Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Love Him, But I'm Not "IN" Love With Him...

After 10 and a half months of avoiding his advances, flirtations, out-right attempts to get me in his clutches...I must say, I am pretty proud I avoided him for that long. In the past, we would have fell back into the same routine much more quickly. Technically speaking I didn’t give in, but I know I am eating the words I uttered, when I said Mr. Henry could never see the light of my muffin ever again in his lifetime.

With the extinction of Klein, and school, and me being in a place of where I don’t know if I am ready to commit to another relationship, it only seemed natural that Mr. H could gain re-entry into my box. (I know, I know)

I will say that right now the strong can’t breathe emotions & sentiment that I once felt for him are not there. However, it seems as if we will always have this unspoken silent bond. We are magnetically linked to each other - we don’t have to say anything to each other, yet we know...we know exactly what it is we can’t say outloud.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Muffin's Dry Out...

What a crazy few weeks...

Let me just jump right in. A few weeks ago I had drunk sex with Jason. It was bad. Really bad, like do we do a "do-over" bad, or pretend it never happened bad? (I'm leaning towards pretend it never happened bad)

I'll admit, I was in a bad place so I can take 10% of the blame, but I thought, "drunk come and get it right now sex" was the best. Atleast that's been my experience in the past. I guess it was bad mainly because we were friends (atleast that's what I'd like to rationalize) and aside from the fact that his rocket launched too quick, (like waaaayyyyy too quick) the chemistry just wasn't there. We did it three times (same night)...but the landings always sucked.

Oh well, he was the re-bound guy, I hadn't had sex in like 2 months, we had been flirting back & forth & bam...

Things aren't THAT awkward though. We've talked since then and text back and forth. Friendship still intact...

I'll tell you what's awkward though....I ran into Klein....with another chick. It was so random and hit me like whoa. Like really, I didn't expect it. And get this, 48 hours later...

I run into his ass AGAIN! (not on purpose). He tried to give me a hug. He tried to make small-talk, and I was just so, like WTF, like I don't have anything to say. I mean really, what is there to say? I'll admit, I could have made an effort, but it would have been so forced.

DC is soooo small. Note to self: Do not date anyone that lives or works within a 3-block radius of me

In Other News:

I went on a really bad date a few weeks ago. Like, he had stalker potential. In fact, I think he tried to follow me home, because he let on that he knew what street I turned down after the date....and he lives in the opposite direction!!! He has called and text-stalked me...big huge red flags...

Brian text me out the blue this past weekend...he said he was just seeing how I was doing? Out the blue

School has me pretty busy, but I managed to findsome time to hang last week. Mr. H & I hung with PATT and a few of my friends on Friday for happy-hour, after 7 vodka drinks, and randomness at two bars, I was in a vodka induced sleep at home by 10pm. Saturday I dressed up & went out....

And now, I have to finish the semester on a good I'll be M.I.A....again

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Part2: Update On Everything Diva, Including Horny-ness, F*ckery & Everything In Between

Disclaimer: Read Part 1 first.

Klein: But I got into a fight, with a crazy person last night. I could have got hurt or died

Me: But you’re standing here in front of me. You’re not hurt.

Klein: I could have been hurt.

Me: (deep sigh) But you’re not, you’re making assumptions and excuses.

We start walking and he awkwardly tries to put his arm around me. I try to have a civil convo with him, but I’m so fucking pissed at the fact that he’s missing the point. He then says he is pushing the whole holding me thing, as it’s still daytime, and it’s Ramadan, and that we shouldn’t talk about anything else that’s negative. He tells me he has a meeting and he will see me later.

Two days go by. I finally call him and ask him to help me with something. I remind him that I’m leaving at the butt crack of dawn, and we haven’t spent “real quality time” together. He meets me at the store, and we’re walking around, I’m getting last minute stuff for my trip. I try to talk to him, and again, he says it’s Ramadan, and he “can’t talk about anything that will change his spirit” He then proceeds to complain about how hungry he is, and asks me how much longer am I going to be, because it’s almost sun-down. I point out to him, that he chose to fast, so basically why “are you complaining, and that if you are so hungry leave”.

He basically says if he leaves, then I’ll just be mad at him again.

At this point I checked out. Mentally, it’s no reasoning with him.

I’m not done shopping, I tell him to go ahead without me, go eat (I need peace & quiet, and frankly didn’t feel like hearing his fucking excuses, whining, and bitching about not eating). He takes half of the things I brought to drop them off at my place.

Me: are you coming over after dinner

Klein: yea

Me: so like an hour or so

Klein: Yea, I gotta eat, or so. It’s Ramadan, so we can’t do anything...

Me: Seriously, I have to pack and stuff, I leave early and won’t be back till Sunday.

Klein: Ok, I’ll see you soon

(he gives me a hug & kiss)

I didn’t hear from him at all that night.

Hence the reason for the text.

Now, I know people think his mom’s death had a lot to do with his irrationality. But I beg to differ. Earlier in the relationship I tried to break up with him twice. And both times he pretended as if it never happened. I think he used his mom’s death as a scapegoat for his actions, as well as Ramadan. Yep. I said it. It may come off as being harsh, but the problems we had existed pre-mom. Had we not had these problems before and they came up as a result of his mom, I’d be more understanding. But they didn’t.

So that’s the demise of Klein. Maybe I could have done it differently, but my frustration with him could not be contained anymore. What’s done is done.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update On Everything Diva, Including Horny-ness, F*ckery & Everything In Between (1 of 2)

Ok, so I know I've been MIA, and now here I am, trying to play catch-up, fill-in & fill-up. So let me start with a few disclaimers. As usual, I'm drinking. So if something doesn't make since, blame the Yellowtail Shiraz (hey, good cheap wine, what can I say). Disclaimer #2, I haven't had sex in like 2 everything reeks of sexual tension. I'm scared I'll throw my panties at some random guy on the street anyday now, although I must say, I've been in some hard situations the last month (all puns intended), and didn't give maybe the horny-ness is a mental thing.

First things first. I remember I told you I was going to tell you about the break-up with Klein. Hopefully to clear up the fact that I'm not a bitch for breaking up with him shortly after his mom passed. Here goes...

So in the comments awhile ago, I indicated my rocking, eccentric Aunt passed away shortly after Klein's mom. In fact, we were together when I got the news that she had hours (if that) to live. Klein & I talked about her & we talked about his mom, life, blah, blah, blah. So we depart, and on my long drive home, she passes. I call him to let him know. He doesn't answer. A few hours later he calls me & tells me he's out & will call me later.

