how I "convert" the one night stand to mean something more. So I tell him ok without putting any limitations on it (i.e. no "sexo").

He gets in and we cuddle on the couch and watch the debates. Then we watch two hours of dry commentary. Through all of this we have a few conversations. I jokingly bet him something, and he says "I don't gamble...I'm a Christian". I retort, "But you fornicate"...ok dude, whatever. So we had a discussion about HIS beliefs about sex and how it's ok...funny. Not to get too serious, we end the night on a high note and joke about other stupid stuff.

We go to bed without incident. He holds me, doesn't try to have sex, and wakes up and leaves for work...interesting......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slim Options

Tonight my options were hanging with the new guy or hanging with the old guy…Old Man Benjamin won out; he’s like Old Yeller, trusty, reliable, old…“woman’s” best friend. Anyways the reason why I opted for the old man is because I wasn’t really feeling the new guy “Andrew”.

I met Andrew this weekend at the karaoke bar. He’s young. Not just age wise, mentally as well. He’s 24, but I’d say he acts like a 19 year old boy who’s never been out of the house, never approached a woman or had an actual real conversation with a person!!!

He called me on Sunday and just sat there. So me, being the clever one, had to facilitate the conversation. I got off the phone with him 3 minutes later. I couldn’t take it!!! He sent me a few text messages about hanging out, but he was more indecisive about where to go than I am about picking out what shoes I’m going to wear…so I opted for old reliable.

Old Man Benjamin and I met up at a wine bar/restaurant & had dinner. We talked for over two hours about relationships, dating & randomness. I felt the need to drop the hint, that I’m “not looking for a boyfriend right now” just so he wouldn’t get any ideas. We had a good time; from there we went to the bookstore and just browsed & hung out. It was a simple, laid back kind of date…I enjoyed it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Confessions

Confession # 1

After spending most of the day shopping & hanging out with Mr. Henry, I managed to squeeze in a date with Latino Papi Alex. Yep, after I deleted his number, he continued to send me text messages until I responded. Last week we set up a date to meet, but I cancelled because I was with Mr. Henry all day.

Yesterday, we finally see each other after a few months. My choice is none other than pool again. We meet at the place we initially met each other. We shoot a few games then sit and talk. I like his personality. He loves to travel just as much as I do and he loves food!!! What a great combo! Food, traveling, & fun. We call it an early night after we make tentative plans to see each other again next Sunday. He walks me to my car and gives me a hug. I had fun.

Confession # 2

When Mr. Henry was over on Saturday I locked my phone. Why? Because a few years ago I caught him going through it. Brian, Chris & Old Man Benjamin & I had been sending text messages back & forth to each other most of the night. I'm not sure if he would do that now, but I didn't want to take any chances although most of them were innocent.

Confession # 3

Brian and I started planning another trip together. This time 4 days in sunny, beautiful, sexy Jamaica. We'll be staying in the same room again. I'm curious about how this will play out. I'm going to do better planning this time, unlike the Miami trip!!!

Saturday With Mr. Henry

Mr. Henry made up for missed face time on Friday. I pick him up and we head to my house. He wants to go out. I don't want to go, but he doesn't go out much, so I take one for the team. We catch a cab to our lounge of choice. He's being such a gentleman on this particular evening. He pays for us to get in, buys my drinks, and pays for dinner...hmmm...I know what we'll be doing all night and all morning!

While we're out, we talk about a lot of things. I think he's starting to feel like I use him for sex. He made a couple of comments about me making him feel cheap because I only call him when I'm horny. He said it jokingly, but he brought this up last week when I went to his place. He also brought it up again at breakfast the next day.

The thing is I enjoy his company; we have a history together, however, when I wanted to take it there with him a few years ago, he wasn't ready for a girlfriend or a relationship. He also told me he is scared of titles.

So yesterday when he asked me what he is to me, ( I was caught off guard a little) I said the first thing that came to mind..."you're my fwb".

