Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Type

“If you put all of the guys I date into a room, the only thing they will have in common is me...”

I’ve admitted this before. I LOVE MEN! In fact, sometimes I wonder if I’m addicted to flirting. This weekend was no exception. With all of the extra men around (some, in uniform) I think I almost broke my neck a few times and not from trying to see Mr. President... he’s married.

I made the comment above to my Aunt about the guys I date...they generally have nothing in common. I mean, except for me. It’s no surprise though, because my tastes in men changes with the wind. One morning I may wake up and want scrambled eggs and the next waffles. I have never been the type to jump on the latest “fad-wagon”. It’s hard enough staying on my own wagon, instead, I check every guy’s wagon. So I decided to make a list of SOME of the qualities that INITIALLY attracts me to guys...and yes, I mean, some of the “first” things I notice about a guy, then everything comes second or third. Oh this list is ALWAYS CHANGING, isn’t this the year of change anyways???.

In No Particular Order

Sex Appeal
Guys who wear glasses (cool glasses, not coke bottle glasses)
Tall guys
A guy who smells good
The way a guy “unintentionally” commands your attention when he walks into a room
Grooming style
Guys with accents
The ability to be different, and to be comfortable doing so
Intellectual type
Athletic type
Artsy type (it’s something about a guy who uses his hands to create something beautiful whether it’s music, art, buildings...)
Guys in Business Suits
Dancing skills
Life of the Party
Guys who are up on Politics
Laid Back
DJ’s ( I have a crush on a local DJ)
Guys who play instruments (Drummers get me every time)
Guys with “sexy” hair
Bald headed guys
Guys who look like they can protect me
Construction workers
Guys in uniform
A Guy who flirts subtly
A Guy who is quick witted
A Guy who volunteers
A Guy who seems like he’s a Humanitarian
A guy who is a little sarcastic
A Guy who likes to travel
Guys who run outside in the summer with nice bodies (I damn near break my neck trying to watch them)
Guys who are cute and they are walking their dog, and their dog is cute (puppies are cute, can’t help it)
The cool t-shirt & jeans guy


Chaotically Calm said...

Type? What does that word mean. With some many delicious choices why limit yourself to a type. There is of course one exception he must without a doubt be taller than me in uck me pumps!!!

DC DIVA DATING ADVENTURES said... type is MEN...gotta love them...although I like TALL guys, infact I prefer them, short guys always approach me (Old Man is a little shorter than me)

Cheekie said...

That list of men took me to my dreamy place. Great list. Because it pretty much describes them all. Yeah, can't say I have a "type" either.

Co-sign on Chaotically Calm's rule, though. And it ain't that hard. I'm 5'3''.

Tunde said...

lol. i feel chaotically. i love all types of women and all my exes have been compeletly different. i don't see the point in limiting yourself to a type. you're only doing yourself a disservice.

oh and rotf @ you only getting approached by short guys. i would walk through life with such an ill temperament if i was short.


Short guys think they are tall for some reason...have the biggest bark, and well my friend tells me short guys have big presents her husband is short but she says he doesn't disappoint...

I haven't proven that theory yet...