Later ends up being the next day or so. I had to call him because his phone was I let him know I'm going home for her funeral over the weekend (it's like Monday evening at this point). He's still out of town at this point & says he doesn't know when he'll be back, he has family stuff to take care of. Well he gets back in town Wednesday (but he doesn't tell me, I found out via his sister early Thursday morning, after she sent me a text asking me if I spoke to him). We talked Thursday evening.

I left Friday morning for the funeral.

I leave on Friday & not once does he:
1) call me to see if I made it home ok
2) check on me to see how my fam is doing with everything
3) check on me to see how I am doing
4) see when I'll be back, call to say he misses me, or and fuckery of that nature.

I get back to D.C. on Sunday evening & call to let him know I'm back. No answer. I go about my day, head to the store, with the intentions of going home to unpack & re-pack for my trip to paradise in the form of Jamaica that takes place 3 days later. Low & behold I'm in the check-out line and guess who comes in??? Klein.

He comes up to me (I didn't notice him or rather see him walk in) and asks me to wait for him while he checks out.

I wait.

He comes out & acts like everything is right with the world. The first thing he says to me is:

"I got into a fight last night at work"

Me: *blank stare*

(in my head: WHAT THE FUCK, I DON'T CARE)

Me: (outloud): Ummm excuse me. Did you get my text from earlier?

Him: Yeah, about you making it back?

Me: Um Yeah.

Him: Yeah, I was gonna call you. But guess what happened to me last night?

Me: I don't care. Before you tell me anything, you haven't even asked me how my flight was, how's my family, how was my trip. In fact, you didn't call me once this whole weekend!!!

Ok, sorry guys, I'm getting mad just thinking about the pure fuckery that came out his mouth afterwards. To be continued...

But In Other News:

I resisted the temptation that is Mr. H for the last month, and the fact that he's been throwing it at me like a major league pitcher...

Remember Jason??? If you don't you gotta catch up on him, he's sorta back in the picture as a "friend only".

School has me busy as well as work, so I've been a REALLY GOOD DIVA. As you can see, I'm in the house...but the night is still young.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Was That Supposed To Be Closure????

That wasn't fair Klein...

Fuck closure. That was the idea, behind the come get your shit movement. Closure. This weekend was crazy. Ok, let me start in order. Friday night vodka got the best of me, and lets just say I ran into some of Klein's co-workers. The next day they told him I was inebriated (well in their words fucked up). He told them I wasn't his gf anymore and that I broke up with him. He calls me to get my side of the story, I blow him off because I was on my way back to Mr. H's.

I spent all day Saturday at Mr. H's place.

No sex with Mr. H. In fact, I couldn't even think about bringing myself to letting him nibble my muffin. I thought about it, but I wasn't turned on by the thought of him. In fact, I was probably dryer than the Sahara desert when thinking about him getting close to my lady mind was somewhere else. I left his place around 3:15am, Klein calls me at 3:45am. I knew he was going to call. I push silent and go to sleep.

Tonight, man.......where do I start. I study, eat, nap, Klein comes over for the "pick your stuff up, I don't want it in my house anymore closure event". We talk. We talk about why it wasn't working, we talk about maybe later in life, He apologizes and says he's sorry he wasn't the man I wanted him to be. We talk about us....He tells me I was the best gf he ever had...he was supposed to meeting his boys in 15 minutes.

We hug for a really long time.

We say stuff that's deep.

I tell him he should go, it's late and he's gotta meet his friends.

He says he has time.

We kiss.

He tugs at my skirt, and I tell him no. "Remember you're practicing Ramadan"

He says he doesn't care and wants to do it.

He tries again. I try to stop him.

He gets on his knees, and kisses me.

I try to stop him again.

He says he wants to.

On the floor in my living room, he gives me the best oral conversation ever, and gets up and leaves.

Damn fucker.

I was supposed to meet my friends out tonight, I was on my way to Mr. H's...gotta get it together...I can't believe he just pulled that....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disclaimers, Confessions & Sex Rehab

Last Night
I gave him the disclaimer twice...“no sex”...he said he just wanted to hold me (yeah right...) so, against my better judgment I went over there....because...well because, he wore me down. He’s been asking daily for I don’t know how long and technically it was not cheating, seeing as how I broke it off with Klein before I went to the I was super single.

Once we got to his house, I asked him for shorts because I forgot pj’s (ummm who wears pj’s anymore?). He’s awkwardly trying to figure out which way to lay. We leave the t.v. on, he pulls me close & I have restless sleep, pretty much the whole night. Somewhere between me dreaming of beaches & rum punch and 6:30am, he starts kissing me, and tries to eat my “muffin”...I clutch my shorts and SHUT IT DOWN...

In the Morning:

Me: I thought you said you weren’t going to try anything?

Mr. H: You seemed restless, I just wanted to help you sleep better

In Other News:
Yes, Klein & I are not together. I got so fucking frustrated with him, I gave him the deuces via text (don’t sue me, I tried to call him and he didn’t answer so I had no choice....), and boarded a plane to paradise for 4 days, thereby cutting off all phone communication with him. Guess he was salty about it, because he tried to take shots at me on Facebook.....oh well, once a child, always a child.

The longer story of why I broke up with him will follow soon

In Other Other News
Guess you can tell by my sporadic postings, that the life of a grad student is about to ensue...not sure how demanding it will be, but I’m sure dating and debauchery will be on the back-burner...I’ll try to stick around & blog about the crazy-ness....this isn’t my last post...just a disclaimer.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Girls Drink Vodka

The opportunity to cheat has been placed on a silver platter with a vodka on the rocks and medium filet mignon tonight...proud to say I'm on a diet and resisted temptation. It was tempting yes, but I'm trying to be a good girl... and just so you know, I do like steak, and it was hard (no puns intended) to resist.

In Other News

I'll be starting school in a few weeks, to obtain an advanced degree in something other than dating. Klein and I are doing pretty ok. We have our moments. Some days it's great and other days I'm like fuck it, I quit. For the most part though, I do care about him and I know he cares about me, so we work on it.

I still have that one little, itty bitty muy tiny problemo. I still haven't told Mr. H about Klein and vise versa and I can't bring myself to do it. Inquiring minds want to know why. Is it because I want to keep my options or am I simply to pansy to woman up and face the wrath from both of them. I kinda prefer not to tell them, but chick friends pose the question, "why not"? And that, I can't truly answer.

