Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Talk....Again

The Old man and I FINALLY had the dreaded, ball and chain, “where is this relationship going, what do you want from me, I hope it’s not sex talk”. And guess what? It was great. Yep, never thought I’d use the Old Man and great in the same paragraph, but we are on the SAME PAGE. I told him how IF ( a big IF) we were to be in a serious relationship in the future he would have to give a little more, i.e., I feel like we do a lot of things he likes to do, but we don’t do things I like to do. He asked for examples. I had a list. I DO ask him to do things I KNOW he’s not into, knowing he’s going to say no (i.e. hip hop clubs). That way, he can never say I didn’t invite him. Then some of it’s a test. I asked him to come to a game night party with me at a friend’s place. Instead he went Salsa Dancing. I asked him to hang out with my friends & Aunts at a club during Inauguration weekend...he said he thought I may want to spend time with my family, so he went Salsa Dancing. So that being said, I think (KNOW) we are seeing other people, and he doesn’t want a serious commitment just as much as I don’t want one. The GREAT thing about it, is he didn’t bring up SEX!

Me: What Do you Want From Me?

Old Man: What do I want from you?

Me: Yes.

Old Man: Well I’m already getting everything I want from you and more

Me: (shocked and amazed) Really???

Old Man: Yes.

Me: Well I know a lot of our relationship is in a grey area, and that’s mostly my fault because I don’t know what I want. Sometimes I think I want a relationship, then other times I don’t. So I’m sorry if it’s grey and not black and white with me.

Old Man: It’s not all you. I think it’s 50/50.

Old Man: What do you see in me? Why are you with me?

Old Man: helloooooo

Me: uhhhh, what was the question again?

Old Man: Why are you with me?

Me: We’ve had this conversation before. I told you I like how you treat me, and your respect for me. You’ve exposed me to new things, some of which I liked. You’re always upbeat and happy, and we have a good time together.

Old Man: So this was good. Things are good right now. Nothing needs to change. It’s good to have these talks every now and then to make sure we are on the same page. So a few months from now, we can reassess it.

Me: Like a year from now!

So it’s all done and complete. Just what I thought. No expectations, no strings, NO SEX. Wooo Hoo!!!


~Candi~ said...

Sounds like you all are on the up and up which seems like something you want with the Old man. have fun and enjoy life and no strings is a great thing to have when you dont want to be "attached".



Anonymous said...

Ouch. So the Old Man is really the Old Maid.

Anonymous said...

that's awesome - sounds like just what you wanted.. :) really good communication between u too - that's great... and I don't get Anonymous's comment..


@Anonymous Yea, I don't get your comment either

@Mz Mami - IDK, after dinner last night, I think he tells me what he thinks I want to hear...I'll explain later