Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Weird Guy From The Gym

I decided I'm going to back track and talk about some of the funny dates I've been on and some of the guys I met thus far. Most of the time I meet guys out at clubs, lounges, or bars etc. But not too long ago I met a guy at the gym. He actually worked at the front desk. So me and "Tony" (his name has been changed for obvious reasons) flirted a little bit after my work out. It was my first time back to the gym in awhile & he was new. We made small talk, and exchanged numbers. Tony called me that night when he got off of work. Normally, I don't expect the guy to call the same night, unless it's after the bar & he's trying to get in my there was a bit of a red flag. None-the-less we had a great conversation, in fact we talked for 4 hours!!! We set up a date for the next day to have Thai food and shoot pool.

"Tony" picked me up the next day ( he was a little late, but no biggie). He opened the door, complimented me on my outfit, and showered me with praises on how nice I looked. Things seemed to be off to a good start. We went to this amazing Thai place, and afterwards we went to a pool hall, however there was a long wait, so we ended up having a drink at the bar.

Through-out all of this there were a few red flags that jumped out at me about his personality; 1) He was more bubbly than a teenage cheerleader on speed. I love guys who are happy and in a good mood, but it was almost like he had 10 cups of Starbucks and chased it with red bull....a little too over the top for me. 2) He had too many excuses about his lot in life. He was 36, just started working as a receptionist at the gym, still lived at home with his dad, and well....let's just say there would be some other ones that came up later... 3) Well I found this one out later....he's freakin weird....

Ok, so after the date, he took me back home & I invited him in for a bit. We listened to music, & talked. We kissed for a little, then he left. So fast forward some days and hours of conversation later, Tony comes over, and we "hook up". It was fine....average. I didn't have any huge expectations. He takes me to work, & on the way there he's, he's a morning person & I'm not. But it wasn't his singing that annoyed me, it was the fact that he was doing a sing-song kiddy voice, and naming everything we we passed. Like he would say "loook, a treeeee" in a freaking sing-song kiddy voice...

A few more romps & dates later, it had to end. I began to enjoy the romps, but his personality freakin annoyed me....the only bad thing about all of this was I had to see him at the gym for awhile....then I stopped going & got a work-out buddy....(another blog, another time about him :)

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