Friday, July 31, 2009

Tonight & Randomness

Tonight I sort of have a dinner date with Latino Papi Alex. I'm not really in the mood for it. We confirmed on Wednesday, but really, we don't talk and I'm just so tired of the whole "Mami I miss you, I want to see you chula". "You're always so busy Mami"...

In fact, I've been kinda bored with a lot of stuff lately. Maybe it's my self-diagnosed ADD or the 4 year itch, but I'm bored with DC.

Side Note: POW says I never stay in the same place long enough, and my G-ma, says I need to settle down...did I mention she's on Facebook now and requested me as a friend? Signs that Facebook is not the "In" thing anymore. Still need to close my account :End Side Note

I went to a psychic this week (first time ever) and she scared the shit out of me. 1) she was really really aggressive and 2) she seemed to be a little "off" on her predictions....although she did say she sees me in Europe somewhere, maybe Paris... (I did not mention travel to her)

Last night I came across an old e-mail (I save most of my e-mails) I sent to Mr. Henry over two years ago when we were living together. I seen him the other day for about 5 minutes because he's been down and out. I DO NOT miss him.

I got invited to more open bars tonight by some friends. I think I'm going to cave in and get "tipsy" thus far, makes Day 12 no alcohol.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Update: I Surprised Myself

Wow. Just wow. Today is day 8 of no vodka. I must say, I'm really quite proud of myself. I might reward myself with something vodka. I went out Friday with Devin. First we went to this little jazz spot. We're sitting at the table, and he orders a drink he's quite proud of. He asks me if I want to taste it. I decline, then he nearly forces it down my throat (peer pressure). And you know what? I said fuck NO! Ohhh, but I wanted some. After we left the jazz spot we went and smoked hookah for a few hours. You know what goes well with hookah? Vodka. Yep, you can pair vodka with about anything. So we're sitting there smoking, talking. He's drinking, and I came so close to ordering a glass of red wine, a shot of and wine together, but I didn't. We hung out the whole evening and I did well. I deserve something.

Saturday was even better. I ended up meeting P.A.T.T out, there was an open bar. Free top shelf whatever you wanted. Free. Totally f-r-e-e. I resisted. Damn, I'm good. And I'll be even better in six and a half weeks when I'm looking hot in my two piece on the beach. Speaking of P.A.T.T, the convo between us has improved. It's been strained the last month or so, but it's gotten better. Not like it used to be, but better.

Sunday was relaxing. I talked to Brian. Our first conversation since the "e-mail". We talked for almost half-an hour. Just like nothing ever happened. It was like I took a little vacation, got back, and we picked up right where we left off. Sunday must have that effect on people, because I spoke with Mr. Henry as well. Pretty much our first conversation in a month too.

Tonight's agenda...salsa.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 4: No Vodka

8. I’m giving up drinking for ____ days (TBD). Today makes day 4 of no alcohol what-so-ever. It’s hard. Everything involves vodka. Happy hour, bars, clubs, doing laundry, watching a movie, nightcaps. I see vodka everywhere. One of my friends invited me to an open bar, with none other than vodka! Ummm, the only reason I’m temporarily giving up my favorite side-kick is so I can rock my two piece in the DR. The upside is I’ll save money, and hopefully lower my tolerance level to like 4 drinks a night, rather than 7. The downside...I can’t imagine life without my friend.

7. Brian will be here in 3 weeks...before the “e-mail” he asked if he could stay with me that weekend. Ummmm, well we know that’s out the window. What will be weird is running into him, or seeing him. Like we’ve texted and e-mailed since the “e-mail”. All very basic and general stuff though. No phone conversations.

