Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Longer A Functioning Alcoholic...But He's A Pothead

I am no longer a functioning alcoholic...

Yep, that’s right. Today makes day 27 of no vodka, no wine, beer, or other adult beverages. The shakes have subsided, and I can actually sleep throughout the night. (#noinsomnia) The month of January I consumed so much alcohol I became immune. Literally. Which made me think, maybe I had a borderline drinking problem. Aside from consuming ungodly amounts of wine and vodka shots without getting a slight buzz, I had an epiphany; I do not want to look 59, when I am 40, the extra calories negate my workouts, and my tolerance was so high, that I was basically wasting money on the good stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss vodka, and I miss my nightly glass of Shiraz, but now it’s kind of a mind over matter thing. Like can I really go without alcohol for 40 days, 40 nights? I am close. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In other news, this weekend I went out with one of the schoolboys Donny. It was ok, well it wasn’t super exciting or anything. I mean, he threw me off when he decided he wanted to light up (aka smoke mary jane) before our “date”. I mean, I don’t judge, but you mean to tell me it’s 1pm in the afternoon, we are in broad daylight where everyone can see, and you pull out a pipe and greenery because you “need a buzz”. So that was kinda strike #1 in that it turned me off.

Yes, I’ve dated guys in the past that have lit-up, hell Klein even shot-gunned me, but that was after the pleasantries, well into our “relationship” in the privacy of our home. Not in the middle of the day, steps away from cops, children and old people. And I know I can’t talk, because I used to partake in vodka, like it was iced water. But I wasn’t that bad. Like I didn’t have a pint hidden in the console of my car. I only took my flask out for special occasions at nighttime, unless I was on vacation...so I could not really understand his need to light up during brunch hours, not to mention, I think we were parked near one of those Big Brother cameras...

So, after the “date” he decides he wants to go to the library to study. I’m like well, I do need to see if they have this book for class. Before we get there, we stop and get food. So we get there, they don’t have the book. I decide to leave.

(Side Note: I studied all week, and just came off a stressful week of work and school, so I really didn’t want to study anyways. End Side Note)

Donny: well can’t you read some other books

Me: no, we have specific books

Donny: well you can study some other stuff

Me: hmmm, nope, I pretty have everything I need except that book, and all of my stuff is at home, so it’s pointless for me to stay

Donny: well what are you going to do?

Me: go home.

We hug. I leave. That’s It.