Another Great Friday

I had another great Friday. I now live for Fridays!!! Despite being tired from my busy week, I wanted to hang out and be social. I started the night off hanging with friends at a karaoke bar. It was a blast! I didn't realize how much fun it would be. While I was there, Brian & I sent messages back & forth about meeting up. I left the bar & met him at my favorite lounge.

I don't know why I like hanging out with him. Half of the time, I'm flirting or am on the floor dancing with other guys. Maybe it's because we are so much alike. It's really weird. I really don't have a crush on him anymore either...I still think he's sexy, but that's it.

On my way home (in a cab) I made drunk calls to Mr. Henry, however we couldn't get it I went home super drunk & horny.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Strip Club...Again

Hmmm, so maybe I want to secretly be a stripper....or maybe I was a stripper in my past life. Or maybe there's not much to do on a Wednesday night...not sure. After six games of pool, my date and I found ourselves around the corner at the strip club. (same one I was at on Friday)

Rewind: I met this new guy Friday during my fabulous night of drinking & partying. Actually, I met him at the first lounge we went to. I didn't give him my personal number because he was being somewhat of a flirt (with everyone in the bar). I gave him my business card, which for me is code for "not sure about you, but here's my business card".

He e-mailed me Sunday, but I was pre-occupied with Mr. Henry Sunday, so I didn't respond till Monday. We'll call the new guy "Larry". So Larry & I talked on Monday. We had a fabulous conversation. We joked and laughed and talked about stupid stuff. Very light, open and honest.

After texting and sending a few e-mails back and forth yesterday, we agreed to meet up. My choice for the date was shooting pool (number 4 on my list).

We had a blast, I actually beat him at a game! So after two drinks, and six games, we find ourselves around the corner at the strip club. He was like a kid in the candy store. He didn't know what to do, where to look or who to tip; It was quite funny.

Surprisingly, I was my normal cool, calm & collected self...just kidding, I was a party on wheels!!! We left after about an hour (when all of our dollar bills ran out). Larry, walked me to my car, where we made out heavily, then he followed me home to make sure I made it safely. Hmmm, the verdict is still out on him.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Semi-Date with Chris

Last night after a month of texting back and forth & cancelling dates ( I had to cancel Monday due to a bad hair day!), Chris & I finally saw each other again! I went to his place to catch the last hour of the debates. He has the quintessential bachelor's pad ....minimal! (but clean) His main piece of furniture is a pool table. I love it! I must admit, I was a little nervous getting out at his place. He stays in the hood...real hood. When I got there EMS trucks and like ten fire trucks were outside his front door! I may have to wear a bulletproof vest the next time I visit him!

We snuggled up on the couch and laughed & made stupid jokes about the debate. It was great. At one point we were holding hands, & he was laying on me...I have to admit, it was kind of nice...just chilling.

We made out a little....then his hand started to roam a little too south...I didn't mind, but I have my hands full with Mr. there's a new guy who may be joining the line-up!

I told him I had an early morning and I had to go. He walked me out & gave me a goodnight kiss. On my way home he sent me a message and said how great it was seeing me and we must do it again...hmmm, I think I'll take him up on that offer!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sexy Sunday with Mr. Henry

So, I spent the whole day (and night) with Mr. Henry yesterday. We just hung, went to tons of stores, had lunch, and ended the night and morning at his place. (great night)

So let me rewind...we had some interesting conversations throughout the day.

Our conversations consisted of:

why me & Brian didn't hook up, and if I didn't have a visitor, would we have done it

Island Prince John, and how sexy he is, and how I'd go to see him if he wanted

Old Man Benjamin, & how he's too old for me, but I like flirting with him, and being somewhat of a tease

Why Mr. Henry has commitment problems

Mr. Henry and me, and how the sex is great and drum roll please....... the weird guy from the gym...

So, why did the weird guy come up? Well, low and behold, guess who I run into at Best Buy...yep. Tony.

It was interesting, quite interesting. We chatted for a minute.