6. I briefly spoke to Mr. Henry...

5. I’m going out tomorrow night with Devin...

4. Mr. Lame-o from Saturday was someone I met awhile ago. He keeps texting me. I’m trying to be nice, but....ehhhh

3. Boston in 3 weeks!

2. Vegas in 6 weeks!

1. The DR in 7 weeks!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

200th Post The Swap: Gross Generalizations I Know

Today is the 200th post here and it's time to shake things up. I want to introduce you to a non PC, single black male dater in the DC area. He's a straight shooter, who blogs about everything from sex to movies, to the do's & maybe nots of fwb relationships. He proves to us, that women aren't the only one's who suffer through horrible, someone please come save me dates. I bring to you, Dr. J of The Book of Jackson.

Gross Generalizations I Know by Dr. J

Decided to do a blog swap this week and let Diva take the reins over at TBJ and I would do something on her blog. It never gets boring, but sometimes we all need a change of pace. So this seemed like a viable solution, anyway I'm glad I was able to stop through and show some love.

I am often accused of being bougie, I still don’t know what that means. Most times it’s used to describe my actions, or my insisting on doing things that are probably unnecessary to them, but are necessary to me. An example would be, I go out to eat a lot, sometimes by myself, I will put my entire evening on hold to have a sit down meal because I do not like to rush when eating. I also think places like Chili’s, Friday’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, etc. should never be the location of any meal that I’m having alone or with the company of a young lady. It’s just so common.

I should have known that Never Again and I were not compatible from the beginning because of the circumstances of which I came to meet her. I met her; 1) At a club, 2) I was drunk, 3) She kept asking me for my statistics, and 4) She was wearing a body suit, maybe cat suit is more appropriate. I decided to take the girl out because I’m not really good with phone conversations, so I suggest a weekday evening, at a small off the strip type place called, Perry’s. BEFORE, we went there, I told her, this is one of my sushi spots and I come here often because I know a lot of the staff and they know exactly what I like. (You see how I gave her a clue that this establishment and me already had an existing relationship?) BEFORE, we went there, against my better judgment I told her a lot about the place and the clientele because I’ve been on a few dates lately where the shorty was just tremendously inappropriately dressed or didn’t know what to expect. So I basically was like, it’s a rooftop jumpoff with a young, hip, typical Adams Morgan crowd. BEFORE, we get there I told her that although I usually am seated as soon as I arrive, I’m making reservations that way there will be no need to wait, and I’m making them for 8PM.

FFWD: At 8:15PM, I send her a text that says, “Did you fall in?” She replies, “LOL, no I’m heading out now. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” (Dique.) To myself, I’m like plus you have to find parking, plus you’ve never been here before and it’s not easy to find. You’ll be here at 9PM. But I’m like, nah chill Doc, you’ve been told a lot lately that you need to chill on your expectations that females be on time. She shows up at 9PM… She has on an Ed Hardy tee shirt, and like a dress that looked like overalls, and a pair of pumps. I thought that perhaps she planned on going to Love afterwards. I’m already on edge, but I’m patient.

During our meal and conversation, here are the highlights;
1) She has no clue or interest about politics. If Obama was not Black she probably wouldn’t know anyone who was running for President.
2) She hates how people act all “bougie” and stuck up when they come to places like the place we were at. (I think by bougie she meant speaking in a low voice because only the people at your table need to hear you.)
3) She kept ordering Crown Royal because she couldn’t figure out any of the other specialty drinks and she didn’t want anyone putting anything in her drink.
4) She insisted that we check out Evolve after because they have tight music and she knows a couple of the guys who promote there. (It’s a weekday and I’m in a shirt and tie. No bueno)

I took away a few things from this encounter. Gross generalizations I know… if you want to be treated with respect, be respectable. She was well mannered and very appreciative for everything, but she just didn’t get it. It’s like she missed the bus and it won’t be back for a long time. (Sidenote, one of my friends insisted that the issue was she was from PG County and not Mont. County where girls with class live.) Be on time, be appropriately dressed, adhere to some social norms, and most of all feel out the temperament of the person you are with before jumping off the deep end. Her biggest weakness in all of this was that she kept telling me I was acting bougie and reserved and she never noticed that maybe that’s how I am, and the rest of the restaurant was too. She stood out so much to the point that the next time I went to Perry’s as soon as I walked in the manager was like, “Who was that you came here with the last time?!”

