Monday, September 6, 2010

Was That Supposed To Be Closure????

That wasn't fair Klein...

Fuck closure. That was the idea, behind the come get your shit movement. Closure. This weekend was crazy. Ok, let me start in order. Friday night vodka got the best of me, and lets just say I ran into some of Klein's co-workers. The next day they told him I was inebriated (well in their words fucked up). He told them I wasn't his gf anymore and that I broke up with him. He calls me to get my side of the story, I blow him off because I was on my way back to Mr. H's.

I spent all day Saturday at Mr. H's place.

No sex with Mr. H. In fact, I couldn't even think about bringing myself to letting him nibble my muffin. I thought about it, but I wasn't turned on by the thought of him. In fact, I was probably dryer than the Sahara desert when thinking about him getting close to my lady mind was somewhere else. I left his place around 3:15am, Klein calls me at 3:45am. I knew he was going to call. I push silent and go to sleep.

Tonight, man.......where do I start. I study, eat, nap, Klein comes over for the "pick your stuff up, I don't want it in my house anymore closure event". We talk. We talk about why it wasn't working, we talk about maybe later in life, He apologizes and says he's sorry he wasn't the man I wanted him to be. We talk about us....He tells me I was the best gf he ever had...he was supposed to meeting his boys in 15 minutes.

We hug for a really long time.

We say stuff that's deep.

I tell him he should go, it's late and he's gotta meet his friends.

He says he has time.

We kiss.

He tugs at my skirt, and I tell him no. "Remember you're practicing Ramadan"

He says he doesn't care and wants to do it.

He tries again. I try to stop him.

He gets on his knees, and kisses me.

I try to stop him again.

He says he wants to.

On the floor in my living room, he gives me the best oral conversation ever, and gets up and leaves.

Damn fucker.

I was supposed to meet my friends out tonight, I was on my way to Mr. H's...gotta get it together...I can't believe he just pulled that....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disclaimers, Confessions & Sex Rehab

Last Night
I gave him the disclaimer twice...“no sex”...he said he just wanted to hold me (yeah right...) so, against my better judgment I went over there....because...well because, he wore me down. He’s been asking daily for I don’t know how long and technically it was not cheating, seeing as how I broke it off with Klein before I went to the I was super single.

Once we got to his house, I asked him for shorts because I forgot pj’s (ummm who wears pj’s anymore?). He’s awkwardly trying to figure out which way to lay. We leave the t.v. on, he pulls me close & I have restless sleep, pretty much the whole night. Somewhere between me dreaming of beaches & rum punch and 6:30am, he starts kissing me, and tries to eat my “muffin”...I clutch my shorts and SHUT IT DOWN...

In the Morning:

Me: I thought you said you weren’t going to try anything?

Mr. H: You seemed restless, I just wanted to help you sleep better

In Other News:
Yes, Klein & I are not together. I got so fucking frustrated with him, I gave him the deuces via text (don’t sue me, I tried to call him and he didn’t answer so I had no choice....), and boarded a plane to paradise for 4 days, thereby cutting off all phone communication with him. Guess he was salty about it, because he tried to take shots at me on Facebook.....oh well, once a child, always a child.

The longer story of why I broke up with him will follow soon

In Other Other News
Guess you can tell by my sporadic postings, that the life of a grad student is about to ensue...not sure how demanding it will be, but I’m sure dating and debauchery will be on the back-burner...I’ll try to stick around & blog about the crazy-ness....this isn’t my last post...just a disclaimer.