Tony: Heyyyy, good to see you. Wow. I didn't recognize you. You look great! (huge grin)

Me: Thanks. You too.

Tony: Wow!!! What are you up to, who are you here with?

Me: Just hanging out with a friend, enjoying the weather

Tony: Boyfriend?

Me: No, just a friend

Tony: Where is he?

Me: Around here somewhere.

Tony: Wow, you look great! So different. Wow

Me: Uhhh, it's the hair... I've been in the gym...(I go to a different gym)

Tony: Yeah, I can tell!!!

F'in Fabulous Friday

I had a really, really great Friday. So, great, I almost want to repeat it every Friday! At first I wasn't going to go out, but I wanted to start working on getting my new line up. I started the night with happy hour drinks at a local lounge, went to a few more bars, actually went to a strip!!! That's where all the guys are...hmmm, it was quite interesting. I wonder if they have amateur night...just kidding...maybe...

Went to more clubs, but had a thought halfway through the drinking experience. I was horny...extremely horny. It's been awhile. (three weeks is a long time!) I call Mr. Henry.

Me: Where are you, I'm horny

Mr. Henry: Are you serious?

Me: Yes.

Mr. Henry: Are you sure you didn't have sex with 9 inches in Miami? (That's what he calls Brian...long story)

Me: Nothing happened

Mr. Henry: Ok, call me when you're on your way

Me: Don't go to sleep

Mr. Henry: I won't

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Date With The Old Man

So Benjamin & I went to the movies tonight. He was in his normal chipper mood. I guess if I were a cougar and had a hot stud on my arm, I would be a happy camper too!

He complimented me on my dress. I thought I'd give him something to look at! And he looked...a lot. He even tried to place his hand near my butt...hmmm, gramps was trying to be slick!

I actually had a good time. We talked & laughed about stupid stuff before the movie started. A few minutes into the movie, I lift up the arm of the chair and lay on him until it's over...

On our way home, he made it clear he wasn't ready for the night to end. He must have had a double dose of Ensure today! He gave me a kiss goodnight and said I could invite him in...I could, if only I didn't think of old spice, moth balls & prune juice...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bored. Need New Line Up

I'm bored. I want a new starting line-up. At least five starters and a sixth man. Why? Because I want options. So, I think I'm going to work on that this weekend.

DJ called me. He wants me to go to Philly to see him for his birthday next week. We talked about this before, he made me promise. I obliged him...that was before he slobbered on my face. Now, I'm having second thoughts. If I go, I could potentially hate it, hate him and end up being really mean. Hmmm, I don't like breaking promises...this is one I may have to break.

Tonight, I have a date with the Old Man. Last night, when we were talking on the phone (I was a little tipsy), he kind of alluded to my "goodies" again. In a playful way. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm not the least bit sexually attracted to him. So why am I going on a date with him tonight? Because I'm bored.


I was feeling really nostalgic last night. I wanted to talk to my Island Prince...really bad. I don’t know why. It was like something came over me. I tried calling him but a French operator came on. I sent him an e-mail and sent his brother a text.

Island Prince e-mailed me back with his new number.

I called him, the conversation was short but sweet. He wanted to know when I was going to come and see him…anytime he wants. We couldn’t really talk because of the static and background noise, but…the few minutes satisfied my craving.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miami (Part 2 of 2), TMI

Despite my debilitating handicap (can we say I hate Mother Nature), I tried to make the most of my trip. I still partied, still had plenty to drink, still flirted (with what guys were there) and overall had an ok time. I thought Miami would be packed with hot people everywhere…I was slightly disappointed. The beaches, bars & clubs were damn near empty…oh well, maybe in the spring or summer of next year.

So after you spend 3 days and 3 nights with someone, you learn a lot…a whole lot. I’ve come to some conclusions about Brian and our friendship.

