Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today, going on right now...

Me: How's your trip going

Him: Left DC today at 7:30am (Side Note: He was supposed to leave Friday, pushed it to Monday, pushed it to Tuesday, well today is Wednesday)

Me: Wow. We're still friends right? I don't want anything from you. I just needed to say it

Him: It's all good

Me: You didn't answer my question

Him: Yes I did, we are

Me: Good, cause no one would understand me, re Mary McBeth Alice from Scotland London Wales (Side Note: Inside joke, you wouldn't get it)

Him: hahaha

Me: Ok Ass Munch. Sorry. Drive Safely


Anonymous said...

did you know he was still in town?


No MLM, as far as I knew he was leaving Tuesday...must have changed his mind

Anonymous said...

i'm starting to feel like i'm all in your relationships. i guess we all are. i know you have your own mind though. that being said the love bomb was hard to drop. maybe if you just said i've got feelings do you have them too? lol
did you hang while he put off the leaving? i think you guys will be fine.

Unknown said...

he's just not that into you..never was

I wished you hadn't told him how you felt to be honest (not that you care)

you wasted your breath told US that should have been enough

I hate that he has that over you now (not that he would use it)

Guess this is kind of a sensitive subject for me


@ True - you're right, I don't was never about him. It was about me and my feelings, and what I was dealing with and going through.

I've had guy friends in the past and even now that I've never felt that way about... too much to get into now, but I appreciate your comment

Nelia said...

The love bomb? Alright, now I gotta go back and read the previous posts...

But without reading, I can tell it "Him" didn't deliver a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

hi Diva... just spent the last 2 days reading through ALL your posts!

great writing, and i can't wait to read more. it read like a great novel!

Anonymous said...

adding you to my google reader :)


Welcome anon & thanks