Friday, July 23, 2010

No Words

Sigh. The last few days have been a bit emotionally draining. Klein’s mother passed away this week. I knew it was coming, but not like this. I’m trying to be there for him as much as possible. That’s all I can really say right now.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Girl In Hawaii

So I just made it back from vacation this week, and I’m proud to announce I was a good girl. In fact too good.

Klein & I are still together... I actually kinda missed him while I was gone

POW came to D.C, 4th of July weekend and all we did was drink & party, and party & drink, to commemorate her dirty thirty, with an added mini bonus trip to NY. One night we hung with Mr. Henry & his friend at a lounge, after trying some other spots. POW is under the delusion that me & H are made for each other. Although we talk everyday and still do favors for each other (not that kind) he never stepped his game up.

Side Note: I have yet to tell Klein or Mr. Henry about each other. Is that wrong??? (I’m saving the male ego, they can both be quite jealous....and in my defense, Mr. Henry and I haven’t played “horizontal polo” since December, and I never intend to let him get near my muffin box....ever). End Side Note

Maybe I’m playing with fire...what can I say, I used to enjoy lighting matches as a child...

In other news I’m going to Jamaica next month...I’m trying to slowly break it to Klein, that I will be in my favorite place on earth, celebrating yet another thirty club card member, but I gotta let him recover from me spending 7-days in Honolulu first...

Speaking of Jamaica, I got a random call today from someone there...hmmmmm.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When's The Last Time You've Been Tested???

- April 28th, 2010 - I'm negative for everything under the sun, including BS and I have proof -Diva

I remember in high school we took this health seminar, that was kind of a "scare you straight" moment. They showed graphic detailed pictures of every disease imaginable. I crossed my legs & vowed to keep my muffin box locked.
Well college happened, and let's just say, I shared my muffin a few times....but those pictures always lingered in my thoughts....which had me paranoid (even when I used prophylactics) so paranoid, that I decided to go cold turkey for long periods of time.

Last week the CDC released another HIV Study. It boggles me, how people are still getting the itchies, with all of the PSA's, posters, free condoms, etc. going on... Ummm here are a few DC specific stats:

  • D.C.’s AIDS rate is higher than that of any U.S. state. DC AIDS rate is approximately 10 times that of the U.S. in general.
  • D.C.’s AIDS rate is higher than these major cities: Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Detroit, and Chicago.
  • From 2004 to 2008, 3,312 new AIDS cases were diagnosed in D.C. African-Americans accounted for 86 percent of those cases.
  • More people in D.C. are testing positive for HIV: From 2004 to 2008, the “number of persons testing positive” for HIV in D.C. increased by 353 percent, from 246 in 2004 to 1,115 in 2008. (via Wash City Paper)
Moral of the stats - WRAP it up or keep your snakes caged & muffin boxes closed

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sometimes when one is venting about the relationship (any type of relationship) think about all of things you dislike about that actuality though, there are things that you like, which kinda makes you stick around. I decided to compile a list of the things Klein does or did, that kinda stick out. Warning...sappiness to follow...

On a couple of occasions after a long day of working, he massaged my feet (he even kissed them once...)

He brought me a pair of earrings just because he thought they looked like something I would wear.

He picked up dinner after I had yet another long day of dealing with client stuff...without me asking

He constantly tells me why he loves me

He remembers little things, like what I wore on our first date, what I had on when I visited his mom in the hospital, what I had on when we met. (hell I don’t even remember that stuff)

He loves playing in my hair (Pause...)

He carries my heavy stuff without me asking

He opens my car door (Every time, sometimes I forget to wait for him, and do it myself, but he’ll still come to my side of the door)

If I cook, he offers to wash the dishes (well, I only cooked like twice, so maybe this one doesn’t count that much)

He kisses me in the morning, (I’m thinking my breath smells like cotton candy or something, cause he never scrunches up his face)

He kisses the palms of my hand & my forehead (I don’t know why I like this, I just do)

He constantly tells me what a great woman I am

He loves smelling me (It’s actually kind of weird, but if he likes it, who am I to deny him the pleasure of smelling me???)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Kitchen

So last night Klein spent the night...I went in. Maybe it was the vodka with white peach (tasty) or the fact that I have given it a lot of thought.

Me: Baby, I think you have hang-ups about sex and sexuality...

Klein: What are you talking about, where is this coming from???

Me: Well the other night when I wanted to suck your d*ck (yes I said that) you had an issue with it. Why?

Klein: I told you, it’s ok if we are going to have sex, but just to do it, just’re better than that.

Me: But baby, if it’s something I want to do for you, and we are in a committed relationship, what’s wrong with that. Like, if I don’t do it, are you gonna go find someone else...

Klein: No. I wouldn’t do that.

Me: If we are in a relationship, there’s nothing wrong with me being a freak for anything goes

Klein: Almost anything

Me: I’m your freak, so it’s ok

Klein: Why do you have those shorts on... (black little cheeky ones)

(I laughed and walk to the kitchen)

Me: Why are you following me

Klein: You know what you’re doing to me...

And let’s just say, in the kitchen, with the refrigerator door wide open, he got the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich (uhhh a BJ for the slow folks) ever......

Afterwards, we laid in bed and talked about his sex hang-ups and where they came from...after he told me, it made a little more sense, but I still think it’s an age and experience thing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Little More TMI...OK Too Much TMI’s true we are back together (almost 2 weeks now). Long story short, in his mind, we never broke up. He came over one day as if all was right with the world and the Celtics won (like how I slipped that in)... anyways, we talked, blah, blah, blah and made up. The next day we had make-up sex. (he was on time-out that night, and thus had to work really really hard for it).

Oh yeah, that same day, his sister wanted to talk to me and thank me for being there during the whole mom thing and to tell me what a great, fabulous person I am, and how I am the sun, moon and stars to Klein (ok...she didn’t say moon, but you know...I’m really terrific and such)

Speaking of talking to the family members, his mom wanted to talk to me yesterday, to express the same sentiment and to invite me to see her. Hmmm, what can I say, they heart me!

Ok, so here’s where the confusion comes in about talking to the one eyed monster. We are laying in bed, cuddling, and he knows I’ve been riding the crimson tide...but his one eyed monster won’t go to sleep, and kept poking matter where I moved.

Me: Baby go to sleep

Klein: I can’t...I’m trying. You make me so horny.

