Friday, February 19, 2010


After he sent me a text, and I responded with:

Glad Your ok. Deuces.

I meant it. Even after he responded to my text. He was permanently erased.

E-mail, Written, Never Sent:

You displayed the most inconsiderate, asinine behavior ever, and single handedly ruined my weekend. I get that you had to work on Friday, and you were "sick". But when I've had company in town, despite any odds or ill wills I was experiencing, I made sure they had a weekend to remember, or atleast put forth more effort than you displayed. I woke up on Sunday & you weren't there. No big deal. I figured you went back to a chick's room. But then to see that you packed, without so much as a note, or good-bye. That was seriously a slap in the face. I'm not your girl, and don't expect special treatment. But seriously. You just bounced, and send me a text like 8 hrs later??? That was fucking lame. Had you not mentioned me coming to NOLA, I never would have came. If you didn't really want me to come, you should have never suggested it. I pretty much was here by myself. If I wanted to spend my birthday weekend alone, I sure as fuck wouldn't have came to NOLA.

Update: The whole weekend wasn't that bad, I had fun 1 1/2 day

Update #2: And I had fun the day before I left at my b-day happy hour and salsa dancing with friends, afterwards


Ok, I think I can focus now. I finally applied to grad-school this week. Actually just one school. I have another one, but I can’t focus on that until next week! least I’m working on keeping a few of my new years resolutions!

The third day, Thursday, Jason called me in the morning. He didn’t think I was going to answer (that’s what he said) and was going to leave me a voice mail. He apologized for being a punk flake ass and said that something came up with work and that he still wants to do something.

Honestly, I didn’t really believe him. In the past, when something came up, he’d say that, and not wait 3 days to call.

Basically it fizzled. We haven’t talked since then. I haven’t called him. He hasn’t called me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Down to Two Nutshells...(cont.)

I know I'm tardy....but ehhh, blame it on the lack of sunlight. So back to Jason and that random text I received from him after my birthday. Remember the one, this one...right here:

Jason’s Text: “So did you get broke off by your boo, lot’s of birthday gifts, and love every minute of it, lol”

So yeah, I mulled it over with male and female friends, thought about it, and well decided that hey, maybe he was trying to see if I was in-fact single, dating, etc. After we sent a few texts back and forth, I decided that I'd see if he wanted to do something. So, let's see it was MLK weekend, Sunday that we made plans. Jason expressed that we "always" do the movies, and that he wanted to do something "different." Since he was out-of-town, I felt like when he got back in town he may not feel up to much, plus it would be a Monday.

Suggestions weren't flowing freely from his lips, so I suggested he come over for dinner (cause I think I can cook, judging from my sparsely ignored cooking blog) and that afterwards we could go to ESPN Zone for games. He said that sounded cool, and we set-up a time.

Monday afternoon, he sends me a text in the afternoon and says we are still on. I told him to come over around 5 or 5:30.

Side Note: Remember how guarded I am about male company. It took the Old Man a year to see the insides of my abode....and I don't recall cooking for anyone in a long time, with the exception of Mr. H, who doesn't count. So this was kinda a big deal for me: End Side Note

I went to the grocery store, prepped my place, and began getting stuff ready at about 4:30pm. At exactly 5:00pm I put the stuffed pork chops in the oven. At 5:01pm, I get a text from Jason saying he can't make it. Something came up, he'll call me later.


I was that pissed. Like how are you going to a) send me a text after we confirmed and b) send a text??? Man-up and call
I responded back with: "Damn, that sux, I started cooking"

That night and the following two days, I was told I shouldn't be so hard on him, and that he's never done anything like that before, and that I should give him another chance....blah, blah, blah.

What happened on the third day was just beyond me....

V-Day = Free (insert cliche here) Day

V-day should be called "guaranteed ass day" for men. - Diva

V-day is always interesting. Last year I was in Jamaica, with a name I don't really care to mention. Brian. This year, I was here. Tired from insomnia for the last few days and work. I laid in bed most of the day, viewing mass text messages and talking to friends, when I received an out the blue call....from Mr. Henry. A month+ later he decides to call and although I deleted his number (see previous entry) I knew it was him. I answered the phone and we chatted for about 5 mins, then I thanked him for calling and threw up the deuces. I know his m.o. He calls a few days, weeks, months later to see if I'm still mad or remember why I am still mad at him.
Funny thing is or maybe not so funny thing is, the night before, I had a weird dream that he called me and tried to apologize/get back in my good graces. And tried to bone me. Hmmmmm.

So today, he calls me like nothing ever happened (again). Asking me how I was, blah blah blah. Then he asked me if I wanted to catch a movie or get drinks. I declined the movie and told him I'll think about drinks. A few hours later, he sends me naked photos he took of me (damn, he still has those) there's the answer. I knew what was on his brain. He just solidified it. He e-mailed me and asked me if I wanted to "come over".

Nope. Sorry....

Happy Vagina Valentine's Day...

Friday, February 5, 2010

In 3 Nutshells...or More (Part 1)

With the impending snowstorm, that everyone is freaking out about, I’ll probably have plenty of time this weekend to work on my grad school applications (one of a few reasons why I was M.I.A). So today, I decided to begin catching you up, on everything that’s happened in the last month or so....

Mr. Henry

So remember awhile ago, when I mentioned how Mr. H was being a pansy, and pain in my ass, re not shoveling snow, blah, blah, catch up here. Well he called me about three times after our falling out. Each time he talked to me as if nothing happened. NOTHING. Each time, I reminded him about his bitch-assness, and that I was still pissed. The last time he called me was a week after my birthday. Again, carrying on like we haven’t stopped talking.

Mr. Henry: Hey how are you cutie? ....(blah, blah, blah) So I was just calling to check on you, to see how you’re doing...

Me: I’m good, but you should have thought of that a week ago (bastard...ok, I didn’t say bastard, but I thought it.) on my birthday

Mr. Henry: Oh, happy b-lated birthday, how was it. What did you do?

Me: It was really good. Look, I gotta go, thanks for calling. Bye.

And then I hit "delete number".


I had high hopes for Jason. I mean how many times can one go to the movies and hold hands? And, I don’t just hold hands with any “tom, dick, or harry”. Like seriously. wtf was up? So I had a little impromptu birthday celebration with about 12 or so friends. Jason made an appearance. So things were casual. Mingling, small talk. By the time happy hour was over the group died down, and it was about six of us left. Jason left because he said he had class. Cool. He sends me a text to ask where we are headed after we left the bar. I responded with our plans to go down the street to a salsa/hip hop bar. He responds that he’ll stop by after class. Halfway through salsa dancing, I get a text that he couldn’t make it. Admittedly I was a little bummed, but I was having such a good-time, he ended up becoming an after-thought.
The next day he sends me text, that was extremely odd, and threw me off....

Jason’s Text: “So did you get broke off by your boo, lot’s of birthday gifts, and love every minute of it, lol”

WTF??? be continued...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Return....Not Quite...

One month of “M-I-A-ness” is coming to a close pretty soon. I have VERY good reasons as to why I took a break from the social network thing. But I’ll probably be back sometime next week with the full details on the demise of Mr. Henry, the Good, Bad & Ugly of my NOLA b-day, the re-appearance of the Old Man, the disappearance of Jason, and the bit on how old flames (namely Mr. Good on paper, a.ka. Carlos) reappear.

Thanks to those who checked to make sure I wasn’t laying in a ditch somewhere between Mississippi and Louisiana.

Luv ya too!