And you know I started dreading that meal and the fact that I’d have to pay for it at 8:15PM, and she did nothing to pull herself from the hole that she had dug. Leaving that date, I had no interest in pursuing anything else with her. What I will tell you is that, I could write a book on the amount of bad dates I’ve had exactly like this one. And lastly, the problems expressed in this post, are recurring problems with several of the dates. This should be a topic for the next, For Sisters Only concert at the Convention Center.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Weekend Update: Sexpectations...

After 6 weeks of not having any sexual stimulation (besides my weekly visits to pornhub) I had (safe) sex on Saturday. Let me re-phrase that, I had safe wack sex on Saturday. It was so wack I was mad. It was so wack, I contemplated all of the things I could have done. It was so ├╝ber wack, after I kicked him out, I was up pondering what it is I want (from the male homo-sapien species). I always come back to the same conclusion. I want Great (AMAZING) monogamous safe sex, with someone who is hot, with occasional exchanges of witty banter and some chemistry, without the emotional attachment (right now), oh and to go out occasionally and that’s it. It’s possible. I’ve done it before. I recall some amazing times in college, and a few not too long ago. I don’t think I’m asking for too much (ok, maybe a little, but still). I just can’t do the emotional thing right now. I really can’t.

Yes, I know, it’s a slippery slippery slope, but there are things not related to dating, that I need to work on, and if I add developing a ball & chain relationship to the stack, well it just doesn’t sound appealing nor does it work in my favor. See I have a list of things I want to do, and I can’t really do these things AND develop something special and exciting with a potential...but am I supposed to suffer sexually, for wanting to work on my life??? Like isn’t it enough I hate my part-time job (yes, I know, I only have to suffer 25 hours a week, but they are the longest 25 hours ever). Isn’t it enough I’m trying to work on my business endeavors, apply to grad school, work on myself, and figure out how to take off for a year and travel...

Lack of good sex + lack of job satisfaction+ saving + working on business and career goals+balancing a social life+ trying to apply to grad school + working on me = MADNESS

No sex??? That’s like punishment on top of punishment.

Side Note: I did the celibate thing on and off (the longest 13 months), and the quantitative results are still the same, sexually frustrated(End Side Note).

So I need something else to look forward to besides my upcoming trips and scheduled fun (the countdown begins). Lack of sex, un-happy with job, still trying to figure out direction of businesses, and career....well that just sounds like semi-hell, and I don’t wanna participate anymore (besides great sex is a good stress reliever). This form of punishment reminds me of the days my mom would ban me from the TV and phone. Isn’t it enough that you already banned me from the TV, and now you want to take my only way of communicating with the outside world away??? Yes, although I always found ways around it (light up phones worked well in the dark once you turned the ringer off), but still, it was a psychological punishment that worked, ok I digress...

Back to this sexual “relationship”... it’s a bit of a conundrum. I guess I’ll head to the toy store until I can find a suitable solution...

In Other News:
The other days that made up my weekend weren’t soooo bad. Thursday...I can’t remember, I’m sure it involved vodka. Friday involved wine & vodka, a cool lounge in Adams Morgan & meeting three guys. Two of the three were cool. Let’s skip the details on Saturday’s debauchery...and Sunday was business stuff. Devin and I were going to meet up, but we didn’t. Oh, Brian & I exchanged a few text messages and an e-mail...

I need a vacation...I can’t wait for my first trip...Boston get ready!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dating Is Mostly About Probability

KBB also know as Kevin, was gracious enough to allow me to write a piece for his blog at Bluestone Blog. Kevin blogs insight-fully about current issues such as politics and social injustices affecting us in today's society.

