Friday, December 12, 2008

Stress Reliever

I need a “stress reliever” BAD. I’m not talking about Girls Night Out, or getting out of town for the weekend. I'm not talking about making a stiff drink and talking to friends about bad day.

I’m talking about the hair pulling, butt smacking marathons that you can let all of your aggressions, frustrations and anger out on. The one's where no talking is ok. The one that has you gripping backs, tugging sheets, sweating, and breathing like you just participated in a triathlon… the stress reliever that has you staying up all night, knowing you have to be at work in the morning, but you don’t care. The stress reliever that has you covering your mouth so you don’t wake the neighbors up, although the pounding of the headboard against the wall was sure to already do it.

Clients and work has me stressed. This weather has me stressed, job satisfaction has me stressed and the LACK of great, can’t talk afterwards, just get me a drink sex has me stressed… I’m almost tempted to make a call…and not to the Old Man….
Don’t worry. I’m just gonna take my stressed ass to bed.



SINgleGIRL said...

Oh, honey, I understand.
Every girl needs a stress reliever every once and a while. Which is why we all need a f***-buddy.

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Well I "killed" my FWB, so I guess I gotta get a new one!

I've been to the new it, I have to sign up for an account so I can comment about Mr. Potential!!! Get plenty for me :)

Chaotically Calm said...

Is everyone one in "heat" these days I feel like I just had this same conversation with my best friend.

Now that I think of it...a stress reliever sounds like it might hit the spot.


Naw, not in heat...I wasn't even really horny...I was just stressed, and nothing would have hit the spot at that time...I don't cream doesn't work anymore, plus it adds pounds to the waistline

DaniB said...

Get a toy with lots of attachments... It's not the same but it can provide temporary relief


Dani B,
To be honest, Ive tried toys before...and I kinda hate them. (except for that little bullet thing... but me & guy used it together.....enhancement!!!)