Monday, January 5, 2009

Jamaica: Third Time's A...

So I made it back yesterday. They say, the third time is a charm, but mine was between Purgatory, Heaven and Hell, if I were Catholic. Don't get me wrong, it was relaxing, as I laid on the beach everyday, and even went on a date, but it was F'N boring this time. It wasn't the party on wheels fun that I had the first two times and have come to expect and enjoy. I guess a near drowning experience, lack of NYE Action, getting the 3rd degree by Customs and the lack of (fill in the blank) can do that to I give it a:

3 for Fun
5 for Beach
7 for Food
10 for Friendliness
10 for Great Weather Everyday

I still love Jamaica, and will be back with Brian next month, so I have high hopes for the 4th time.

When I got back on US soil, I talked to a few people, including Old Man Benjamin, Tony & Mr. Henry...guess who came over and just left about 20 minutes ago???


Shawn Smith said...

Welcome back. I'm going to say Tony.

Anonymous said...



Really...I'm surprised you guys said that :)