Monday, December 1, 2008

Two In One Night - The Talk

I guess I was making up for lost time...I double booked my Sunday, although I was tired from a night of parting on Saturday. I should have laid in bed all day, but I couldn't help myself. My first date was supposed to start at 5pm. The plan: tea with the new guy. I met him before I left town. We got started a little late. The date started at 5:30, which caused me to feel a little rushed, because I had a second date for 7pm. None-the-less, a Diva never sweats under pressure!

So I hate dinner dates and any date that requires you to sit down and talk as a first date. Tea was no exception. Actually it was kind of lame, but because the plans were so last minute and I had other plans, I didn't want to do anything it was raining all day.

"Gary" and I meet at the place of choice and he greets me with a hug. We get in, and do the typical get to know you conversation...I was a little bored. So of course I'm checking him out and I'm not impressed. He was kind of cute, but his nails were F'N dirty. And I do mean F'N dirty! It looked like he just changed the oil, put in a new carburetor and changed 4 tires on a 1989 Buick. We sat and chatted. He's nice but...I had to facilitate the conversation too felt forced. I tried to come up with something different (Two Truth's and a Lie) but he didn't take the bait the way I expected him to. We finally leave and I'm relieved. He walks me to my car, and gives me a hug. I thank him for a nice time, and he tries to give me a kiss. I turn my head, and do the cheek to cheek, European fake air kiss...whew.

I head to the cinema to meet the Old Man. Yep, our Sunday movie night. We see this great movie (Slumdog Millionaire) and both agreed the movie was great. I drive him to his car and we sit and talk for a moment. Mostly about the music in the movie and I told him how one of the songs was remade as a rap song. Then we kiss and he says he has something in store for us later in the month depending on my schedule. We talk about hanging out later in the week, then he says something that I'm not sure I'm ready to face.

Old Man: We need to have The Talk

Me: About what?

Old Man: Us. You can come over and we'll make cookies, and that will be a good time for us to to talk.

Me: (Damn cookies) Oh...the dreaded talk...ok

So I guess the time has come...damn, damn, damn. I hate it when someone says "we need to talk".

And what exactly is our "talk" going to actually consist of?


Shawn Smith said...

Too funny. The first thing I think of when someone says "we need to talk" is the first Dave Chappelle comedy special. His initial reaction when he says his wife tells him the phrase is priceless.

Time to make a decision girl.

I know with Christmas and New Years coming up, us men want to settle down for the holidays.

We don't want to be out buying gifts for everybody. Ha ha.


Ha! Well he already gave me the disclaimer, that he doesn't do Christmas...and not to buy him anything but he did say he'll buy me something for my b-day...

I don't know if I can imagine him being my bf...

Shawn Smith said...

Well if you have your doubts then it isn't what you want or should do.

Tonja said...

Wow, DC Diva, just like your brotha blog (SBM in NoVA), your dating life is addictive reading!

Anyhow, I just gotta wish you good luck with the "talk". Old Man seems like a nice guy, but if you're having serious doubts (especially if it's other than the age), then takin the next step is not the way to go. But, yeah, he's definitely trying to get a label on this before the holidays. ;)


Thank you Tonja, appreciate the fact you enjoy my adventures :)

My doubts about the Old Man are probably all superficial. I just have a lot of soul searching to do before I make any decisions....ahhhh, the Talk, I've been dreading it, but I knew it was coming...