Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Icing On The Cake....Update 1 of 2

Dinner & Background
So last night, the plan was dinner with the Old Man. So I’m a little “lukewarm” or maybe tepid on him. Why? Because it’s the little things that he’s failing to do. Before I left for Jamaica, he was telling me ALL of these things and plans HE had for me for MY birthday. So shouldn’t his Geritol kick in at some point so he can make the plans? Mind you I NEVER asked him to take me to the Spa, or Dinner or anything else, so I SHOULD NOT have to be the one to make the reservations and calls. I told him where I wanted to eat at. He kept suggesting other places, reading off other names of restaurants, and I was like no, I want to eat HERE. Long story short, I had to make the reservation.

We get there just in time to see the belly dancer. So as we are watching the dancer hypnotize us with her shimmies and undulating circles, I give the Old Man a gift (on my b-day) that I got for him while I was in Jamaica. That’s a big step, as I didn’t buy too much for anyone else. He was surprised, and was like “wait, you’re giving me gifts on your birthday”? Yep, that’s how I roll...

Here’s The Icing On The Cake
I get up and excuse myself to go to the ladies room and low & behold, I run into the “Owner”, who I met in August or September at an event he was hosting...and HE REMEMBERED me!!! I was so surprised. We talk for a moment:

The Owner: You look great, how are you?

Me: I’m good thank you, wow, it’s been awhile, I’m surprised you remember me. It’s so good to see you.

The Owner: So is that your boyfriend?

Me: No, we are dating. It’s my birthday.

The Owner: It’s your birthday? Happy birthday (he gives me a hug). I have something for you.

He goes to the wall, a necklace is hanging as decoration. He takes it down and him and another person there put it around my neck. At this point I’m speechless. It was really beautiful, and it looks like it’s really from Morocco. After hugs later, I return to the table.

Me: Look, look what The Owner gave me

Old Man: He gave you that?

Me: Yes!!! Wow, my first gift, I’m so amazed he remembered me. We only met once. Isn’t it pretty?

Old Man: It’s nice.

He was pissed off but tried to hold it in! After dinner, he gives me a card. It feels kind of chunky, and I’m wondering what’s in it. I open it, and it reads:

“It’s your birthday! What do you say we put on some soft music.... (I open it, the inside reads...) and nothing else” - then the song “Let’s Get It On” starts playing.

I bust out laughing... to be continued


Anonymous said...

maybe i'm on some mean tip right now and a bit bitter but a card like that would have pissed me clean off. i would have been happy to get the card but the message inside would have left me with a boot in my mouth for the rest of the evening.


Naw, I'm easy going, and knowing his personality, it didn't bother me that much. We've been seeing each other for about a year now...anyone else could have been rude (as I've experienced in the past) and just outright ask me for the booty during week 1 (case in point, guy asked if I wanted to get a room on the first date, and another guy tried to get me to touch his "Peter" and we hadn't been on a date yet)

I think he was trying...key word be funny, but at the same time let me know what's on his's been 11 months, so at the rate he's going, he probably wo't try any of the above for awhile :)