5. Ass grabs mean nothing, I guess it’s a guy thing…or maybe he wanted to see my reaction, whatever the case, it’s like a football player smacking his teammate on the butt after a good play…

4. You really can go on a trip with someone of the opposite sex, sleep in the same room, almost see each other naked and not do anything…

3. There is such a thing as too much information (TMI). There were things we talked about, that I wish I didn’t know and on my end, I wish I didn’t reveal…long story…

2. We will be good traveling buddies.

1. We are just friends…

Monday, September 29, 2008

Miami (Part 1 of 2)

So the first night we get there, Brian & I are ready to get the party started. We shower & head out for a night out on the town. The verdict on the nightlife is still out. We obviously kept comparing everything to DC, better music, better places, sexier people…maybe Friday would be better. None the less, we drank, had a good time, and headed back to the room…

So, when I drink, or rather when I’m drunk, all I want to do is go to bed. I get in the room (slightly horny, really drunk), take my clothes off (in front of Brian) and put my shirt on. I can feel him watching me, I want him to get in the bed with me; I lay there frustrated, horny, and drunk. I think about getting in his bed, but I fall asleep.

The next day, I didn’t bring up my frustrations. The day seemed optimistic, then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened! Mother Nature’s a b****. Life sucks the rest of the weekend.

Some people found it quite funny. Mr. Henry calls me.

Mr. Henry: Are you in Miami?

Me: Yes

Mr. Henry: I forgot that was this weekend, so did you do it?

Me: No

Mr. Henry: Why not?

Me: Last night I was too drunk, today Mother Nature happened.

(Brian laughs at me)

Mr. Henry: You have options…..

Me: You’re nasty

Brian: What did they say (I tell him)

Brian: Ha, I like their style, is that a guy or a girl

Me: A guy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miami Here I Come...

Eight hours to Miami!!! I'm so excited, scared, curious? So many thoughts are going through my mind. Will Brian & I have a great time? Will I meet other guys? Will Brian and I end up in the same bed? Is he going to try to bring girls back to the room?

We've been sending each other text messages back and forth for the last few days about the trip. Funny thing is, if I were going with "Chuck" (best male friend from college), it wouldn't be a big deal...and Chuck and I have done quite a bit!!! But with Brian, I feel differently. I know we are "just friends", but he sends me too many mixed signals, (i.e grabbing my ass), so now I'm not sure what could happen. Not to mention the fact that before Island Prince, I thought Brian was hot & sexy.

But I stand firm in my decision to try really, really, really, really hard to be a good girl!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Date With the Old Man

If only Benjamin were 25 years younger, we could have great fun together. The fact that he's on the verge of drinking prune juice through a feeding tube and is only a few years away from sponge baths, is really bothering me. I try to look past the age factor but I can't. He doesn't look that old, which helps. His mannerisms however, are quite different from mine. I will say this though, we like a lot of the same things.

We both are passionate about music and dancing. He's a great salsa dancer. He plays drums for fun. He likes to travel. He enjoys life. He's generally happy 95% of the time we talk. He's always down to try something new. He exercises a lot.

But the 800 lb gorilla in the room is definitely our age difference.

Tonight we went out to continue his “pre-birthday” celebration and had a great time.

We went to my favorite lounge, which was sort of a mistake on my part. I like the guys that go there and I think this waiter that works there is gorgeous. Every time I go there I shamelessly feel him up and tell him just how sexy I think he is. I couldn’t do that tonight! I did stare him down a couple of times…

Other than that, the old man and I had fun. The live music was great; also I was proud of myself. I didn’t look at the other younger hot guys as much. I tried to focus on Benjamin as much as possible; I even told the bartender it was his birthday and had cupcakes with candles bought out. He blew out all three with the help from the girl next to us who sat in his lap, which he thoroughly enjoyed!!!

At the end of the night, he took me home and gave me a kiss. He did not leave a trail of slobber like D.J. It wasn’t bad at all…if only he were 25 years younger…

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Kisser

I don't like DJ (the guy from Spain) anymore. I went out on a date with him last night; the venue dinner and salsa dancing. There were so many things about the date that bothered me, I don't know where to begin. Before I lambaste him, in his defense, he's a really nice guy, really nice. And he's cute. Here are the problems in no particular order.