The first of my series (of hopefully many) is about the probability of dating. Check the article out!



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mr. Henry Is Funny...

See I knew this would happen. Remember a few weeks ago when I went on my e-mailing spree? Well I sent Mr. Henry a piece of my mind...and well he never called, text'd or e-mailed me (Brian at least had the decency to respond by e-mail & text).

Not less than 5 minutes ago, this fool, just called me, because he needs a "favor". Now I didn't bring up said e-mail. Or the fact that it's going on 3 weeks since we talked. Or the fact that he's only calling because he wants something. I took a long breath, told him I'm getting ready for my afternoon nap, and I'll talk to him later. (Of course with no promises of "helping him out").

Side Note: I'm working on being one with the Universe....or something like that. So no arguing or stress. End Side Note

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend: Short & Sweet

1. Pigs must have flown, it snowed in hell, so everyone got ice water and lemonade....oh and lightening struck...multiple times. I stayed in Friday and Saturday night, don’t worry I checked my my defense, I did go out Wednesday and Thursday night!

2. I received a random text Saturday night, and well I almost (almost) wish he didn’t text me.

3. I went to the movies with Jason on Sunday. We seen the Proposal. We had a great time. He’s such a “good guy”.

That’s all, no further updates.

P.S. Oh and Devin slept on the couch on Saturday night.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Technically, It Wasn't A Date...

So I am supposed to go out tonight with this guy who has been bugging me about hanging out. I’ve been avoiding him for about a year now. See the thing is, he lives in my neighborhood. The phrase “don’t shit where you sleep” or something like that comes to mind. The fact that he lives six houses down is not sexy. No bueno. Monday, when I was leaving my place, he cornered me and asked me out again. Me being in a rush and not focusing on the task at hand agreed. Now I have to cancel.

In Other News

There was an Old Man sighting last night. I don’t think he seen me I was trying to be incognito. I know, I know. I should have just said hi, but then he’d ask me who I was with (a much younger man) and I just didn’t feel like going through the I avoided him.

The guy from the other day I still don’t know his name has been keeping in touch. Last night after hanging with some chick friends for a birthday celebration, I met him no name out.

Side Note: When the waitress asked to see his ID, I tried to do the "Oh, let me see", so I could peek at his name...didn't work

We went to the salsa spot (where I ran into the Old Man), then we went and had dessert. Things were better, but then again, I WAS on my 6th or 7th vanilla vodka and lime. At the end of the night, he dropped me off and gave me a kiss.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Randomness That Is Me...

Ummm, so, recently Shawn & Tunde have tagged me in their blogs (wanting to know all my secrets & stuff)...and of course I had to be the difficult one, and not play along (did I mention I hate those forwards!!!). But since I LOVE them both, I decided to oblige them in my own Diva way. Here’s the randomness in no particular order.

10. The last time I laughed was this morning. POW’s co-workers brought her a gift certificate to a wig shop...that was so f’n hilarious to me. I wish she would start a blog, cause she is pure comedy

9. A little over two years ago, Mr. Henry and I went out. It was one of those nights, you go out and KNOW you are going to have a good time. Weather is perfect, outfit is perfect, mood is perfect. As soon as we got to the club (H2O), we ordered drinks from our favorite bartender in the little white room. The music is banging and Mr. Henry and I are dancing. I decide to pull a little SEXY move for him, and I drop it like it’s hot, and slowly work my way back pants split, right down the crack, showing all of my goodies, and my little black thong...don’t remember how I made it out of there, lol

8. I’ve “fallen asleep” in the club once....ok, not really fell asleep per se, I was passed out on the couch...PATT woke me up

7. Artist that are always on repeat in my mp3 player are: Maxwell, Prince, Erykah Badu, Common, Mos Def and the Fugee’s and I love, love, love Reggae, Dancehall, & Reggaeton

6. If I were to get a dog, it would be a Pug. Everyone keeps telling me they have sooo many health problems....but they are so ugly, they are CUTE. I just am not the one to pick up dog poo and walk the dog, like a million times a day...