Me: You want me to talk to him

Klein: Yes

(I kiss him, Klein moans...I get ready to do a little more...)

Klein: Baby no.

Me: Why not? (IN MY HEAD: ...what the eff? I’m tired and I want you to stop grinding on me cause I wanna go to I need to make sure your Johnson stops poking me)

Klein: Because we can’t have sex.

Me: I know, but I want you to come, so we (really me) can go to sleep.

Klein: You’re my girlfriend, and I don’t want to...

(I cut him off)

Me: I’m not gonna let you come in my mouth

Klein: No, you’re special. I love you and you mean a lot to me. I don’t want you to blow him, unless it’s immediately followed by us making love.

Me: Why, I don’t get it. If I’m your girlfriend, and we are in a monogamous relationship, and I want to...

Klein: Because you’re special...if it’s some random chick I don’t care about, I’d let her and go to sleep, but I respect and love you...

Me: But I’d let you please me all you want, and we don’t have to have sex afterwards...

Klein: Come here, I love you. (he kissed me, and pulled me close)

Me: (laying there wide awake, like- wow...hmmmmmm.....I’ve never had a significant other to turn down a free and clear “you’re not obligated to return the favor spit-shine, because it’s that time of month, and this is a once in a life-time gift”....what really began to boggle me as I was laying there, was how he has me up on this pedestal. One day last week, as we were playing hokey pokey, (girl on top) he was saying stuff like “oooh, you’re such a freak”.... but I was confused, because I didn’t see what was so freaky about a perfectly normal position. It wasn’t like I asked him to tie me up or handcuff and blindfold me on the balcony

So...he’s ultra conservative in the bedroom, unless he’s oral communicating with me...what happens when the sex gets blah 6 months from, and I want to do some “spicy” things.... I mean I go from Mr. H, who liked me to slap him and spit on him, to Klein, who thinks playing polo is super freaky.

Ok, I know this was TMI...but I was really confused by the whole, no slob the knob thing

Confessions & TMI

This is definitely TMI.... but this has never happened to me. So I am quite confused???

Klien didn't want me to slob his knob, because he said I'm his GF and he loves me too much for that.

PAUSE. I'm going to let that sink in, then explain.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Don’t Do Pansy...The Break-Up (Pt. 2)

So Saturday after his random morning text, and me ignoring him. I get the following Sunday evening:

Klein: Where are u. i know u think i don’t care but i do this ordeal with my moms is a bit much i haven’t been feeling well either plse don’t think im tryn 2 hurt u

Me: ok

3 hours later

Me: I’ve had time to think about everything and I think you are a great person and have good intentions, but maybe the timing is bad for you in regards to being in a relationship right now. I’ll be here if you need a shoulder to lean on. Deuces Pansy boy (<---ok I didn’t say deuces...but I was trying to be nice)

My thoughts: I do think he was a nice guy, but he has/had waaaayyy too many issues. I’m not a teacher, and don’t have the patience to school him. Did I like him? Yes. Did I love him? Not like that. Was I in love with him? Nope nadda. Possibility of friendship in the future??? Who knows...

Monday, June 7, 2010

I Don’t Do Pansy...The Break-Up (Pt. 1)

A lot can happen in 6 days...the timeline of the break-up commences.

Last Tuesday: Klein and I spent face-time together. After a rough weekend, the L-bomb, the request for my hand in girlfriend-dom, and his mom’s successful road to recovery, we seemed to be getting back to “normal”, whatever normal is. During our face-time, Klein reiterated the fact that he “loved” me. (His words) and that he’s so happy to have me in his life, and what a fabulous, awesome, wonderful person he thinks I am. We laid around for awhile, talked, caught-up, made out, sexed, cuddled...then he went home.

Last Wednesday: I sent him an e-mail & text in the morning (note before 11am) asking him what his schedule was like over the weekend, I wanted to see if he wanted to de-stress with some libations, miniature golf, and just hang. That evening (note 9 hours later), I sent him a text asking him if he was still taking his exams.

(mid-night, I made one last txt attempt) Me: Hey baby, where r u, I’ve been trying to call/txt u

(an hour later) Klein: Hey baby, I’m ok, just a lot of running around. Exam postponed for me

Side Note: I was in never-never land by this point, so I didn’t respond

Last Thursday: Not totally bothered by his lack of response time, due to us talking about his busy schedule Tuesday, I decided to check on him mid-afternoon to a) catch-up b) to see if he wanted to grab some dinner and c) to see if he had to work over the weekend because I was planning to go to NY. He answered & said he was in the vitamin shop and he would call right back

4-Hours later he calls me, and by this time, I’m at the bar doing flights, glancing at the game and waiting on my chick friend to arrive and partake in liquid libations with me. I didn’t answer because the music was rock band loud, so I sent him a text.

Me: Oh wow you must finally be done at the vitamin store... (sarcasm in txt messages suck) I’m near U St. stopped to grab some food, it’s loud in here so txt me

Klein: U and those quips lol just checkin in u told me you had to catch me up

Me: Yes...everything I had to tell you is old news now and my favor I was trying to ask you is have to work tonight?

Klein: No just studying for my make-up

Me: Can u meet me half-way & walk me home in a little while please?

(half an hr later)

Me: So is that a no?

My chick friend & I stay awhile longer, head to another spot, then I decide to head home. For whatever reason, I decide to forego the cab, and walk (like 15 mins on a bad day) to my place. On my way, I call Klein and he answers. I ask him why didn’t he respond, all he had to do was say no. He says he’s studying and I make a remark, then he says, something about being stressed. He rushes me off, and at this point, I’m a little pissed.

Friday Afternoon:

Txt from Klein: Hey baby, you still mad at me?

Me: Hey baby I wasn’t mad you

Klein: Yes u were i had a rough night. I threw up real bad all of this worry and frequent upsets isn’t good for my stomach

Me: I’m sorry baby. You gotta lighten up. YOU are going to send yourself to an early grave. I wasn’t mad. You just have to learn how to communicate better. ESPECIALLY with the person you’re in a relationship with. All I needed was 5 mins out of your 24hr day. That was the point I was trying to make.

No response

Later Friday Night:

Me: Where are you?

No response.

(3 hours later) Me: Baby seriously????? Are you at work?

No response

So at this point, we hadn’t seen each other since Tuesday, and hadn’t had a conversation for more that a minute. As stated before, he’s a hop, skip and a jump away...not state or county lines, just a few blocks. In my mind, I’m like whatever. I mentally check out of all things Klein, and head to NYC Saturday morning to hang with PATT to party party party.

