Monday, September 22, 2008

The Agreement

I know the rules or the unspoken rules. It’s often the topic of many conversations. Invite someone over after the club, or bar at 3am, they are most likely expecting a “night cap”. I get it. Well last night, I wanted to end my great night with company sans the night cap.

Last night I went to a local lounge with a lot of friends. D.J. met me there. We danced together the rest of the night. At the end of the night, he still wanted to hang out. I told him to call me at 2:30.

He was prompt. I laid down a couple of rules.

Me: You can come over but no sex

D.J.: What?

Me: I don’t want to have sex tonight. I’ll say it in Spanish… no sexo. Comprendo?

D.J.: Uh, ok.

When he got to my place, I told him the rules again. I know it was cruel. But, I just wanted company. I put on a movie, got him a drink, got my blanket and fell asleep in his lap.

In the morning I woke up in my bed…fully clothe. I went to the living room; there was D.J., on the couch, fully clothe. I got him a blanket and pillow.

Me: Why didn’t you sleep in the bed with me?

D.J.: I wanted to be a good boy

Me: Awe, thank you. I’m so proud of you


CL said...

Just gotta say love the blog!!

This will be the first bolg I will check in on from time to time as most are pointless drivel!

Hearing a single gal's POV on your dating experience is revealing, entertaining, thought provoking and freighting all in the same elongate exhale ;)

Keep it up gal!!


Thanks so much...just wanted to share what goes on in my crazy dating life...

Cheekie said...

Tell me why when I first saw this post and saw "D.J.", I misinterpreted for "Dr. J."

I was all, "Oooh, this is gonna be juicy!" lol


That's hillarious!