Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Eventful Weekend-Three's a Crowd

I had an interesting Friday. I went to see Island Prince John in New York. After being stuck in traffic for over an hour, and lost for another three, all I wanted to do was have a drink and unwind. After I finally made it to my friend's place (Party All the Time aka P.A.T.T.), Island Prince John came over. The plan was to go out to a club or bar. As we waited for P.A.T.T. and her friend...we made out...a lot. I guess we were making up for missed time. As I was kissing him, I could feel the stress of NYC's traffic, crazy taxi's, and confusing street signs melt away... the bubbly could have also had something do do with it!!!

P.A.T.T and her friend finally made it. However Island Prince John had something else in mind.

Island Prince: Let's meet them

Me: What?

Island Prince: Let them go ahead of us, tell them we'll meet them

Me: We can't stay here

Island Prince: Ok. we'll go to my brother's

So after a drink or two, we all head out. Once we get in the cab, I tell the cab driver to drop us at Island Prince John's brother's place. I tell P.A.T.T. and her friend to go without us...we'll meet them there.

We did plan on meeting them there...we fell asleep. We woke up a few hours later to the drunken french voices of Island Prince John's brother & Willard.

I tried to quickly get under the covers, as Island Prince yelled something in French.

Safely covered, Willard and Island Prince John's brother came into the room. We couldn't really stop them, as there weren't any doors...his brother had a Jr. 1 bedroom place...sans privacy.

Both Willard and the brother are surprised to see me. I blush a little, and say hi. There's a lot of conversation in French. I couldn't make anything out. After about an hour of socializing, a near fight between Island Prince John and a really drunk Willard and Willard passing out, Island Prince John, his brother & myself talk about sleeping arrangements.

See, I think, when Island Prince John and I were talking on the phone earlier in the week, somethings got lost in translation (L.I.T.) the fact that his brother basically has a studio, like the fact that I told him P.A.T.T. had out of town company and I really didn't have a place to sleep, like the fact that Island Prince John barely had a place to sleep, seeing as how Willard had the couch and Island Prince and his brother were sharing the same bed.

Me: We should look for a hotel

Island Prince: It's too late

Me: Uhhh, I told you my friend had company. Let me try to call her

Island Prince John: Don't worry, we'll figure something out. Do you want to take a shower. I have a really big shirt you can wear

Me: Uh, ok

(A few minutes later)

Brother: So is John taking you to your friend's house?

Me: He didn't tell you the situation?

Brother: No

Me: She has company. I just tried calling her. I'm going to try again

Island Prince: Don't worry about it, well figure something out

After my shower. Island Prince told me what the solution was. Hmmm, this will be interesting, I thought.

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