Before I make the drive: I get this text from him in the am: Hey I feel so bad my head is killing me

Errrrrk, what does that have to do with me trying to get in touch??? I decided not to respond...uhhh as noted mental break was in full effect.

(side note: at some-pount on Friday his phone, got the good ole, you didn't pay your bill, all you can do is text, boot....hence all the text messages rather than calls from Friday on... end side notes)

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This May Come As A Surprise...

Last week was a rough week for Klein. He hadn’t been dealing with his mother’s illness very well. We talked a few times during the week, and one night he came back to DC to handle some stuff. He spent the night and we talked and played hokey pokey. He got up and left and called me later to tell me about her condition. Me being the exceptionally great person that I am (ok...well at least I think I am), I offered to drive 4 hours to a) support him and b) meet his mom, since she’s been asking him when she was going to meet me.

He was shocked, floored & amazed. He told me how much that meant to him and laid on the compliments and praises the rest of the convo.

I really didn’t know what to expect. You know, I mean, if it were the other way around, I’d want a friend to offer moral support. In fact I would do that for any of my close friends...I guess I didn’t quite understand the magnanimity of my actions, or rather what they meant to Klein.

He asked me to be his girlfriend.

Oh and he dropped the L-bomb.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm In...The Baby Pool

Prelude to a kiss communication...

So, I was kinda (key word kinda, ) wrong... bare with me as I explain. The biggest issue I had with Klein the last two weeks was communication, or lack there of. In the beginning everything was rainbows, cupcakes and sunshine, then all of a sudden, one day it was like Thundercats. I mean he went from calling me and following through, to me not even getting a return flair message.

First problem (technically speaking strike 2) remember the whole debacle with his no show, and in the comments last week, I told you that his "excuse" was "falling asleep"? Well, we had a long convo, about communication. i.e. Just tell me, you can't come, aren't going to come, or have no intentions of coming (all puns a coincidence). He said he understood. We laid in bed & talked, yes that's all, fell asleep...then had our morning snuggle and both went about our weekend.

Then nothing for a few days. No calls, flair signals, nothing. Then it went downhill. We literally haven't seen each other for almost two weeks...which is weird, because we live a hop, skip, and a jump from each other.

Side Note: It's 3:16AM, so I'm sure I'll wake up and read this and have a WTF was I trying to say moment...I'm baring it all :End Side Note.

So last week, I tried to break it off via text...sue me, what else could I do, I tried calling him, and that wasn't working, seeing as how we were having "communication" problems. Upon receiving "break-up" text, he immediately and I do mean immediately called me back. We had a long talk, and I thought everything was going to be ok. (Mind you at that point, it was a week since we seen each other).

Three days later...still nothing and by nothing. I mean, no seeing each other, no convos, no make up sex, text, s.o.s messages. I mean at this point, Mr. H was calling me and "checking" on me daily, which was driving me crazy, because he hasn't had the pleasure of sniffing my love muffin, and yet I couldn't even get a 140 character text from Klein.

So finally I was just like eff it. Went out with the chick friends...had fun, then 2:30am...the tequila hits me. (Did I mention I switched my signature drink for awhile??? Top shelf margarita's)

I made the the Drunk break-up call... (he didn't know I was drunk which I must say, I hid pretty well) I started the call with - "I can't do this anymore"....then I don't remember what I said after that, all I know is, we didn't quite "end".

Frustration resumed, then he finally calls me this evening. His mom is in intensive care.

I'm there for him as much as he needs. He called me again, and I woke up to talk to him. I reassured him, that I will be there for him, he just has to let me, and I can't be there if I don't know what's going on. So now it's 3:40am and I am getting in the the pool.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Foot In, One Foot Out

Relationships are like peanut butter....sticky, chunky, fun to play with, unpredictable... - Diva

Klein & I are not in a relationship, but we’ve had our share of issues the last week or so. Initially, I was trying to distance myself from getting too involved. You know, have fun, make it a light spring/summer fling. Still hang out & do my thing...hmmm, my plan for ultimate one sided domination didn’t quite work out.

It’s a case of girl meets boy, boy professes his love for girl, and girl is torn...that’s where it’s at right now.

I have one foot in, and one foot out, debating on which way to go.

Maybe I’m speaking in circles...but hell, I really don’t know what box to put him in yet

Monday, May 10, 2010

No Show

Things were (keyword: were) pretty A-ok with Klein, until last night. We had our first issue last week but we managed to work through it...(i.e. late-ness on his part). Well last night...he fucked a good thing up, and since summer is knocking on my door, all the more reason to write him off. We went from:

  • Sex at least three-times a week
  • Spending the night...about three times a week
  • Hanging out...about three times a week
  • Conversations about him wanting me to meet his family
  • Him admitting to Facebook stalking me

To me deleting his number. Last night, he was supposed to come over. He was a no-show. No call, no text, no e-mail, no show... he fucked up royally.

I'm back.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All Good

Things are good (really good) with the young one. So much so, that yes, he is more than a boy toy. He’s romantic, thoughtful, his “oral communication skills” = amazing. We are in a good place...and I like him.

We even have corny nicknames for each other (I know...gag).

So...the next step, to be determined. But right now, we are in a really good place.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Atlanta, Extremist

Having Fun...

Klein and I have seen each other almost everyday in some shape or form. We've done everything from casual hanging with friends, to impromptu home visits, and talk/make-out time. No test-driving of the goods yet...He's a great guy as I've said before. The only thing that bothers me is his extremist religious views...I'm not exaggerating, he's not a bible thumper, trying to convert me type guy, however he thinks his religion is "the truth". Oh and he is trying to get me to stop eating bacon...and all things pork. I happen to like salami or a really good bacon blue-cheese burger...

In Other News:

I'm going to Atlanta this weekend for a girls weekend. Hmmm, never been, don't really know what to expect.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Date's #3 - #5, The Young One’s Have Energy

Klein is putting in work (pause). Not that kind, so get your mind out the gutter! We had dates 3 through 5 last week/this weekend. Thursday night, we had plans to go to a comedy show, but we failed to make it. Instead we had hookah & drinks, and just hung out...

Saturday he surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We partook in watching my fav team in the Final Four, while hanging out with some college friends of mine. It was kinda cute, cause I think he was a little nervous about “impressing me”.

