Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend: Short & Sweet

1. Pigs must have flown, it snowed in hell, so everyone got ice water and lemonade....oh and lightening struck...multiple times. I stayed in Friday and Saturday night, don’t worry I checked my my defense, I did go out Wednesday and Thursday night!

2. I received a random text Saturday night, and well I almost (almost) wish he didn’t text me.

3. I went to the movies with Jason on Sunday. We seen the Proposal. We had a great time. He’s such a “good guy”.

That’s all, no further updates.

P.S. Oh and Devin slept on the couch on Saturday night.


Nelia said...

Did you enjoy your brief stint as a hermit? I can't imagine life without occasional solitude.


Neila, Wouldn't quite call it "hermit-tude" since I was social Wed & Thur, and out with Jason on Sun...but I must admit, it was good to stay in for two days. I didn't feel like I was missing out on something

Chaotically Calm said...

What Diva in the house on Friday & Saturday night...we all need a break sometimes. Who called?

Oh and "good guy" is that Diva code for just friends nothing will ever happen in a million years?

mr. nichols said...

I am all for taking time out for yourself so I'm glad you got to do that.

Just curious. Do you have a list, either on paper on in your mind, on what exactly you're looking for in companion/mate?


Chaotically - yeah, I now...POW thought hell froze over.... probably did, but all is well with the Universe now, cause I'm headed out tonight. Ummm, said text was from Brian, re something funny re Jamaica

Mr. Nicholas - When it comes to dating I try not to do lists. I mean I'm all for lists in other areas of your life (grocery shopping, things to do before 30, things to do right now) but when it comes to guys & dating....ehhh.

I will say this, there are definitely some characteristics said guy to win my heart over must have: ambition, intelligence/witty-ness, a blast to be around, attraction, goals, a passport, good with his hands, etc, etc...

now attraction is very subjective just as most of the items I listed are, but I need to, want to see him in his sexy naked-ness reading the Encyclopedia, or the Quantum Theory Of Energy As It Relates to Atomic Molecules, or something, LOL or a Forbes magazine will do too, (I kid, I kid!)

Anonymous said...

boy this weekend i hope to do a whole lotta nothing. i want to finish this book before then.


MLM - is it the book I told you about, or a diff. one??? I think I'm re-charged now. I plan on going hard... semi-hard, lol. I still have stuff to do.