Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Part2: Update On Everything Diva, Including Horny-ness, F*ckery & Everything In Between

Disclaimer: Read Part 1 first.

Klein: But I got into a fight, with a crazy person last night. I could have got hurt or died

Me: But you’re standing here in front of me. You’re not hurt.

Klein: I could have been hurt.

Me: (deep sigh) But you’re not, you’re making assumptions and excuses.

We start walking and he awkwardly tries to put his arm around me. I try to have a civil convo with him, but I’m so fucking pissed at the fact that he’s missing the point. He then says he is pushing the whole holding me thing, as it’s still daytime, and it’s Ramadan, and that we shouldn’t talk about anything else that’s negative. He tells me he has a meeting and he will see me later.

Two days go by. I finally call him and ask him to help me with something. I remind him that I’m leaving at the butt crack of dawn, and we haven’t spent “real quality time” together. He meets me at the store, and we’re walking around, I’m getting last minute stuff for my trip. I try to talk to him, and again, he says it’s Ramadan, and he “can’t talk about anything that will change his spirit” He then proceeds to complain about how hungry he is, and asks me how much longer am I going to be, because it’s almost sun-down. I point out to him, that he chose to fast, so basically why “are you complaining, and that if you are so hungry leave”.

He basically says if he leaves, then I’ll just be mad at him again.

At this point I checked out. Mentally, it’s no reasoning with him.

I’m not done shopping, I tell him to go ahead without me, go eat (I need peace & quiet, and frankly didn’t feel like hearing his fucking excuses, whining, and bitching about not eating). He takes half of the things I brought to drop them off at my place.

Me: are you coming over after dinner

Klein: yea

Me: so like an hour or so

Klein: Yea, I gotta eat, or so. It’s Ramadan, so we can’t do anything...

Me: Seriously, I have to pack and stuff, I leave early and won’t be back till Sunday.

Klein: Ok, I’ll see you soon

(he gives me a hug & kiss)

I didn’t hear from him at all that night.

Hence the reason for the text.

Now, I know people think his mom’s death had a lot to do with his irrationality. But I beg to differ. Earlier in the relationship I tried to break up with him twice. And both times he pretended as if it never happened. I think he used his mom’s death as a scapegoat for his actions, as well as Ramadan. Yep. I said it. It may come off as being harsh, but the problems we had existed pre-mom. Had we not had these problems before and they came up as a result of his mom, I’d be more understanding. But they didn’t.

So that’s the demise of Klein. Maybe I could have done it differently, but my frustration with him could not be contained anymore. What’s done is done.


khaki la'docker said...

I didnt read the first part and im abot to now but i had to chuckle because my homeboy used Ramadan as an excuse to not have sex with his girl for almost 3 months. Poor child really thought Ramadan lasted that long

Anonymous said...

hey divaaaaaaa
i feel like you don't need to explain yourself. sometimes nice isn't good enough. all of that would have easily got on my nerves. so, who's next?

Mz Mami said...

No you're not being harsh Diva. He should not be using guilt-tripping excuses for being a lame boyfriend. He seems kind of inconsiderate..but he probably doesn't realize. Oh well. My ex is muslim too. On to the next one..and yes, I've been keeping up. I wish you would post more but I know you're busy with school and what not. Hope all else is well in the life of Diva!! Come visit my new blog!! (well there's no more love interests in MY life and my blog clearly reflects this) lol I know u missed me!!

- Mz Mami

Chaotically Calm said...

Hey Diva,
You don't need to 'splain yourself to us...but I like that you do. A nice guy is not always the right guy...I have to keep telling myself this.


@ Khaki - wow, 3 months, that's cruel...

@MLM - I know, but had to give the whole side. You pop the bun out the oven yet? (school is #1 right now)

@Mz. Mami - Chica, you were m.i.a forever. I almost thought you got kidnapped....but then I was like naaa, some hot sexy man must have swept you off your feet! I'll be stopping by the blog once I get some time to read for pleasure. I actually have a paper due I should be writing write now!!!

@ Chaotically - yeah, I know. I guess I do it more for background than anything....but in this case I didn't want to look like a total bitch for breaking up with him after his mom's death... I planned on doing it before that unexpected thing called life happens *shrugs*

Side Note: I tried to keep in touch with him and be cordial, maybe even friends, but everytime we talked, we argued. So I stopped.
It's been 3 weeks since we last communicated

Cheekie said...

Wait. He didn't wanna talk about anything negative because of Ramadan, yet he shole was eager to talk about that fight he got into. o_O

B.S. I agree, he's using it as a scapegoat.