Yesterday we did the park, some live music, and an impromptu romantic dance in the middle of nowhere.

He showers me with kisses and is a complete romantic...

We don’t have plans for this week, but the young one is definitely earning cool points

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Details

Curiosity Killed The Cat

The road trip with Mr. H was interesting. Being stuck in a car with Mr. Henry for ten hours at a time gives new meaning to “locked-up”. For the most part, the ride was pleasant. He tried to get me to “pull-over” a couple of times. Once we got to his destination (I dropped him off and met up with friends & family), he got out and was getting his things together...that’s when I seen it. The super-sized black & gold box of condoms.

Hmmmm. So, either he thought he was going to get some from me, or he planned on meeting up with “old” acquaintances. At least he was being safe.

Now, I won’t lie. I was curious about this, seeing as how he’s been dropping hints since December.

(Side Note: He knows I’m not letting him get near my love muffin for the rest of his life. :End Side Note)

So on our way back, I wanted to look in the bag, to see if his magic box had been tampered with. I know I shouldn’t care. But I do....sorta. I sorta care because he 1). said he hadn’t had sex in “awhile” (awhile in Mr. H years, not normal years) and 2). after the long drive back to DC, he tried once again to get me to spend the night, because he said it looked like I was tired, and he was so “concerned” about me.

Ummm. I just drove 10 hours, the extra 20 minutes to my place wasn’t going to kill me.

In Other News:

So, as I mentioned in the last post, the bambino and I went out. While I was gone, he sent me cute little text messages, telling me he missed me, and to have a safe trip. He’s such a sweet guy. We went on date #3 last night..... to be continued

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3-Minute Quickie

All I have is like 3 minutes, cause I'm under the gun. So here goes...

1. Had date numero dos with the young one (Klein) last week. Everything went really really really well. (Ok, I'm exaggerating with the really's, but we did have a cool date). Our second date consisted of Pilates, hanging out, video games, sandwiches, and an unexpected kiss goodnight. Like really out of nowhere, he went in for the kill.

2. Mr. Henry & I embarked on our road trip on Friday. I was a little worried about spending 20 hours (round-trip) on the road with him...lets just say he tried to work his magic in a roundabout way. It did not work...his game is lame.

3. Going on date #3 with the young one this week.

I'll be back later with more details

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'd Do Him, Road Trip, Text Messages, Dirty Old Men

I don't know where to no particular order

5. Text Messages with the BFF:

Me: I was so horny last night. I couldn't fall asleep. I don't see how you went a whole year. I'm barely through month 3

POW: LOL. It was Hard the first couple of months. That's why I had B.O.B

Later, the same day...

Me: Ewwww. The police officer is a horn dog. He was trying to j.o. to my voice

POW: Ewww. Most cops are

4. Police-Officer Back story: So the officer I met Sunday night, called me Sunday & yesterday. We talked yesterday for a little bit. He kept telling me how sexy he thought my voice was and that it was causing him to be thing I know he's grunting like a dog in heat and is making noises, and is telling me he's being bad. I told him bye, and hung up mid-grunt.

He called me tonight....I pushed ignore call...

3. Mr. H and I are embarking on a 9-hr road trip on Friday. To be continued...

2. I talked to Kiddie-care daycare tonight, we have a tentative date set-up again

1. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm curious about the little young thing's stamina and energy (Jubi has me convinced by her previous comment) but I think, I pretty much made up my mind that he's doable, and I'd do him. It's up to him to mess it up.

Most women know whether or not we'd do a guy anyways. The guys usually mess it up, either through talking or stupid actions that has us clutching our panties tightly. Oh and they get moved to the category, of "never-mind", what was I thinking... "I wouldn't do him with a 10-foot pole".

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barely Legal, The New Black???

When he asked for my number, I had no idea, he just got off the tit. I guess I assume most guys that approach me (with the exception of really really old men) are my age. So I didn’t even think about asking him how old he was. It came out after our first conversation.

SIDE NOTE: Is it just me, or are the young one’s getting more gutsy with the whole cougar movement? I mean, I’m no cougar, but this little boy/older woman thing could be getting out of hand in 5....4...3...2 :END SIDE NOTE

In his defense he thought I was his age. So yeaaa for me, I look like a pretty young thing! Anyways. We went on a date, and lets just say, he’s adorable. Like, I remember when I was a fresh faced young thing, and thought I knew everything. Ahhh the good ole days. His name will be "Klein" (it means tiny in German)

"Klein" was a perfect gentleman. He tried to put on his big boy game.

We indulged in food, a romantic walk, and surprise flowers (it’s been a year since I got flowers, I thought it was a cute gesture)

Now the question is, can I look past the almost 8 year age difference? Let’s be real, while "Klein" was partaking in milk and after-school specials, I was partaking in adult beverages and “adult activities’. Maybe he will make a good boy toy for the spring/summer.

Speaking of the spring, it brings out the masses. Sunday afternoon, this off-duty officer, put his old man mack-game down. Actually, I don’t know how old he is, but I am assuming, that the sprinkle of gray, and divorce status puts him in his 40’s. Fingers crossed, that I’m right. I can’t go back to dating old men. I need to put age caps on these guys.

You need to be this tall to ride this ride.

P.S. I almost forgot, while I was out with kiddie care, my cell was in my clutch. Somehow it accidentally dialed Jason. He called me back twice, but for obvious reasons I didn’t answer. We haven’t really talked since his whole PMS attack.

P.S.S. My new addiction is this right here. Basically, choose your city, & get hooked. Oh & kickboxing is going to be my other part-time lover...

P.S.S.S. Mr. H and I went to dinner & Target last night. A typical Mr. H & Diva hang out thing, sans the sex. He did drop hints that he was feeling a little randy...he's banned from my cookie jar for the rest of his life.

Paper, Plastic, Visa, Passport...

So last Sunday, Gustav and I met. He called me three times, and all three were quite weird, as his accent was pretty thick, which made the phone conversations hard. As you can probably tell by his name, he's not American, which I have no problem with. I can do united colors of international. So anyways, we agree to hang out on Friday. Friday comes and the plans aren't really set. I suggest U street, my favorite DC hang out locale, and he says he can't do U street. I thought it was quite odd, but ok. So we meet in Dupont Circle. Again, no plans. Just meet. I can flow, but, for our first "date" flowing and walking around the circle was not what I had in mind. Plus I only allotted him a two-hour window, as I was meeting friends on U street anyways.

