Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dirty Dancing

Last night was quite interesting and entertaining. After a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, I decided to go Salsa dancing. I knew Old Man Benjamin was going to be there, as we talked earlier and he told me that's where he'd be. He's pretty predictable, he goes Salsa dancing at least 4 times a week.

Before I can even walk into the door, this random guy stops me. He was cute, so I give him my number. When he's putting my number in his phone, I notice his hands. They are HUGE (not in a good way). They reminded me of embellished cartoon hands, kind of scary. Or maybe like the hands of those mascots except they did not match his body type or face...it was too late to take my number back...hmmm, is there a such thing as a hand disease?

So I get into the bar & see the Old Man dancing. He doesn't see me yet, so I sneak past him and go to the bar. I wanted to scope the scene a little, but too late; he spotted me! He was thrilled and surprised to see me. I wore these really tight pants (that showed all my curves) and an oversized off the shoulder shirt. He noticed. It was like it was his birthday all over again and I gave him the gift of Viagra!

We danced the night away. It was good. I actually had a great time. So confession...Old man Benjamin is growing on me. Here are some of the reasons why? (in no particular order)

1. He showers me with compliments
2. He's a great dancer (Salsa, Meringue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Reggae, Booty...he does it all!)
3. He has a zest for life
4. He's genuine. He'll call me in the morning to wish me a great day & tell me what a great time he had the night before & how great he thought I looked
5. He notices the little things. Like last night he noticed my earrings, and outfit, or he notices my hair, or something new he hasn't seen me wear before

In Other News:

Island Prince called me Sunday night. It was a short sweet conversation. I wonder what's going through his mind and why he's keeping the line of communication open, seeing as how he has baggage and he lives thousands of miles away? The only thing I can think of, other than our hot sexy times, is that its the "what if" factor. (another blog another time)


DaniB said...

You better give the old man a chance. It might be the best sex you ever had. You might even pass out from the pleasure LOL

Shawn Smith said...

Funny contrast of the old vs. the new.

Any word from IPJ's brother?


Yeah, and then when I come to, I might cry for having sex with someone old enough to be my Grandpa!


No, I haven't talked to his brother...I'm going to NY next weekend, but I deleted his number...no point in trying to find it.

Lotus said...

embelished cartoon hands...I literally laughed outloud in my office... Thanks, I needed that.


Ha! Thanks, but I honestly didn't know how else to describe his hands...maybe muppet hands will suffice next time