Friday, January 23, 2009

More Words For Old...

... aged, senior citizen, elderly, well done, not getting any younger, fermented, old as dirt...

So I met the Old Man in February of 08, and he’s still hanging on! It kind of reminds me of one of those birds or parasites that follows it’s host(s) around...never leaves...NO MATTER WHAT.

Sometimes I throw stuff out there, just to see what he’s going to say and it doesn’t phase him...hmmm for example

I May Say:
I never want to get married
I don’t want kids
I want to move out of the Country
Sex isn’t important
I don’t want a relationship
I can live without sex

Old Man’s Response:
Uhhh, Ok
Uhhh, really? Ok

When we initially met, I didn’t realize he was trying to date me. I guess the first time he leaned in to give me a kiss was the first indication...that was a few months after our first “date”, which I didn’t know was a date. (We do have a date on Sunday...with a scheduled "Talk" to follow...)

The things that I like about him, are also things that I dislike about him. It’s like a catch 22, with a little acid on it for good measure. I know I can’t see myself having a LTR with him, but at the same time, I get the impression that he doesn’t want one as well. I mean, he does HIS OWN thing a lot. He WAS married for 20 years, been divorced for 4 now, and he has GROWN children. I mean seriously, what could he possibly want with me? I’m still a kid in an adult sized body (humor me, 29 is the new 19!). When I was 10, he was 37, when I was 18, he was 45. He’s an OLD OLD Man, who wants to try some of my Young, Young Booty...he probably went to the Playboy Mansion and drunk the water Hef drinks. Seriously, when I told my twin Aunts about him this week, even they said he was too old for them, and they’ll be 40!

I know it sounds rantish...but he DOES have qualities I like, which I’ve mentioned before. If 29 is the new 19, 56 is the new 46! Rock on Old Man, Rock On!


Shawn Smith said...

It's all so clear now.

Your his Carrie, he's your Big.

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week....



more like I'm his kid, he's my Old Sneakers from High School that I refuse to throw away, because they'll come back in style one day I tell ya...

DaniB said...

No, highschool is over.Throw 'em away. Even if they do come back in style you'll just look loke an old lady trying to look cool like the youngstas. LOL. I crack my self up. Release him back into the wild.

Chaotically Calm said...

Actually I think the Old Man is more like that science teacher you had in high school who was hot as all get out that you thought for a minute gave you the I like what I see once over. Then you imagined for a second what if I met him outside of school....I wonder what would happen. You eventually realize the age difference would be weird sort of like making out with your much older uncle or something and you let it go but not b4 you take a peak at his butt again. What that only happened to me. Sorry Diva I went on a little rant on your page.

But in all seriousness that's what you and the old man remind me of it's just the extended version and you're not in high school.

Wildcherry said...

My Respond (if I'm the Old Man):

1.Me neither unless with you
2.Same answer as above
3.Great lets start a new life
4.It's who you are not what you do in bed that makes me in love with you.
5. Me too. I'm looking for my soulmate.
6. I can't live without seeing you satisfied after our love making session.


LOL@Wildcherry - Where have you been all my life??? Too bad the Old Man has no swagger or isn't suave like you...

@Dani B - you crack me up too!!!

@Chaotically - Rant on Rant on...too bad I didn't have any cute Science would have made science much more interesting!!!

eclectik said...


I think I'ma a little jealous lol



@ eclectik Me & the Old Man were on U last night. I waved...didn't you see me ;)