Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Kitchen

So last night Klein spent the night...I went in. Maybe it was the vodka with white peach (tasty) or the fact that I have given it a lot of thought.

Me: Baby, I think you have hang-ups about sex and sexuality...

Klein: What are you talking about, where is this coming from???

Me: Well the other night when I wanted to suck your d*ck (yes I said that) you had an issue with it. Why?

Klein: I told you, it’s ok if we are going to have sex, but just to do it, just because...you’re better than that.

Me: But baby, if it’s something I want to do for you, and we are in a committed relationship, what’s wrong with that. Like, if I don’t do it, are you gonna go find someone else...

Klein: No. I wouldn’t do that.

Me: If we are in a relationship, there’s nothing wrong with me being a freak for you...like anything goes

Klein: Almost anything

Me: I’m your freak, so it’s ok

Klein: Why do you have those shorts on... (black little cheeky ones)

(I laughed and walk to the kitchen)

Me: Why are you following me

Klein: You know what you’re doing to me...

And let’s just say, in the kitchen, with the refrigerator door wide open, he got the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich (uhhh a BJ for the slow folks) ever......

Afterwards, we laid in bed and talked about his sex hang-ups and where they came from...after he told me, it made a little more sense, but I still think it’s an age and experience thing.


★Starrla said...

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALLL (in my soccer voice) Glad he finally gave in. Why do I think of that scene from "Disappearing Acts" when Zora & Franklin got it down in the refrigerator? LOL

VIN said...

I had to go back and read the previous post to understand why he didn't want oral. Still don't really follow his logic but to each his own. Starrla beat me to the Disappearing Acts scene. If you had added some fruit, it would have been 9 1/2 Weeks. Anyway, its going to take some time for him to get that conservative mindset out of his head. Never understood why a dude would want a freak just as long as it wasn't his girl/wife.


@ Starla & Vin - he did ask if I had whipped cream....which movie is that from, lol

@ Vin - I think somewhere along the way, someone told him it was wrong or something...also it could be religion....who knows.
Thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

lol thanks for the sidenote. you know i'm slow. i was like pb&j huh shucks i'm not that old.

ya'll should have done that scene from don't be a menace in south central lmao

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