Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Update To The Update

So, after I went on my e-mailing spree on Monday. A few things happened and didn't happen.

Update #1 - He (the name I promised not to blog about anymore) did e-mail me back. I posted what he said verbatim in the comments. I'm not mad about it. In fact, I thought it was a decent response, considering my left-field timeliness. In retrospect, I think to some extent during our last week we were both (maybe me so more than him) faced with the reality that he was leaving. As I said before, he told me he was mad at me on Thursday, & I at him on Wednesday, then we went on the spree of "get it in before you leave"... I never went into our friendship wanting or expecting more, nor do I want it right now. It (the L word) just hit me out of nowhere like a 10 ton elephant high off of poppy and laced peanuts. All in all, I think I am cool with the outcome. I feel like I can finally sleep a little bit better...I'm sure once time has passed, we'll talk...(I think).

Update #2 - PATT. I e-mailed her on Monday, and we went back and forth trying to counter our points as to why the other person shoulda coulda woulda. All in all I think our points of views are both valid for different reasons. Sometimes we (people) become so self absorbed in our own problems and issues, that we momentarily forget other people are going through it too. We still haven't verbally talked, however she attempted to text me today, and I responded with a call, and she responded with a text. I'll keep you posted...

Update # 3 - During my e-mail binge, I also gave Tony & Mr. Henry a huge piece of my mind. Both for different reasons...guess I was just letting it all out. Neither one responded. My text to Tony was basically because of the fact that he was harassing me about wanting to see me and spend time with me. When I finally caved in and agreed, he went MIA. I tried to be delicate in my response, because he IS on meds (Did I mention he is crazy), however, don't grovel and beg and say you want to spend time with me, then when I carve out a time, and we agree upon it, you go AWOL?...NEXT!

Update #4 - Devin and I are going to NY tomorrow. This time we actually (were not cheap) booked a room. A few things I forgot to mention about him, besides the fact that he sorta works for me. I've know him for two years now. He knows all about Mr. Henry & Brian. (He's met Mr. Henry & knows him through working for me) During last week's 9 hour bus ride of a nightmare to NY, we had nothing but time on our hands. Actually before the trip, we would keep up with each other a few times a month. So it's not anything that's new or a possible, nor do I want it to be... (side note: as his sorta boss, it's sorta inappropriate as well)

Update #5 - Finally finished that "Things To Do Before 30" list. Let's see if I can accomplish it, in 6 months...

Diva's Before I Turn 30 ... Sexy To Do List
(January 6, respectively)

Take Vacations To:
Vegas (booked it)
Boston (booked it)
Dominican Republic (booked it)
Cancun (pending)

Save $5,000
Get Back To The Gym
Pay Off Credit Cards

Apply to Grad Schools
Work On Business(es)
Apply for International Volunteer Programs

Extra Fun:
Try Something I've Never Done Before... (still thinking on this one)


Danielle Carter said...

Question..."side note: as his sorta boss, it's sorta inappropriate as well" Ok, So isnt talking to him outside of work and taking trips to NY sorta innapropriate too? lol


LOL...Sorta. Basically what he does for me is work at events I book online every now and then. So, I'm not really a boss per se in the sense of the word "boss"...

Anonymous said...

You sound like you're sorta lika a PIMP. You Pimp him out for events LOL


Tunde said...

that's a nice list of things to do before you hit 30. if you accomplish half of it, that would be great.

mr. nichols said...

Good list. For the extra fun, how about skydiving?


LOL @ POW .... what can I say *shrugs*

@ Tunde - Just shy of 6 months!!!! (I can do this, I can...)

@ Mr. Nicholas, thought about sky diving or bungee jumping, also need to see if it fits in my budget since I have to save $833 a month to meet my $5,000.00 goal!

Unknown said...

I like this! Yes that L word will sure have them running girl! Good luck w/that b4 30 list I have until next April LOL

adventurous..start a business that requires lil start up..go to an event out of town that you normal wldn't escape to