Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ulterior Motives

Something is in the water again....

WTF??? I mean, yesterday’s conversations and the one that ensued this morning has me believing something is seriously in the water, or better yet Karma is F’N with me, and I don’t find it to be funny.

This Morning

I get my normal wake-up call from the Old Man (he calls me every morning between 8 & 8:30). He can hear the frustration in my voice as I am running late for work, I didn’t sleep well last night, I had to do my hair, take out the trash, etc, etc, etc. I tell him I’ll call him back. I receive one more call and a text. I get to work at 8:35 (only 5 minutes late) and call him.

Old Man: Are you ok, it’s sounds like you are frustrated
Me: I am. I was running late, I had to do my hair which took 15 minutes, take out the trash, blah, blah, blah
Old Man: (laughing) The hair huh?
Me: Yes, it’s frustrating. I hate flat flat ironing it every morning. I’m used to getting up and going. Plus it’s expensive to maintain, I have to go to the salon everyother week, which is $55.00 a visit, that adds up, I'm going back to my old style (curly)
Old Man: But I like the new look, it sounds like what you need is a sponsor, we’ve talked about this before...

I cut him off and we talk about something else.

Ok. I have a problem. Is he seriously trying to be my “sugar daddy”. I mean “it sounds like you need a sponsor”. I don’t know if it’s my ego or my pride or what, but I don’t want him “sponsoring” me. I mean WTF? How does that even sound? It’s different if he’s my boyfriend and he offers to pay for little things here and there and we’ve established some type of commitment, but what the hell does a sponsorship include, sex, money, prostitution?

Can someone please clarify this for me???

Side Note: Years ago when I changed my hairstyle, and Mr. Henry told me he didn’t like it, I told him I didn’t care, and until he started paying for me to get it done, he couldn’t comment on it... he never did...but that was different, right?


Tony and I had a fight. I’ll blog about it later. I’m still trying to sort it all out in my mind. Let’s just say, another one bites the dust...


Tunde said...

Hmmm. Speaking of "sponsors" i'm reading this book called He's Just A Friend by Mari B. Morrison. I don't know how much you read for leisure but you should check it out. Its pretty good and it might give you some persceptive about that situation. :-)

Shawn Smith said...

Sis, it sounds as though you and I need a dating vacation.

I'm thinking of taking one soon.


Yea, I thought about that last night after my argument with Tony. Just wiping the slate clean and starting fresh...although it will be hard for me to get rid of the Old Man...he hasn't done anything wrong...he's just overwhelming me...

Where we gonna go? I think Puerto Rico would make me happy :)

Tunde, right now I'm lazy when it comes to novels... maybe on my next vacation, I'll pick it up...

Anonymous said...

ah. sponsorship. ew. I'd be offended. Me and my cousins used to joke about that a lot when we were in the Philippines a couple years ago....Lotsa older white American guys hitting on the younger Filipinas... lol. The old chap needs to lay off a little bit. Does he know you have no intention with sleeping with him?