Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3-Minute Quickie

All I have is like 3 minutes, cause I'm under the gun. So here goes...

1. Had date numero dos with the young one (Klein) last week. Everything went really really really well. (Ok, I'm exaggerating with the really's, but we did have a cool date). Our second date consisted of Pilates, hanging out, video games, sandwiches, and an unexpected kiss goodnight. Like really out of nowhere, he went in for the kill.

2. Mr. Henry & I embarked on our road trip on Friday. I was a little worried about spending 20 hours (round-trip) on the road with him...lets just say he tried to work his magic in a roundabout way. It did not work...his game is lame.

3. Going on date #3 with the young one this week.

I'll be back later with more details

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'd Do Him, Road Trip, Text Messages, Dirty Old Men

I don't know where to begin...in no particular order

5. Text Messages with the BFF:

Me: I was so horny last night. I couldn't fall asleep. I don't see how you went a whole year. I'm barely through month 3

POW: LOL. It was Hard the first couple of months. That's why I had B.O.B

Later, the same day...

Me: Ewwww. The police officer is a horn dog. He was trying to j.o. to my voice

POW: Ewww. Most cops are

4. Police-Officer Back story: So the officer I met Sunday night, called me Sunday & yesterday. We talked yesterday for a little bit. He kept telling me how sexy he thought my voice was and that it was causing him to be bad...next thing I know he's grunting like a dog in heat and is making noises, and is telling me he's being bad. I told him bye, and hung up mid-grunt.

He called me tonight....I pushed ignore call...

3. Mr. H and I are embarking on a 9-hr road trip on Friday. To be continued...

2. I talked to Kiddie-care daycare tonight, we have a tentative date set-up again

1. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm curious about the little young thing's stamina and energy (Jubi has me convinced by her previous comment) but I think, I pretty much made up my mind that he's doable, and I'd do him. It's up to him to mess it up.

Most women know whether or not we'd do a guy anyways. The guys usually mess it up, either through talking or stupid actions that has us clutching our panties tightly. Oh and they get moved to the category, of "never-mind", what was I thinking... "I wouldn't do him with a 10-foot pole".

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barely Legal, The New Black???

When he asked for my number, I had no idea, he just got off the tit. I guess I assume most guys that approach me (with the exception of really really old men) are my age. So I didn’t even think about asking him how old he was. It came out after our first conversation.

SIDE NOTE: Is it just me, or are the young one’s getting more gutsy with the whole cougar movement? I mean, I’m no cougar, but this little boy/older woman thing could be getting out of hand in 5....4...3...2 :END SIDE NOTE

In his defense he thought I was his age. So yeaaa for me, I look like a pretty young thing! Anyways. We went on a date, and lets just say, he’s adorable. Like, I remember when I was a fresh faced young thing, and thought I knew everything. Ahhh the good ole days. His name will be "Klein" (it means tiny in German)

"Klein" was a perfect gentleman. He tried to put on his big boy game.

We indulged in food, a romantic walk, and surprise flowers (it’s been a year since I got flowers, I thought it was a cute gesture)

Now the question is, can I look past the almost 8 year age difference? Let’s be real, while "Klein" was partaking in milk and after-school specials, I was partaking in adult beverages and “adult activities’. Maybe he will make a good boy toy for the spring/summer.

Speaking of the spring, it brings out the masses. Sunday afternoon, this off-duty officer, put his old man mack-game down. Actually, I don’t know how old he is, but I am assuming, that the sprinkle of gray, and divorce status puts him in his 40’s. Fingers crossed, that I’m right. I can’t go back to dating old men. I need to put age caps on these guys.

You need to be this tall to ride this ride.

P.S. I almost forgot, while I was out with kiddie care, my cell was in my clutch. Somehow it accidentally dialed Jason. He called me back twice, but for obvious reasons I didn’t answer. We haven’t really talked since his whole PMS attack.

P.S.S. My new addiction is this right here. Basically, choose your city, & get hooked. Oh & kickboxing is going to be my other part-time lover...

P.S.S.S. Mr. H and I went to dinner & Target last night. A typical Mr. H & Diva hang out thing, sans the sex. He did drop hints that he was feeling a little randy...he's banned from my cookie jar for the rest of his life.

Paper, Plastic, Visa, Passport...

