Monday, December 1, 2008

Festive Friday

OMG, I was soooo glad to be back on Friday, you have no idea! I love my family, but after being stuck in the sticks for 5 days, I welcomed the sirens, metro's opened doors and the nightlife. I realized I am somewhat of a "quintessential party girl". No I don't party every night or every weekend, but I need to know a party is going on somewhere. I need to know that I have options if I choose...when I was at home, the options were slim to none. Kind of like the Detroit Lion's winning, I mean losing streak and I can't have that!!!

P.A.T.T was in town for the weekend visiting her family. The plan was to go salsa dancing...and guess who we went with? Yep, the Old Man. He picked us up, and we headed out for a night of good times. So P.A.T.T. is the first one of my friends to meet the Old Man. We get in the car, and I look at her to see what her reaction would be...she smiles. Later on, I had to get a second opinion.

Me: So does he look old?

P.A.T.T.: No, he doesn't look the way I imagined him

Me: What did you think he looked liked?

P.A.T.T.: I thought he'd have grey hair & look older

Me: Really???

P.A.T.T.: Yeah, but he looks good for however old he is, how old is he again?

Me: 56

P.A.T.T.: Damn he's old...He looks like he could be in his forties


Shawn Smith said...

Welcome back, welcome back.


Thanks, I'm sooo glad to be never miss a good thing until it's gone!!!

CChamp01 said...

LOL!!!! That's all I'm going to say about P.A.T.T's description of the Ole Man....LMAO. Just playing, see he isn't as bad as you thought. Good luck w/that.


Maybe I should get a third opinion...she did have a few to drink??? :)