1. He has the eating habits of an untrained dog - There's something about table manners & eating inappropriately...uhhh...can we say turn off!!! DJ ordered flank steak. The steak pretty much came cut-up, except for a large piece he happened to grab with his fork. Rather than using his knife to cut it into a smaller, more chewer friendly portion, he put the steak in his mouth (half of it out) and leaned over his plate and chewed it. I wanted to grab the huge chunk hanging from his mouth and slap him with it.

2. When we first met he told me he wanted to go salsa dancing - He failed to mention that he doesn't know how to salsa dance. Before we get there he asks me if I am going to teach him. I thought he was teasing me...but nope. The guy from Spain does not salsa dance. Nor does he listen to Spanish or Latin music. In fact he said all he listens to is rap. How in the hell are we supposed to salsa??? We get to the salsa club and I try to teach him, but I can't, it’s too hard with such a novice as himself. I watch the other salsaleros & salsaleras with envy. I was a bit disappointed in him. I'm definitely no pro, but I do know some sexy moves.

3. He's a bad kisser - I try not to compare guys, but the last person I kissed before DJ was Island Prince. Island Prince definitely knew how, when & where to kiss. DJ left a trail of slobber on my bottom lip.

Wait there's more. He started calling me "baby". Yesterday & today he answered my calls with "Hi baby". Yesterday, he told me he missed me. We just saw each other 8 hours before that call!!! Tonight he asked to see me tomorrow, and I told him I couldn't. I told him Wednesday was better for me. He asked me why we couldn't see each other. I really wanted to say, "Because I said so fool!” But I didn't. I told him I was busy tomorrow and Wednesday was best for me.

Aside from bad table manners, being one dimensional, and leaving a trail of slobber on my face, he's a really nice guy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Agreement

I know the rules or the unspoken rules. It’s often the topic of many conversations. Invite someone over after the club, or bar at 3am, they are most likely expecting a “night cap”. I get it. Well last night, I wanted to end my great night with company sans the night cap.

Last night I went to a local lounge with a lot of friends. D.J. met me there. We danced together the rest of the night. At the end of the night, he still wanted to hang out. I told him to call me at 2:30.

He was prompt. I laid down a couple of rules.

Me: You can come over but no sex

D.J.: What?

Me: I don’t want to have sex tonight. I’ll say it in Spanish… no sexo. Comprendo?

D.J.: Uh, ok.

When he got to my place, I told him the rules again. I know it was cruel. But, I just wanted company. I put on a movie, got him a drink, got my blanket and fell asleep in his lap.

In the morning I woke up in my bed…fully clothe. I went to the living room; there was D.J., on the couch, fully clothe. I got him a blanket and pillow.

Me: Why didn’t you sleep in the bed with me?

D.J.: I wanted to be a good boy

Me: Awe, thank you. I’m so proud of you

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Slow Start to Weekend

Tonight and last night was pretty dull. Yesterday I talked to Island Prince. It was hard because the connection was pretty bad. The conversation was extremely basic. I got off the phone excited that he called, but at the same time I wanted to ask him about his Baby’s mama…but I didn’t. I’m not going to see him again. We had fun while he was here…that’s it.

I also talked to Brian. I invited him to meet me & some friends at a local lounge. When I got there the line was extremely long, so I called Brian. He didn’t call me back until I was almost home. To me he was acting a little flaky. I kept trying to see what he was going to do since there was no way I planned on staying in line. He kept saying he was looking for his frat brothers who were in town for the weekend. After I got off the phone with him, he sends me a text, saying I should meet him. Why in the hell didn’t he say that when we were on the phone? I didn’t respond.

I talked to Mr. Henry briefly. About nothing really, sometimes I just like hearing his voice before I go to bed. It’s extremely deep, and the later it gets the deeper it gets. Sometimes it’s relaxing.