So last Sunday, Gustav and I met. He called me three times, and all three were quite weird, as his accent was pretty thick, which made the phone conversations hard. As you can probably tell by his name, he's not American, which I have no problem with. I can do united colors of international. So anyways, we agree to hang out on Friday. Friday comes and the plans aren't really set. I suggest U street, my favorite DC hang out locale, and he says he can't do U street. I thought it was quite odd, but ok. So we meet in Dupont Circle. Again, no plans. Just meet. I can flow, but, for our first "date" flowing and walking around the circle was not what I had in mind. Plus I only allotted him a two-hour window, as I was meeting friends on U street anyways.

SIDE NOTE: I learned my lesson with all night dates. There is now a 2 hr time-limit. ADD usually kicks in around the 1:47 minute mark anyways :END SIDE NOTE

Since he gave up all things meaty and tasty for Lint, he decides we should go eat rabbit food at a salad spot. I can do green things, so I didn't mind. We stop at the atm, walk around the circle, then finally happen upon the veg friendly place. He's telling me about his day, studying for test taking, woo-sa-ing, then he hits me with, "you know I'm married right"?


Me: Ummmm, no. If I knew you were married I wouldn't have given you my number. Well that changes everything. We can't hang out.

Him: Really, why not? I like you, and I'm just doing it to get my papers. She knows that.

Me: Does she know you're out with me?

Him: No

Me: Well then.

Him: So we can't be friends? I'm really really feeling you.

Me: No

Him: We aren't really together, I just have to ....you know...keep it up. It's just papers. I don't love her.

Me: Nope I'm sorry

Him: Man, I'm so sad. You mean we really can't hang out.

Me: Nope

After I left, I went to U Street. Had adult beverages with adult friends, and met Mr. barely legal...

Monday, March 22, 2010

You Decide

So I had two dates this weekend, which one do you want first. The date with grocery store boy, or the date with barely legal to drink?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Or Plastic? Are You A Job Snob???

Sometimes I can be a diva of habit. Like for example, I try to take a nap everyday. Every-single-day. Although I love my vodka...we all know what my favorite drink is...and I also tend to shop at the same neighborhood grocery store every Sunday, around the same time. I’m going somewhere with this, bare with me.

So Sunday, I partook in one of my favorite pass-times, sans the vodka. I walk in, peruse the isles. Spend time in the produce section, get my favorite frozen thing-a-ma-jigs, checkout, and head back to my car...nothing unusual from the previous Sundays...except this Sunday, “Gustav” is waiting on me.

Just like me, “Gustav” is there every Sunday too. Perhaps because he works there. Or maybe he’s the silent part-owner he just pretends he works there, and wears the name tag for shits and giggles. In any case he told me he’s been “peeping” me and wanted to get the chance to get to know me.

I’m not a job snob, as about 70% (probably more) of the guys I dated do not have “white collar” 9-5 desk jobs. I’ve dated everything from mission impossible top security military, to “life-long” college students, I promise I won’t go postal mailmen.

In saying that, I usually don’t find out what the occupation is, until after the first, second, or third drink conversation. In fact, I usually don’t ask. It usually comes up, when they ask me what I do for a living.

In saying all of this...I gave Gustav my number...but I would hope this is his side hustle, while he moonlights as a stripper student. Or maybe the economy got to him, and he had to take on extra hours, in either case, I’m “open” to hearing what the deal is...it didn’t hurt that he was hot and sexy...that always helps.

Are you a job snob, why or why not?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Drastic Changes....The 5 Year Itch

I wonder how I would fair in a marriage, if I get this bored with my life every five years... - Diva

So as of late and as you can probably tell from my sparse blogging...I’m going through the change (pause). I don’t know if it’s joining the 30 club that has me contemplating drastic changes, like an extreme makeover or something....or if it’s my boredom, or my search for a new spark....something. I dunno

In any case, I’ve been contemplating a lot of things. The number one that occupies my daily thoughts, is moving. Last night, I started researching rental prices on some digs in the city of concrete jungles and large rats...

I also feel like I need a career change...
And dating....well a little tune-up won’t hurt...

My lease is up in June...I’m seriously, seriously, thinking of blowing this popsicle stand...

In Other News

I went out with Mr. H last week for drinks. We touched (a slight touch equivalent to a soft graze) on the subject concerning why we are the way we are with each other...don’t worry. We are really done...
Jason called...

No other prospects are in the wings at the moment...