SIDE NOTE: I learned my lesson with all night dates. There is now a 2 hr time-limit. ADD usually kicks in around the 1:47 minute mark anyways :END SIDE NOTE

Since he gave up all things meaty and tasty for Lint, he decides we should go eat rabbit food at a salad spot. I can do green things, so I didn't mind. We stop at the atm, walk around the circle, then finally happen upon the veg friendly place. He's telling me about his day, studying for test taking, woo-sa-ing, then he hits me with, "you know I'm married right"?


Me: Ummmm, no. If I knew you were married I wouldn't have given you my number. Well that changes everything. We can't hang out.

Him: Really, why not? I like you, and I'm just doing it to get my papers. She knows that.

Me: Does she know you're out with me?

Him: No

Me: Well then.

Him: So we can't be friends? I'm really really feeling you.

Me: No

Him: We aren't really together, I just have to know...keep it up. It's just papers. I don't love her.

Me: Nope I'm sorry

Him: Man, I'm so sad. You mean we really can't hang out.

Me: Nope

After I left, I went to U Street. Had adult beverages with adult friends, and met Mr. barely legal...

Monday, March 22, 2010

You Decide

So I had two dates this weekend, which one do you want first. The date with grocery store boy, or the date with barely legal to drink?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Or Plastic? Are You A Job Snob???

Sometimes I can be a diva of habit. Like for example, I try to take a nap everyday. Every-single-day. Although I love my vodka...we all know what my favorite drink is...and I also tend to shop at the same neighborhood grocery store every Sunday, around the same time. I’m going somewhere with this, bare with me.

So Sunday, I partook in one of my favorite pass-times, sans the vodka. I walk in, peruse the isles. Spend time in the produce section, get my favorite frozen thing-a-ma-jigs, checkout, and head back to my car...nothing unusual from the previous Sundays...except this Sunday, “Gustav” is waiting on me.

Just like me, “Gustav” is there every Sunday too. Perhaps because he works there. Or maybe he’s the silent part-owner he just pretends he works there, and wears the name tag for shits and giggles. In any case he told me he’s been “peeping” me and wanted to get the chance to get to know me.

I’m not a job snob, as about 70% (probably more) of the guys I dated do not have “white collar” 9-5 desk jobs. I’ve dated everything from mission impossible top security military, to “life-long” college students, I promise I won’t go postal mailmen.

In saying that, I usually don’t find out what the occupation is, until after the first, second, or third drink conversation. In fact, I usually don’t ask. It usually comes up, when they ask me what I do for a living.

In saying all of this...I gave Gustav my number...but I would hope this is his side hustle, while he moonlights as a stripper student. Or maybe the economy got to him, and he had to take on extra hours, in either case, I’m “open” to hearing what the deal didn’t hurt that he was hot and sexy...that always helps.

Are you a job snob, why or why not?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Drastic Changes....The 5 Year Itch

I wonder how I would fair in a marriage, if I get this bored with my life every five years... - Diva

So as of late and as you can probably tell from my sparse blogging...I’m going through the change (pause). I don’t know if it’s joining the 30 club that has me contemplating drastic changes, like an extreme makeover or something....or if it’s my boredom, or my search for a new spark....something. I dunno

In any case, I’ve been contemplating a lot of things. The number one that occupies my daily thoughts, is moving. Last night, I started researching rental prices on some digs in the city of concrete jungles and large rats...

I also feel like I need a career change...
And dating....well a little tune-up won’t hurt...

My lease is up in June...I’m seriously, seriously, thinking of blowing this popsicle stand...

In Other News

I went out with Mr. H last week for drinks. We touched (a slight touch equivalent to a soft graze) on the subject concerning why we are the way we are with each other...don’t worry. We are really done...
Jason called...

No other prospects are in the wings at the moment...

Friday, February 19, 2010


After he sent me a text, and I responded with:

Glad Your ok. Deuces.

I meant it. Even after he responded to my text. He was permanently erased.

E-mail, Written, Never Sent:

You displayed the most inconsiderate, asinine behavior ever, and single handedly ruined my weekend. I get that you had to work on Friday, and you were "sick". But when I've had company in town, despite any odds or ill wills I was experiencing, I made sure they had a weekend to remember, or atleast put forth more effort than you displayed. I woke up on Sunday & you weren't there. No big deal. I figured you went back to a chick's room. But then to see that you packed, without so much as a note, or good-bye. That was seriously a slap in the face. I'm not your girl, and don't expect special treatment. But seriously. You just bounced, and send me a text like 8 hrs later??? That was fucking lame. Had you not mentioned me coming to NOLA, I never would have came. If you didn't really want me to come, you should have never suggested it. I pretty much was here by myself. If I wanted to spend my birthday weekend alone, I sure as fuck wouldn't have came to NOLA.

Update: The whole weekend wasn't that bad, I had fun 1 1/2 day

Update #2: And I had fun the day before I left at my b-day happy hour and salsa dancing with friends, afterwards


Ok, I think I can focus now. I finally applied to grad-school this week. Actually just one school. I have another one, but I can’t focus on that until next week! least I’m working on keeping a few of my new years resolutions!

The third day, Thursday, Jason called me in the morning. He didn’t think I was going to answer (that’s what he said) and was going to leave me a voice mail. He apologized for being a punk flake ass and said that something came up with work and that he still wants to do something.

Honestly, I didn’t really believe him. In the past, when something came up, he’d say that, and not wait 3 days to call.

Basically it fizzled. We haven’t talked since then. I haven’t called him. He hasn’t called me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Down to Two Nutshells...(cont.)

I know I'm tardy....but ehhh, blame it on the lack of sunlight. So back to Jason and that random text I received from him after my birthday. Remember the one, this one...right here:

Jason’s Text: “So did you get broke off by your boo, lot’s of birthday gifts, and love every minute of it, lol”

So yeah, I mulled it over with male and female friends, thought about it, and well decided that hey, maybe he was trying to see if I was in-fact single, dating, etc. After we sent a few texts back and forth, I decided that I'd see if he wanted to do something. So, let's see it was MLK weekend, Sunday that we made plans. Jason expressed that we "always" do the movies, and that he wanted to do something "different." Since he was out-of-town, I felt like when he got back in town he may not feel up to much, plus it would be a Monday.

Suggestions weren't flowing freely from his lips, so I suggested he come over for dinner (cause I think I can cook, judging from my sparsely ignored cooking blog) and that afterwards we could go to ESPN Zone for games. He said that sounded cool, and we set-up a time.