5. I love a GOOD passionate sex scene in a movie...the kind that makes you cross your legs and look around the theater. Love Jones comes to mind...

4. In college my roommate(s) & I found ourselves at a strip club by accident. We seen this girl from our dorm room who became a stripper. I don’t know who was more embarrassed, me or her...

3. The first time I got drunk was my freshmen year in college. We were playing questions. Since I was the “prude” in the group, I had to keep taking shots. I never looked at Bacardi Limon the same

2. I can’t decide whether or not I like the convertible BMW 328I or a convertible Mustang more. They are both sexy in their own way, but the Mustang has more power (yea, random)

1. If I were stranded on a deserted island with 4 people I’d want it to be: The President (someone’s bound to be looking for him), POW (she cracks me up), my Mom (although she talks ALOT, I still love her), a hot sexy boy toy to fulfill all of my island fantasies...

Bonus: When Brian and I were in Jamaica, we were at a sing along piano bar cracking up at people attempting to do karaoke. Before we left I decided to go to the ladies room. When I get back, the hostess makes an announcement and wishes me a happy birthday (my birthday, it was not). She then drags me on stage, kicking and screaming (while Brian grabs my other arm), and they both attempt to make me sing Little Red Corvette, by Prince (they know I heart him). I’m on stage throwing Brian dirty looks, vowing to get him back before our vacation is up....all the while, he is cracking up, at my vodka induced rendition of Little Red Corvette...

Tell me something about you...

Since You Asked...

Hmmm. This was a bit long to post in the comment section. It's my response to Anonymous's comment below.

Anonymous said...
Maybe it was just you. Im noticing a trend in your dates. Can you guess what the common denominator is?

Well Anon,

Maybe it was me, but if it was, why did HE text me and say he had a good time and wants to do it again. If it's not there, it's not there.

I notice a trend of Anonymous people trying to impart their wisdom on blogs. I DO appreciate your comment(s), but you should elaborate and impart you infinite wisdom upon me...really...really... I'm waiting.

Of course, anyone who follows my blog, and who reads ALL of my posts knows that I blog about my dating experiences in Washington DC, hence the title DC Dating Adventures. If I wanted to blog about other peoples adventures in dating, I would have named it as such, so yes, I blog about MY dates, hence the common denominator is ME....I'm not blogging about yours...

In my blog, I do not male bash, nor say I have some secret infinite knowledge on sex, love and relationships. I do not blog and say I am looking for a husband, or long term significant other (at this point), nor do I blog and create a long list of unheard of and quite frankly stupid deal-breakers. My blog serves the purpose of posting about the funny, not so funny and just downright "I can't believe that happened" of my dating life. It's my online diary so to speak, and I go back and read past posts and comments often just to see if I could have done anything different, or looked at the situation differently (Brian comes to mind).

Anonymous, if you read my blog from the beginning to the end, you will see that I'm open to race, age, educational background, career background, and more than enough idiosyncrasies, that guys I date tend to have. I often give guys another chance (and another) to see if it really is there (Mr. Henry & Tony come to mind) and I often try to see beyond the person on the outside and look at the core (The Old Man comes to mind). No one is perfect, I sure never claimed to be.

As my Dad once said you may have to kiss 1,000 frogs before you find your Prince (as well as not to put all my eggs in one basket), so therefore I'm not jaded or delusional about dating.

I have quirks, just as everyone does, but more times than not, the guys I date just aren't for me. I don't think I'm asking for much when I want someone who can make me laugh, or who is intelligent and can hold a conversation, and hasn't JUST been released from jail. I'm not asking for much when I want someone who doesn't live at home with their momma, or has multiple kids. I'm not asking for much when I want to go on a first date with a guy who doesn't think it's cool to get drunk. I'm not asking for much when I want to date someone who is not married or engaged or seperated, but not divorced.

