Friday, February 19, 2010


After he sent me a text, and I responded with:

Glad Your ok. Deuces.

I meant it. Even after he responded to my text. He was permanently erased.

E-mail, Written, Never Sent:

You displayed the most inconsiderate, asinine behavior ever, and single handedly ruined my weekend. I get that you had to work on Friday, and you were "sick". But when I've had company in town, despite any odds or ill wills I was experiencing, I made sure they had a weekend to remember, or atleast put forth more effort than you displayed. I woke up on Sunday & you weren't there. No big deal. I figured you went back to a chick's room. But then to see that you packed, without so much as a note, or good-bye. That was seriously a slap in the face. I'm not your girl, and don't expect special treatment. But seriously. You just bounced, and send me a text like 8 hrs later??? That was fucking lame. Had you not mentioned me coming to NOLA, I never would have came. If you didn't really want me to come, you should have never suggested it. I pretty much was here by myself. If I wanted to spend my birthday weekend alone, I sure as fuck wouldn't have came to NOLA.

Update: The whole weekend wasn't that bad, I had fun 1 1/2 day

Update #2: And I had fun the day before I left at my b-day happy hour and salsa dancing with friends, afterwards


Tunde said...

wow. that was pretty lame of him. how do you invite someone out of town and then do that? smh

p.s.- glad that you're blogging again but when you gonna make your way back to twitter? :-)


Yeah...pretty much sums it up...

Twitter is the devil, lol!!! I'll be back after I finish my other goal, next week. Seriously, I spent too much time on things that were causing me to become side-tracked!

Anonymous said...

What an ass. Douchebag move. What's going on with these dudes in your life? Douchey moves all around.

Cheekie said...

Yeah, I'm perplexed as to how you go all out your way to invite someone, but don't go all out your way to do the next steps? I mean, after the inviting, this dude does know that there are other things to do right? Like you said, LAME. You're due for a nice loooooong break from him anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Wish you would of hung with me instead. I mean really. This city must be rubbing off on him. Gotta tell you bout some drama I had.

BlkBond said...

I'm surprised at B. He wanted you there as an accessory, not necessarily a companion. Hmm.

I'm glad you're back blogging though. So am I.