Friday, January 9, 2009

The Other Guy

So I’ve talked about Recycled Booty before. And I think recycling can be a good thing if done properly. Especially since guys make such a BIG deal about the NUMBER of men women sleep with, and assume/dream/wished, you’ve only had 3 sex partners in your whole life, one of which includes them. So we women, just recycle. It DOES NOT add to the number or notch on our belt, and we still get laid...everyone’s happy, we look like “Angels” who have only had X amount of sex partners, when really......(I won’t divulge all of OUR secrets)

In any case sometimes recycling can be a bad thing, and it just may be time to go out and get some NEW...(fill in the blank)

Recycled From Early Last Year

So if you haven’t figured it out, the recycled booty on Sunday was in fact Tony. Since then we have talked or texted almost everyday and I seen him briefly at an “artsy” thing Wednesday night. Last night and yesterday afternoon, he sends me various text messages before we have an interesting late night convo, after my date with the senior citizen (side note, it’s funny, when we go out, he NEVER uses his SENIOR DISCOUNT):

His Messages
1st text: Can I C U 2night?
2nd text (3 hrs later): I’m really into u
3rd text: Can I c u tonight
4th text: I want U to ride me until you CUM

My Responses:
1st response: I’ll call you later
2nd response: U are 2 cute!
3rd response: Maybe
4th response:

I tend not to respond to sexually LACED text messages and pictures of “Johnson’s”, unless I’m drunk, horny or drunk and horny...he got the point. We talk after I get home, and he basically says, it’s not about SEX and he really likes me and is really into me....CAUTION. STOP. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200.00, GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL.

Ok maybe too dramatic, but, I don't believe him...I know my "lovin" has made a few propose after the fact, but for me it's TOO much TOO seriously, it's been 3 weeks? We haven't really had that many deep thought provoking conversations, dates, quality time...


Tunde said...

yeah its alwyas easier to sleep with someone that you've already slept with. as far as the tony guy, he needs to pump his brakes. lol.

Cheekie said...

*record scratch*

Yeah, he's in the sex haze. He's goin' way too fast there. Take it easy!