I've always said on my blog and in comments of other peoples blogs that Chemistry is extremely important to me. I don't care if the guys I date went to a particular school over another, nor do I care about the job they have or the car they drive, or whether or not they are wearing the latest and greatest from Armani Exchange or another sweatshop clothing line.

See the thing is Anonymous, I'm pretty grounded and laid back. I know who I am, and am still adding to it. I'm working on me, while simultaneously being an entrepreneur, volunteer, and having fun. I'm digging within my true core to determine what makes ME happy, while developing my communication skills with friends and family. I'm constantly reading, researching, and improving my skills, whether it be in the bedroom or the boardroom. I know my faults and I work on the outer and the inner on a DAILY basis and I would hope that everyone does the same and never settles for mediocrity.

Let me impart a bit of knowledge on you Anonymous, since I am in the giving mood.... CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Thanks, that's all.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Date, In A Nutshell, It Was Boring...

Dates should not be boring. Let me repeat that: DATES SHOULD NOT BE BORING. I went on a date yesterday with this guy. We met at the National Zoo, walked around, talked, walked around, talked. Then I was SO over running, screaming kid banshees and cool animals that could care less about the gawkers. We left and I could have went home at this point. The conversation was very...blah. He suggested we go for ice cream. We get to Coldstone and they are closed. I suggest we go to Alero for a drink. We get there, and I excuse myself to go to the ladies room. While waiting for the person already in there to come out, I see A BIG ASS RAT RUN IN THE KITCHEN, ok, well it wasn’t that big, but when I can see something running around in circles, in the kitchen/stockroom/restaurant, I’m out, like, like (insert phrase here)... I RAN OUT AND TOLD HIM WE HAD TO GET THE FUCK OUT ASAP

(Side Note: For my DC folks, do not go to Alero in Cleveland Park: End side Note)

We finally found a frozen yoghurt spot, and by this time I was so totally not “there”. We finish the date, he drives me to my truck, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and we part ways. A few hours later he texts me and says what a great time he had (wish I could say the same).

I know what you’re thinking? “Diva, what’s wrong with him”. Aside from the fact that I would have had more fun folding paper bags into origami shapes, or I could have played vodka pong with myself, or skipped rope, or laid on the couch and painted my toes...

He was a Good On Paper guy by all accounts, it was just lifeless, no joking, no chemistry, nothing...good on paper does not mean good in person...

The Weekend Review: A Date, Stay On Your-Side & PDA

10. My weekend started on Wednesday. I hung with some chick friends for a minute. Not the same. Was home by midnight to prepare for my day trip to NY at 7:30am

9. The trip to NY with Devin was much better this time. We got a room in Midtown, didn't have the bus ride from hell and just chilled. Uno problemo. There was only one bed in our room, although I clearly requested two.

8. It's been almost two weeks since I heard from Mr. Henry. Guess he didn't like what I had to say. Oh well, his numbers were deleted two weeks ago anyways along with Tony's & some "unmentionables"

7. Speaking of "unmentionables", I ran into DJ a week or so ago. He's texted and called me a few times since our encounter...

6. Devin and I got stuck in Starbucks after 2am, cause someone thought it was a bright idea to use that entrance to get to our hotel room, well, in our defense, the door WAS unlocked. As soon as it shut behind us, it locked and the alarm started going off. The opposite door to the hotel was locked too....we were “locked-up”.

5. Friday night, after getting back to DC, I hung with some chick friends for happy hour and drinks. Then met Devin in Adams Morgan.

4. After a night of vodka’s and limes, while walking down the street at the butt crack of dawn in the morning in Adams Morgan and on U Street, I was yelling at couples who were having sex and sucking face to get a room politely told people who felt the need to show random acts of Nasty, McNasty PDA to get a room. This one couple retorted back and said, “well you can kiss the guy you’re with”. (Pause). I looked at Devin and apologize to the couple....punks.