After I got off the phone I sent a few text messages and fell asleep. I woke up to 2 missed calls and texts from Brian and Chris.


Chris (the guy I met awhile ago & sort of stood up) has been out of town for work. He told me he was getting back this evening and we should hang out. I guess he wasn’t bitter about me canceling our date awhile ago….or was he? We made plans to meet up after his nap, but he hasn’t called or sent me a text. I’m cool. I had a lot of stuff to take care of today anyways.

DJ called and said he will be in town tomorrow and wants to hang out. I’ll see. He’s a lot of work. I have to decipher everything he’s trying to say; my Spanish is not that good.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Week to Miami

One week from today I will be in Miami baby!!! I'm so excited. I need this...bad. I'm also nervous about "accidentally" hooking up with Brian. Now that Island Prince is gone, I've been thinking about Brian more and more. I know, horrible right. I pushed everyone to the left for Island Prince. But if you seen Island Prince, you would have too!

So anyways, Brian and I talked about our trip to Miami. We kind of laid out some ground rules, i.e. you go to their room, don't bring anyone back to our room.

I told Mr. Henry about the trip and about Brian awhile ago. Big mistake, but I like to be honest with him. I like that about our relationship. He swears up and down that Brian and I are going to do the wild thing. He threw it up in my face a couple of times too. I assured him I didn't plan on it. He was like, "but you want to".

That may be true, but, I need to try to keep Brian in the "Just Friend's No Benefits" box. This will be hard though. He's sexy in a smart bad boy sort of way. Aside from his tattoos, nipple ring, and hard body, he rides a motorcycle. Classic sexiness. And he is smart, which is extremely sexy to me.

I'm going to try, really really hard, to keep my hands to myself, and to stay in my bed. I can't say the same for him, because well......I am hot and sexy!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Little Silver Book

About every other month, I go through my little silver book (it's the new black), in this case my cell phone, and clean it out. I delete numbers of guys I don't want to talk to anymore, or who haven't called, or I haven't called. I re-read text messages, (the drunk one's I send are always the funniest) and delete them or save them for s&g (sh**ts and giggles) later. Last night was one of those nights. Latino Papi Alex's text prompted me to do that.

Latino Papi: You still mad at me Mami?

I didn't respond, just like I didn't respond to the one he sent Monday morning. I'm not mad. I just don't have time. I'm tired of getting cramps in my fingers from texting him. If he really wants to apologize, he should call. Other's among the deleted include:

Ivan - The guy from Kenya with the British Accent. We never really talked, and to be quite honest, I wasn't really interested

Terry - Horrible. At everything. I thought I deleted his already, but I must have forgotten

Island Prince John - As much as I don't want to, I deleted all of the numbers he called me from as well as his text messages. I doubt his cell number he had while he was here will work there anyways. I have his e-mail address just in case of an emergency! I have plenty of pictures to remember the sexy times we had

Chris - We had a good time. We tried to set something up last week, but never followed up. Then there was the time I cancelled on him. I deleted his number, not his text messages...for now anyways

Some Randoms - Guys I don't remember meeting, probably met when I had beer goggles on, and never called, because...I don't remember them

I probably should have deleted more than that, but for now, I'll keep the others around.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sort of Stood Up

Last night I was extremely tired. Too tired to really hang out and too tired to entertain the thought of company. D.J. called me a million times. I didn't answer the phone. I was supposed to hang out with him on Saturday after I got back from New York, but I never called him.

Latino Papi Alex sent me a few texts about hanging out. I finally obliged him. We set-up a time and location. An hour before we were supposed to meet, I sent him a text to confirm everything. Secretly, I was hoping he would cancel. I didn't want to be the one to do it again. He never responded to my text. I sent him another one about half an hour later saying I hadn't heard from him, so I'm going to call it a night.

This morning the bastard sent me a text saying he lost his phone...(I didn't respond) that was the same thing I was going to tell D.J.

I guess, I'll be honest with D.J.

I just won't say anything.