Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Icing On The Cake (Update 2 of 2)...Is Birthday Booty In Store?

After Dinner

After dinner, the Old Man drives me home. By this time it’s about 10:30pm. I know although I don’t want to, I should be nice and invite him in:

Me: Do you want to come in for a MINUTE

Old Man: Of Course


We get in, and I regulate his movements in my place by closing doors... NO visits to the champagne room. We sit on the couch and talk. I’m fingering my “new” necklace, and he asks to see it. I was cognizant of the fact that he was probably a little jealous or may have felt a little “outdone”, but I couldn’t hide my JOY, as the necklace is SO me. After about 20 minutes of conversation, the Old Man starts yawning, he’s closing his eyes...

Old Man: Baby, I’m tired and I’m sure you are too, we should go to bed

Me: Yeah, it’s getting late, what time is it?

Old Man: 11 something

Me: I don’t want you falling asleep on your way home, I’ll get your jacket

Old Man: It’s so cold and rainy out. I won’t fall asleep, but with the may get icy, and it’s so warm in here

(I’m not stupid...)

Me: Awe baby, you’ll have to be careful, well let me get up and get your stuff now.

After He Left

I call Tony. He sent me a text message earlier in the day saying he was thinking of me. I think he forgot it was my birthday, we talk for a minute, then I receive a call. I get it thinking it’s the Old Man telling me he made it home safely. Nope it’s Mr. Henry. He called me 3 times throughout the day. We talk for a minute, then the Old Man calls... I ended my birthday night, WITHOUT birthday booty...but the necklace was THE icing on the cake!


Shawn Smith said...

Yeah, he definately tried to step it up.

That was always the thing that I always wondered. How does me giving up sex on my birthday constitute as a gift?

Unless it is someone that you really have been waiting on and they finally give it up to you on that day maybe.


I did not feel OBLIGATED to let him sleep over, we know he would have tried...

Tunde said...

Damn, no bday sex. That sucks. Well at least you got dinner and a gift. Maybe post bday sex??? Yeah if I was old dude I would have been jealous as well. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

happy belated bday and happy new year! lol. the ol man is getting antsy. u should post a pic of the necklace i wanna see


Tunde, yeah... I could tell he was a lil J, well I had "pre-day" booty, so maybe post b-day booty will be in store ;) ( I know Old Man ould have been more than happy to obilge, but... NO NO NO)

Mz Mami Thank you!!! Happy New Year to you too!!! I just took some pics of it. I'll e-mail them to you

BlkBond said...

Been reading your blog for a sec. Watching the old man self-destruct is just...painful. Please put him out to pasture.

THE BlkBond