Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 100th Of Sorts

Today is my 100th post. And although I have some juicy news, I need to get this out the way...

How the blog should have started...
It should have started 3 years ago. My best male friend Chuck was here visiting me and we went on a clubbing (drinking) spree. I met 10 guys in four days and made it my mission to go on a date with all of them. Some(ALL) I met under the pretense of beer goggles, uhhh, the glass eye guy comes to mind. Each day after the dates, I’d e-mail my friends a blurb to tell them how it went. They crack the hell up, and tell me I’m brave, funny, hilarious, should go on more dates so they could laugh at my expense (j/k). In any case, one out of the 10 was cute; Papi Chulo JC who was 5 years younger...can we say rob the cradle???.

The following year Mr. Henry moved to DC and lived (mooched) with me for 11 months. They were the worst 11 months of my life. Ok, not that bad, but it progressively got worse with each passing month. I was cleaning up after him, supporting him, cooking for him, sexing him on a daily basis. Damn, I felt like a F’n wife on lock down. I wasn’t dating anyone else, but I had my suspicions that he was dating other people. (we didn’t have the title of bf/gf either) After he moved out, I had a dry spell. I met some guys, but it was all a blur...

...then Jamaica happened. I don’t know what it was, but the first time I went, I came back a new woman. I mean, it was like guys were coming out of the woods and emerging from the sea when I got back. Then I went back to Jamaica to drink some more MAGIC WATER...and the blog was a sparkle in my eye, on the way to being born.

2008 Was A Good Year.
I decided to start writing my blog after my second trip to Jamaica (May 2008). I met soooo many guys in 2008, more than my college years (well, maybe they are tied). Granted all of the guys weren’t worth mentioning, but I noticed a trend...I was having a F’n blast. There was a time (a long, long time ago) when female friends and I would sit around complaining about the LACK of available GOOD MEN, how HARD it was to find a man, blah, blah, blah. Those days are LONG GONE. I’ve learned SOOO much from my dating experiences (and male friends) that I became a NEW dater. I’ll reveal my dating philosophies later (they will be on sale for $9.99!!!).

When I wrote my first blog, I wasn’t sure what direction to go in or how much I should REVEAL about myself and the guys. I tried to change some identifying facts (so my secret identity will remain secret) about myself and the daters, with a little practice (after about the 4th or 6th entry) I had it! So here’s how I name the guys (with the exception of 1 or 2). I make sure the first letter of their name remains the same (as not to confuse myself). For example. If someone’s name is John, I may change their name to Jacob... something like that. Also, if you noticed, I don’t use pictures, instead, I wanted my words to create an image. I wanted to describe my dates, dating experiences in a lighthearted humorous way...(I’m still attempting to be humorous...not working, but whatever).

I didn’t think anyone would read my blog, but then I had my first commenter! My blog brother SBM in NOVA. He was the only person for a long time (unless there were lurkers... reveal yourself!) who’d read and comment and act as a sounding board. (Thanks Hun!) I started reading his crazy, yet entertaining blog and kept writing because it became therapeutic and it was sort of a diary for myself. Then my Wildcherry happened! Although he never comments on here, (where are you???) for some reason he liked my writing style and asked me if I wanted to publish some articles on his awesome blog. Then I found my blog sister Mz. Mami, and became addicted to reading and blogging, and lurking on other blogs. (You can find other blogs I follow under my profile!)

Now What?
Last year, I had fun, ups and downs and conflicts. For example, Island Prince John. (For those who used their imagination with that situation. Thanks!!!) Then I had some really sad moments, i.e. killing Mr. Henry (although he managed to resurrect himself). In any case 2008 was a great year.

What do I want for 2009??? I have no F’n clue. Hence the Old Man and Tony. All I know is I NEED to write. It’s my daily therapy and it’s free! So thanks for reading, feel free to comment (I love your p.o.v. even if I don’t agree with it). And wish me dating luck for 2009!!!


Tunde said...

Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog entries about your dating life.

Shawn Smith said...

Yaaay Sis.

I'm thankful for you and your blog. You know I always say that you were the inspiration to start writing mine.

And look where we are now.

Yes it is theraputic. There have been plenty of times that people have asked me what I did over the weekend and I couldn't remember. It wasn't until after checking the blog that I remembered.

Over this short period of time you and I have gotten in and out of some strange/twisted/fun/memorable situations.

Here is to many more, our growth, and the fun and memories to be had in the future.

Keep writing, keep having fun, and keep being the great Diva that you are.


Thanks Tunde. I needed that


Aweee, Shawn. You're great. You know how I feel about ya. If I didn't have my secret identity to protect I'd give you a big fat hug & kiss (on the cheek of course)...

Hugs & kisses

My True Essence said...

Happy 100th Blog Diva!!! I have really enjoyed following you and your dating experiences. They have been very entertaining. I like your writing style. You are a true Diva. (Reminds me of myself back in my younger days). LOL!! You and your big brother, Shawn, inspired me to write my own blog. Of course, my life is not as interesting or juicy as you guys though. As a matter of fact, I need to work on that. : )

Anonymous said...

hehe awww congrats on ur 100th blog giiirrrrl!!!!!

Mista Jaycee said...

Congrats on the 100th!
Stop by!



My True Essence - you know you have an interesting life...don't front....remember that one time at band camp...lol Thanks for reading

Thanks Mz Mami as much as I dislike Kan, I like how you analyze your situation on your blog

Mr. Jaycee I'll be stopping by your blog more often...thanks for reading

eclectik said...

Love the blog, keep writing indeed!

Let's have a Drank at Bar Louies



Thanks Eclectik...bottoms up

wildcherry said...

For those of you who haven't read the "tone down" version articles from Dc Diva, feel free to visit
and go to her articles.
Thanks so much for your support. Will definitely comment more here...
(so i can climb up your ranking ladder)