Monday, March 9, 2009

Monsters, Drinks, & No Hangovers: The Weekend In Review

Friday Night

Sometimes I wonder when am I going to get tired of partying. I hung out Friday night. I mean REALLY hung out. I Started at 6pm with happy hour free drinks, that you can't turn down, because well it's FREE. Met a few people out, but no one could hang like Brian & I. We went to three spots, yep three!

And of course we were up to our usual antics of clowning around. Everything from dancing in a burger place, while wearing a crown on my head, to telling people he was my brother...there goes any possibility of us having sex, cause it would be like incest now, right... but we had soooo much fun, we did it all!!!

The next morning he sends me a text:

“I’m gonna kick ur ass”

I call him.

Me: No you’re not sucka, what’s up

Brian: You let me go home with a Monster last night

Me: (ROTFL) Ha! No I didn’t. I told you I was leaving, I told you she wasn't cute, you didn’t want to go. Did you wake up and want to gnaw your arm off for the fear of waking her?
(Disclaimer: I'm sure the girl is nice, but I knew he'd be mad in the morning!!!)

Brian: Damn, I thought of that too, yes...

Me: Well we're even!
(Long story, re Tony hearing Brian in the backgound on our way to the second club, thought I was on a date... yes I called him, but it was the alcohol...)


Was pretty much a bust. I was still tired and worn out from Friday. I told Tony, Jailbird, and Mr. Henry I would hang with them, but called none of the above, until like 1am.


Was so nice outside, I wanted to just bask in the sunshine and warmth all day. I hung with the Old Man.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve been doing the slow fade with him, because I have a HARD TIME having the “I don’t want to see you anymore talk”. So I don’t answer his calls or text messages as much anymore and I no longer see him like 3 days a week, like we used to.

We went to the movies, walked the streets of Georgetown, then we went to dinner (Another side note: I paid for the movie snacks and half of dinner, but he was like “are you sure”?). He was ok, but a little annoying. To celebrate the warmth, I wore a mini skirt, button down, and boots, not really summer or winter wear, but somewhere in-between. He kept trying to feel my legs up. I had to smack him each time his hands got anywhere near em’. He’s super duper touchy feely, but in a way, that’s annoying. Kind of like, a fly that harasses you all day, and you just want to swat it and squash it, until it flies no more.

He told me that I’m acting different....“ya think”. I told him he was annoying and he annoyed me. He thought it was funny, but I was telling the truth!


P.O.W said...

That is the funniest post ever LOL I keep hearing that Ludicris song " If I take one more drink..." ROTFL A monter....LOL

Tunde said...

damn. sounds like a fun wknd. almost like mine (except that I didn't go home with a monster). lol. Tell Brian to "Blame It on the Alcohol". lol.

Tunde said...

sidebar: I really can't wait to finish school so I can come back home. I miss DC.

Anonymous said...

well at least you had a good time. i slept most of the weekend. that's all nothing else to say haha

Chaotically Calm said... goggles will always leave you wondering WTF the next morning and planning a Macguyver type escape for fear of losing your life as well as your dignity. Sounds like a pretty fun weekend Diva minus the un-swattable fly ;-D


@ Dani B - I'm sure he had a nightmare since the incident ;)

@ Tunde - yea, DC is no joke!!!

@ MLM - Atleast u got some rest!!!

@ Chaotically - I hate flies!!! That's why they only have a shelf life of like 2 days or something