Tuesday, January 13, 2009

He's My Friend Again...

“Vodka, this is the last time you’re gonna get me in trouble... I mean it.” DC Diva

After millions (ok, not millions) of apology calls and text messages, Tony finally called me back today.

Me: Hello

Tony: Hey babe

Me: Are you still mad at me?

Tony: Put yourself in my shoes, see how you would have felt

Me: I know, I know, I thought about, and I’d be pissed. I probably would have cursed you out, but seriously, that’s not my personality, I would never intentionally hurt you

Tony: It’s hard, we’re still getting to know each other

Me: I know, I’m soooo sorry. I seriously just laid down to wait on you and before I knew it, it was 5am

Tony: It’s not that serious

Me: Yes it is, you were mad...

So, I think it will be ok. Why did I WORK my butt off to salvage what “little” friendship we re-developed you say? Because I (want to have sex again) have a complex. I hate it when people get the wrong idea about me. It would have been different if I ACTUALLY had a guy over, but I didn’t...and I didn’t want him calling me all kinds of names (which he probably did) unless I actually deserved them. By nature I’m pretty open, honest and candid, if YOU ASK ME, I WILL TELL YOU (or avoid the question)... or I will nicely say it’s NONE OF YOUR (fuckin') BUSINESS...


eclectik said...

Dope blog!

And you're down the street

Lets get some Vodka and hit U street :)



Thanks... you buying :) I like Stoli Vanilla with a splash of lime juice

eclectik said...

Sounds like a plan



I have a "secret identity" to protect...I'm like a superhero, regular by day...DC Diva by night. Cape and all