Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 10 First Dates Besides Dinner & a Movie

I decided to come up with a funny, yet entertaining list of my "Top 10 First Dates Besides Dinner & a Movie"!!! Whether you choose one or all 10, make sure to make the most of your first date, relax, have fun, and meet in a public place! Happy Dating!!!

10. Ice Skating, roller skating or bicycling. - Even if you have never done any of these, it's a great way to break the ice, get exercise, and to see if your date doesn't take himself- or herself too seriously. We know most of us are bound to fall a few times, but can you laugh at yourself afterwards!!!

9. The Park - When it's nice outside, and you have so many beautiful places to go in DC, the park can be a wonderful place. Take a blanket, some snacks, and enjoy. If you and your date aren't making a connection, say something like " I heard it's going to storm today, maybe we should leave...and beat the storm."

8. A Sporting Event - You have a ton to choose from, especially if you are a die-hard Wizards or Redskins fan. Sporting events are a great way to see if you are compatible, especially if you're a sports can weed out the non-sports freaks with one date. Just don't take your date to a baseball or hockey game. I've seen too many people get hit with flying pucks and wouldn't want your date to end up with a black eye would you? or would you???

7. Dessert - I said besides dinner and a movie!!! Dessert can be fun with the right person. You can even make it sexy and feed each other. Just don't get whipped cream topping items... or if you do, use them at your own discretion!

6. Museum - There are a ton of FREE museums in DC. You can look like you're trying to be intellectual when you are really being cheap or are just broke. Your date will either think you are extremely progressive and smart or boring....either way you can't lose because it's FREE!!!

5. Happy Hour - If you are really trying to be cheap, there are a ton of free happy hours that offer free wine and snacks, as a ploy to get you in and spend more money. Just stick to the free stuff unless you are trying to impress your date!!!

4. Shooting Pool or Bowling - The good thing about Pool halls, is you can talk, drink, and watch your date bend over the table (that's if you are really into him or her). If not, then maybe you should bowl. Either way, it's a fun way to get your juices flowing and to have a little friendly competition. (i.e. if I make this shot you have to give me a kiss or buy me a shot)

3. Amusement Park - Although the really good one's are far away, it's a great way to scream, and act scared, and say stupid stuff like "no, that wasn't me, it was the kid behind me, I swear!!!" I'm a big fan of Roller Coasters & bad Fair food.

2. A Walk - Walks can be cute and romantic. You can window-shop, stop & get food, and talk and learn a lot about each other. Just make sure you aren't wearing 4inch stiletto's (this goes for the guys too!)

1. Your Favorite Thing - Whatever it is that you like to do, do it. You may have more fun doing what you enjoy on a date, which may cause you to loosen up & relax. Whatever you do or wherever you go be safe and have fun!!!!



Serena W. said...

Great post! I got your link from Brooke's blog! I live in the DMV area and totally blanked on the museums! Even chilling out at the national mall!!! Thanks for this post!


Thanks! I thought about reposting this since I posted it when I first started the blog!!!