Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top 12 Reasons Why Vodka Is A Man

12. You either love Mr. Vodka, or you hate Mr. Vodka
11. It's hard to quit Mr. Vodka cold turkey
10. Mr. Vodka comes in many flavors
9. Mr. Vodka comes in nice packages
8. Mr. Vodka makes you "drunk dial" and "drunk text"
7. You turn to Mr. Vodka during the good times...Can we say "SHOTS"
6. You turn to Mr. Vodka during the hard times...Can we say "Economic Crisis"
5. You get hungry after "hanging out" with Mr. Vodka
4. Mr. Vodka puts you to sleep
3. Mr. Vodka may cause your "hormones" to come out, whether it's crying, fighting, or crying and fighting, he reveals your true self
2. Mr. Vodka makes you think you're invincible
1. You get horny after Mr. Vodka, or Mr. Vodka makes you horny...double edged sword


Tunde said...

Yeah I would agree except I would say that vodka is a woman. But vodka will always be my friend. Esp. Stoli. :)


Yeah, Stoli & Absolute are mine, in college it was Popov, 5 o'clock or anything that was generic (I was the broke student)

Tunde said...

Popov. I haven't had/heard that in a minute. You probably used to drink Skol too. lol.

Holly GoLightly said...

Omg! I know what u mean Ketel One, Grey Goose, and Ciroc & I have a tight relationship currently developing one with pinnacle!!