Monday, January 4, 2010

Update: NYE, NOLA, & Randomness

Woooowwww. 2010 is already bringing out some randomness. So, I'm at home, suffering the wrath that is mi familia, wishing I could teleport myself somewhere. And guess who sends me a text??? The Old Man. The last-time he actually contacted me was about 8 months ago. So needless to say I was quite surprised. One simple line:

"I miss my kitten. Happy New Year "

The kitten, he's referring to, yep you guessed it...

Other randomness going on in no particular order:

7. Before I left, Devin & I went to The Roots concert. Good-times.

6. NYE with POW. One word. Adventure. So we really didn't have any plans. Actually, my plan was to stay home and sleep. But POW convinced me to go out. So we get out. Listen to a band, see some randomness, then get some late night breakfast. We try to leave.....and the car breaks down. Let me rephrase that. The car breaks down, on New Years Eve, and it's like 10 degrees outside....and the adventure went down from there....I'll let POW tell you the rest. I'm still trying to recover.

5. I have only been home for 4.1 days and I was ready to go on day 2.

4. I'm having a little birthday thing when I get back to the city, then I promptly leave out again for New Orleans

3. The end of Mr. Henry....he called me to assess how mad I was, by pretending nothing ever happened. Don't worry, the rest of that is coming.

2. Island Prince John called me and asked me to come visit him for Carnival.

1. The NOLA plan: So Brian lives about an hour away from NOLA. We are splitting a hotel for the weekend, so we don't have to drive back and forth. Right now, the plan is no plan. Just hang out, drink, and have fun.....T-minus 3 days to NOLA. T-minus 2 till the BIG 3-0!