Monday afternoon, he sends me a text in the afternoon and says we are still on. I told him to come over around 5 or 5:30.

Side Note: Remember how guarded I am about male company. It took the Old Man a year to see the insides of my abode....and I don't recall cooking for anyone in a long time, with the exception of Mr. H, who doesn't count. So this was kinda a big deal for me: End Side Note

I went to the grocery store, prepped my place, and began getting stuff ready at about 4:30pm. At exactly 5:00pm I put the stuffed pork chops in the oven. At 5:01pm, I get a text from Jason saying he can't make it. Something came up, he'll call me later.


I was that pissed. Like how are you going to a) send me a text after we confirmed and b) send a text??? Man-up and call
I responded back with: "Damn, that sux, I started cooking"

That night and the following two days, I was told I shouldn't be so hard on him, and that he's never done anything like that before, and that I should give him another chance....blah, blah, blah.

What happened on the third day was just beyond me....

V-Day = Free (insert cliche here) Day

V-day should be called "guaranteed ass day" for men. - Diva

V-day is always interesting. Last year I was in Jamaica, with a name I don't really care to mention. Brian. This year, I was here. Tired from insomnia for the last few days and work. I laid in bed most of the day, viewing mass text messages and talking to friends, when I received an out the blue call....from Mr. Henry. A month+ later he decides to call and although I deleted his number (see previous entry) I knew it was him. I answered the phone and we chatted for about 5 mins, then I thanked him for calling and threw up the deuces. I know his m.o. He calls a few days, weeks, months later to see if I'm still mad or remember why I am still mad at him.
Funny thing is or maybe not so funny thing is, the night before, I had a weird dream that he called me and tried to apologize/get back in my good graces. And tried to bone me. Hmmmmm.

So today, he calls me like nothing ever happened (again). Asking me how I was, blah blah blah. Then he asked me if I wanted to catch a movie or get drinks. I declined the movie and told him I'll think about drinks. A few hours later, he sends me naked photos he took of me (damn, he still has those) there's the answer. I knew what was on his brain. He just solidified it. He e-mailed me and asked me if I wanted to "come over".

Nope. Sorry....

Happy Vagina Valentine's Day...

Friday, February 5, 2010

In 3 Nutshells...or More (Part 1)

With the impending snowstorm, that everyone is freaking out about, I’ll probably have plenty of time this weekend to work on my grad school applications (one of a few reasons why I was M.I.A). So today, I decided to begin catching you up, on everything that’s happened in the last month or so....

Mr. Henry

So remember awhile ago, when I mentioned how Mr. H was being a pansy, and pain in my ass, re not shoveling snow, blah, blah, catch up here. Well he called me about three times after our falling out. Each time he talked to me as if nothing happened. NOTHING. Each time, I reminded him about his bitch-assness, and that I was still pissed. The last time he called me was a week after my birthday. Again, carrying on like we haven’t stopped talking.

Mr. Henry: Hey how are you cutie? ....(blah, blah, blah) So I was just calling to check on you, to see how you’re doing...

Me: I’m good, but you should have thought of that a week ago (bastard...ok, I didn’t say bastard, but I thought it.) on my birthday

Mr. Henry: Oh, happy b-lated birthday, how was it. What did you do?

Me: It was really good. Look, I gotta go, thanks for calling. Bye.

And then I hit "delete number".


I had high hopes for Jason. I mean how many times can one go to the movies and hold hands? And, I don’t just hold hands with any “tom, dick, or harry”. Like seriously. wtf was up? So I had a little impromptu birthday celebration with about 12 or so friends. Jason made an appearance. So things were casual. Mingling, small talk. By the time happy hour was over the group died down, and it was about six of us left. Jason left because he said he had class. Cool. He sends me a text to ask where we are headed after we left the bar. I responded with our plans to go down the street to a salsa/hip hop bar. He responds that he’ll stop by after class. Halfway through salsa dancing, I get a text that he couldn’t make it. Admittedly I was a little bummed, but I was having such a good-time, he ended up becoming an after-thought.
The next day he sends me text, that was extremely odd, and threw me off....

Jason’s Text: “So did you get broke off by your boo, lot’s of birthday gifts, and love every minute of it, lol”

WTF??? be continued...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Return....Not Quite...

One month of “M-I-A-ness” is coming to a close pretty soon. I have VERY good reasons as to why I took a break from the social network thing. But I’ll probably be back sometime next week with the full details on the demise of Mr. Henry, the Good, Bad & Ugly of my NOLA b-day, the re-appearance of the Old Man, the disappearance of Jason, and the bit on how old flames (namely Mr. Good on paper, a.ka. Carlos) reappear.

Thanks to those who checked to make sure I wasn’t laying in a ditch somewhere between Mississippi and Louisiana.

Luv ya too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Update: NYE, NOLA, & Randomness

Woooowwww. 2010 is already bringing out some randomness. So, I'm at home, suffering the wrath that is mi familia, wishing I could teleport myself somewhere. And guess who sends me a text??? The Old Man. The last-time he actually contacted me was about 8 months ago. So needless to say I was quite surprised. One simple line:

"I miss my kitten. Happy New Year "

The kitten, he's referring to, yep you guessed it...

Other randomness going on in no particular order:

7. Before I left, Devin & I went to The Roots concert. Good-times.

6. NYE with POW. One word. Adventure. So we really didn't have any plans. Actually, my plan was to stay home and sleep. But POW convinced me to go out. So we get out. Listen to a band, see some randomness, then get some late night breakfast. We try to leave.....and the car breaks down. Let me rephrase that. The car breaks down, on New Years Eve, and it's like 10 degrees outside....and the adventure went down from there....I'll let POW tell you the rest. I'm still trying to recover.

5. I have only been home for 4.1 days and I was ready to go on day 2.

4. I'm having a little birthday thing when I get back to the city, then I promptly leave out again for New Orleans

3. The end of Mr. Henry....he called me to assess how mad I was, by pretending nothing ever happened. Don't worry, the rest of that is coming.

2. Island Prince John called me and asked me to come visit him for Carnival.

1. The NOLA plan: So Brian lives about an hour away from NOLA. We are splitting a hotel for the weekend, so we don't have to drive back and forth. Right now, the plan is no plan. Just hang out, drink, and have fun.....T-minus 3 days to NOLA. T-minus 2 till the BIG 3-0!