3. I went on a date yesterday. It was so fucking boring. (more on that later)

2. Brian made it safely. I’m so jealous he got to party it up at the Essence, while I was stuck here.

1. It’s summer, I have my trips lined up, getting ready to party Diva style and I agreed to go “indoor sky-diving” with POW and “outdoor sky-diving” with Devin. Now all I need is my vodka and a hot sexy summer fling...yep, I said it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today, going on right now...

Me: How's your trip going

Him: Left DC today at 7:30am (Side Note: He was supposed to leave Friday, pushed it to Monday, pushed it to Tuesday, well today is Wednesday)

Me: Wow. We're still friends right? I don't want anything from you. I just needed to say it

Him: It's all good

Me: You didn't answer my question

Him: Yes I did, we are

Me: Good, cause no one would understand me, re Mary McBeth Alice from Scotland London Wales (Side Note: Inside joke, you wouldn't get it)

Him: hahaha

Me: Ok Ass Munch. Sorry. Drive Safely

An Update To The Update

So, after I went on my e-mailing spree on Monday. A few things happened and didn't happen.

Update #1 - He (the name I promised not to blog about anymore) did e-mail me back. I posted what he said verbatim in the comments. I'm not mad about it. In fact, I thought it was a decent response, considering my left-field timeliness. In retrospect, I think to some extent during our last week we were both (maybe me so more than him) faced with the reality that he was leaving. As I said before, he told me he was mad at me on Thursday, & I at him on Wednesday, then we went on the spree of "get it in before you leave"... I never went into our friendship wanting or expecting more, nor do I want it right now. It (the L word) just hit me out of nowhere like a 10 ton elephant high off of poppy and laced peanuts. All in all, I think I am cool with the outcome. I feel like I can finally sleep a little bit better...I'm sure once time has passed, we'll talk...(I think).

Update #2 - PATT. I e-mailed her on Monday, and we went back and forth trying to counter our points as to why the other person shoulda coulda woulda. All in all I think our points of views are both valid for different reasons. Sometimes we (people) become so self absorbed in our own problems and issues, that we momentarily forget other people are going through it too. We still haven't verbally talked, however she attempted to text me today, and I responded with a call, and she responded with a text. I'll keep you posted...

Update # 3 - During my e-mail binge, I also gave Tony & Mr. Henry a huge piece of my mind. Both for different reasons...guess I was just letting it all out. Neither one responded. My text to Tony was basically because of the fact that he was harassing me about wanting to see me and spend time with me. When I finally caved in and agreed, he went MIA. I tried to be delicate in my response, because he IS on meds (Did I mention he is crazy), however, don't grovel and beg and say you want to spend time with me, then when I carve out a time, and we agree upon it, you go AWOL?...NEXT!

Update #4 - Devin and I are going to NY tomorrow. This time we actually (were not cheap) booked a room. A few things I forgot to mention about him, besides the fact that he sorta works for me. I've know him for two years now. He knows all about Mr. Henry & Brian. (He's met Mr. Henry & knows him through working for me) During last week's 9 hour bus ride of a nightmare to NY, we had nothing but time on our hands. Actually before the trip, we would keep up with each other a few times a month. So it's not anything that's new or a possible, nor do I want it to be... (side note: as his sorta boss, it's sorta inappropriate as well)

Update #5 - Finally finished that "Things To Do Before 30" list. Let's see if I can accomplish it, in 6 months...

Diva's Before I Turn 30 ... Sexy To Do List
(January 6, respectively)

Take Vacations To:
Vegas (booked it)
Boston (booked it)
Dominican Republic (booked it)
Cancun (pending)

Save $5,000
Get Back To The Gym
Pay Off Credit Cards

Apply to Grad Schools
Work On Business(es)
Apply for International Volunteer Programs

Extra Fun:
Try Something I've Never Done Before... (still thinking on this one)