Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm In...The Baby Pool

Prelude to a kiss communication...

So, I was kinda (key word kinda, ) wrong... bare with me as I explain. The biggest issue I had with Klein the last two weeks was communication, or lack there of. In the beginning everything was rainbows, cupcakes and sunshine, then all of a sudden, one day it was like Thundercats. I mean he went from calling me and following through, to me not even getting a return flair message.

First problem (technically speaking strike 2)...so remember the whole debacle with his no show, and in the comments last week, I told you that his "excuse" was "falling asleep"? Well, we had a long convo, about communication. i.e. Just tell me, you can't come, aren't going to come, or have no intentions of coming (all puns a coincidence). He said he understood. We laid in bed & talked, yes that's all, fell asleep...then had our morning snuggle and both went about our weekend.

Then nothing for a few days. No calls, flair signals, nothing. Then it went downhill. We literally haven't seen each other for almost two weeks...which is weird, because we live a hop, skip, and a jump from each other.

Side Note: It's 3:16AM, so I'm sure I'll wake up and read this and have a WTF was I trying to say moment...I'm baring it all :End Side Note.

So last week, I tried to break it off via text...sue me, what else could I do, I tried calling him, and that wasn't working, seeing as how we were having "communication" problems. Upon receiving "break-up" text, he immediately and I do mean immediately called me back. We had a long talk, and I thought everything was going to be ok. (Mind you at that point, it was a week since we seen each other).

Three days later...still nothing and by nothing. I mean, no seeing each other, no convos, no make up sex, text, s.o.s messages. I mean at this point, Mr. H was calling me and "checking" on me daily, which was driving me crazy, because he hasn't had the pleasure of sniffing my love muffin, and yet I couldn't even get a 140 character text from Klein.

So finally I was just like eff it. Went out with the chick friends...had fun, then 2:30am...the tequila hits me. (Did I mention I switched my signature drink for awhile??? Top shelf margarita's)

I made the the Drunk break-up call... (he didn't know I was drunk which I must say, I hid pretty well) I started the call with - "I can't do this anymore"....then I don't remember what I said after that, all I know is, we didn't quite "end".

Frustration resumed, then he finally calls me this evening. His mom is in intensive care.

I'm there for him as much as he needs. He called me again, and I woke up to talk to him. I reassured him, that I will be there for him, he just has to let me, and I can't be there if I don't know what's going on. So now it's 3:40am and I am getting in the the pool.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Foot In, One Foot Out

Relationships are like peanut butter....sticky, chunky, fun to play with, unpredictable... - Diva

Klein & I are not in a relationship, but we’ve had our share of issues the last week or so. Initially, I was trying to distance myself from getting too involved. You know, have fun, make it a light spring/summer fling. Still hang out & do my thing...hmmm, my plan for ultimate one sided domination didn’t quite work out.

It’s a case of girl meets boy, boy professes his love for girl, and girl is torn...that’s where it’s at right now.

I have one foot in, and one foot out, debating on which way to go.

Maybe I’m speaking in circles...but hell, I really don’t know what box to put him in yet

Monday, May 10, 2010

No Show

Things were (keyword: were) pretty A-ok with Klein, until last night. We had our first issue last week but we managed to work through it...(i.e. late-ness on his part). Well last night...he fucked a good thing up, and since summer is knocking on my door, all the more reason to write him off. We went from:

  • Sex at least three-times a week
  • Spending the night...about three times a week
  • Hanging out...about three times a week
  • Conversations about him wanting me to meet his family
  • Him admitting to Facebook stalking me

To me deleting his number. Last night, he was supposed to come over. He was a no-show. No call, no text, no e-mail, no show... he fucked up royally.

I'm back.