Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 4: No Vodka

8. I’m giving up drinking for ____ days (TBD). Today makes day 4 of no alcohol what-so-ever. It’s hard. Everything involves vodka. Happy hour, bars, clubs, doing laundry, watching a movie, nightcaps. I see vodka everywhere. One of my friends invited me to an open bar, with none other than vodka! Ummm, the only reason I’m temporarily giving up my favorite side-kick is so I can rock my two piece in the DR. The upside is I’ll save money, and hopefully lower my tolerance level to like 4 drinks a night, rather than 7. The downside...I can’t imagine life without my friend.

7. Brian will be here in 3 weeks...before the “e-mail” he asked if he could stay with me that weekend. Ummmm, well we know that’s out the window. What will be weird is running into him, or seeing him. Like we’ve texted and e-mailed since the “e-mail”. All very basic and general stuff though. No phone conversations.

6. I briefly spoke to Mr. Henry...

5. I’m going out tomorrow night with Devin...

4. Mr. Lame-o from Saturday was someone I met awhile ago. He keeps texting me. I’m trying to be nice, but....ehhhh

3. Boston in 3 weeks!

2. Vegas in 6 weeks!

1. The DR in 7 weeks!


Tunde said...

seems like you have a lot going on there. i need to travel some places with you. hope you can keep up the no alcohol endurance run (well actually i don't lol).

Chaotically Calm said...

Good luck with the dismissal of your side-kick. Tell him it's only for a little while he can come back in 7wks.

I am motivating myself for the trip to Miami by keeping the tankini on my wall so I see it when I wake up and it inspires me to do just a few more sets of crunches.

mr. nichols said...

That's definitely a good look that you're getting more traveling in. I feel like the summer's over here passing me by. I need to go somewhere.

Sounds like you've been doing good without your friend so far. Keep it up. It'll be worth it.

VerbFashion said...

Lol @ everything involves vodka...

even watching a movie though?

Good trips, enjoy yourself. I just don't know how you'll do that in Vegas without your dear friend vodka because pretty much everywhere you go, you'll damn near be forced since it's free as long as you appear to be gambling/look like you have money.


Anonymous said...

i'm trying t find me an island i can go to and hang with locals. i swear i went to a different place than everyone else when it comes to jamaica. it's not looking too good for me and a two piece this summer. shame on me.