Monday, October 6, 2008

Sexy Sunday with Mr. Henry

So, I spent the whole day (and night) with Mr. Henry yesterday. We just hung, went to tons of stores, had lunch, and ended the night and morning at his place. (great night)

So let me rewind...we had some interesting conversations throughout the day.

Our conversations consisted of:

why me & Brian didn't hook up, and if I didn't have a visitor, would we have done it

Island Prince John, and how sexy he is, and how I'd go to see him if he wanted

Old Man Benjamin, & how he's too old for me, but I like flirting with him, and being somewhat of a tease

Why Mr. Henry has commitment problems

Mr. Henry and me, and how the sex is great and drum roll please....... the weird guy from the gym...

So, why did the weird guy come up? Well, low and behold, guess who I run into at Best Buy...yep. Tony.

It was interesting, quite interesting. We chatted for a minute.

Tony: Heyyyy, good to see you. Wow. I didn't recognize you. You look great! (huge grin)

Me: Thanks. You too.

Tony: Wow!!! What are you up to, who are you here with?

Me: Just hanging out with a friend, enjoying the weather

Tony: Boyfriend?

Me: No, just a friend

Tony: Where is he?

Me: Around here somewhere.

Tony: Wow, you look great! So different. Wow

Me: Uhhh, it's the hair... I've been in the gym...(I go to a different gym)

Tony: Yeah, I can tell!!!


Anonymous said...

lol is Tony just a character or is he gay?


No, not gay as far as I could tell...just weird. One thing I didn't mention is he's kind of religious and felt conflicted about having sex....hmmm