Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All Good

Things are good (really good) with the young one. So much so, that yes, he is more than a boy toy. He’s romantic, thoughtful, his “oral communication skills” = amazing. We are in a good place...and I like him.

We even have corny nicknames for each other (I know...gag).

So...the next step, to be determined. But right now, we are in a really good place.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Atlanta, Extremist

Having Fun...

Klein and I have seen each other almost everyday in some shape or form. We've done everything from casual hanging with friends, to impromptu home visits, and talk/make-out time. No test-driving of the goods yet...He's a great guy as I've said before. The only thing that bothers me is his extremist religious views...I'm not exaggerating, he's not a bible thumper, trying to convert me type guy, however he thinks his religion is "the truth". Oh and he is trying to get me to stop eating bacon...and all things pork. I happen to like salami or a really good bacon blue-cheese burger...

In Other News:

I'm going to Atlanta this weekend for a girls weekend. Hmmm, never been, don't really know what to expect.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Date's #3 - #5, The Young One’s Have Energy

Klein is putting in work (pause). Not that kind, so get your mind out the gutter! We had dates 3 through 5 last week/this weekend. Thursday night, we had plans to go to a comedy show, but we failed to make it. Instead we had hookah & drinks, and just hung out...

Saturday he surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We partook in watching my fav team in the Final Four, while hanging out with some college friends of mine. It was kinda cute, cause I think he was a little nervous about “impressing me”.

Yesterday we did the park, some live music, and an impromptu romantic dance in the middle of nowhere.

He showers me with kisses and is a complete romantic...

We don’t have plans for this week, but the young one is definitely earning cool points

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Details

Curiosity Killed The Cat

The road trip with Mr. H was interesting. Being stuck in a car with Mr. Henry for ten hours at a time gives new meaning to “locked-up”. For the most part, the ride was pleasant. He tried to get me to “pull-over” a couple of times. Once we got to his destination (I dropped him off and met up with friends & family), he got out and was getting his things together...that’s when I seen it. The super-sized black & gold box of condoms.

Hmmmm. So, either he thought he was going to get some from me, or he planned on meeting up with “old” acquaintances. At least he was being safe.

Now, I won’t lie. I was curious about this, seeing as how he’s been dropping hints since December.

(Side Note: He knows I’m not letting him get near my love muffin for the rest of his life. :End Side Note)

So on our way back, I wanted to look in the bag, to see if his magic box had been tampered with. I know I shouldn’t care. But I do....sorta. I sorta care because he 1). said he hadn’t had sex in “awhile” (awhile in Mr. H years, not normal years) and 2). after the long drive back to DC, he tried once again to get me to spend the night, because he said it looked like I was tired, and he was so “concerned” about me.

Ummm. I just drove 10 hours, the extra 20 minutes to my place wasn’t going to kill me.

In Other News:

So, as I mentioned in the last post, the bambino and I went out. While I was gone, he sent me cute little text messages, telling me he missed me, and to have a safe trip. He’s such a sweet guy. We went on date #3 last night..... to be continued