Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friend or Foe?

Jamaica, Revisited

Ok, so the antics Brian is pulling, has me thinking. I'm not trying to over analyze the situation, but I've been contemplating it all weekend.

So when we were in Jamaica, he had ample time & opportunity to try to make a move. He didn't. After sleeping in the same bed, naked at times, he was extremely respectful, and kept his hands to himself. There were a couple of couples there that I talked with, and they were saying how highly he talked me up. Also, there was a situation, where I was talking to three guys, in which to someone who wasn't privy to the conversation, may have felt I was in a dangerous situation. Brian came over to "check" on me, and made me come with him...

I want to ask him, but I mean, what is he going to say?
"Yes, my roommate and I were trying to get you to come back so we could have a threesome" or "no, I would never do that to you, my roommate was trying to talk to you".

I deleted his number.

Last night, when we went out, I didn't bring it up, but I told him he was a womanizer and I didn't like him.

I made sure to delete all the text messages too.

And his e-mail address.


Anonymous said...

benefit of the doubt maybe he didn't want to look dumb in front of his roomie and lied b/c he felt bad.

i don't think he was trying to do a 3 just looking out for his friend. there's nothing wrong with trying to hook up a friend but how you feel about him it's gonna make you feel bad and him playing dumb wasn't cool. i'm not saying dump him i'm saying he wasn't very nice in this situation to you b/c men don't think like we do. lol

Tunde said...

damn. you're right. you'll never really know what their intentions are but MAYBE he didn't have those intentions. the bad thing is not knowing. sorry it had to come to that.