Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dating On A Budget

Have you ever put-off a date or postponed a date due to lack of funds? Remember the good ole’ college days where everyone was broke, so $2.00 happy hour was great and no one would get upset because you took them to a $2.00 happy hour, even if they were a two-bit…(ahem)

Well I’m here to the rescue. Don’t hang up your dating life because we are in an economic crisis. In fact, this is probably the best time to date. If someone can stick with you through the Dow’s downfall & Congress bailing out everyone and their mama, then they are a keeper. Plus it’s an excuse to be cheap and vett your dates on a budget before taking them home to meet the family!

Here are some cheap/free date ideas to help get you started on your new dating life during our modern day depression! Shawn Smith from SBMINNOVA threw in a few of his favorite as well! Happy Budget Dating!

1. Movie Night In - Skip paying for the $11.00 movie, $5.00 popcorn and $4.00 drink …instead there are these cool little red boxes in most major cities at grocery stores that will allow you to rent a movie for about a dollar a day. And since you will already be at the grocery store grab a box of microwave popcorn and a cheap bottle of wine; like the Barefoot brand. Total Cost of Date - $10.00

2. Culture – Most major cities have a free museum or a free exhibit at an Art Gallery. Grab your local city paper and circle the one’s of interest. Not only will you seem refined & cultured. Haven’t you heard…SMART is the new SEXY… Total Cost of Date - $Free

3. Throwback Date – Remember when hanging in the parking lot of (insert place here) was cool??? Ladies remember when you’d go to the recreational center/gym to check the guys out, knowing you didn’t play basketball? (The good ole college days!) Pick your favorite nostalgic hangout spot. Take your boombox (nowadays MP3 Players with speakers) and crack open a cheap bottle of Boonesfarm (2 for $5.00) and get to know each other all over again! Make use of the backseat if you must...Total Cost of Date - $5.00

4. Dinner for Two – Ok, so you’re not ready to invite him/her to the pad yet. Not ready to show your Wolf Gang Puck cooking skills. Don’t fret. You can still have dinner really cheap and it doesn’t have to be Romen Noodles and PBJ. Cool places to go include Mom & Pop places or places off the “beaten track”. In DC one of my favorite good cheap eat places is Sweet Mango Café. They always give you a decent sized portion. Enough for sharing! Other fairly cheap places to check out in DC include (The Tandoori Grille, Julia’s Empanada’s, The Diner, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Sticky Rice…and anything else that has more than 5 entrée’s for under $10.00). – Total Cost of Date - $20 or less

5. The Scenic Route – Feeling a little romantic? Is the weather nice out? Does your city have a scenic river overlook? As long as it’s safe and you aren’t breaking any indecent exposure or trespassing laws, get a bottle of wine, some cheese & grapes and watch the sunset. Don’t forget the blanket! And remember fellas, don’t be too cheesy…just the right amount will get you there! – Total Cost of Date - $15.00

6. Get Sweaty Together – No, not in the bedroom…well, I’m not opposed to it, but another great way to get the juices flowing is at the gym. There’s nothing hotter than working out together. Once you get your heartrate up, you’ll feel sexy, sweaty & ready to take on the world…or some after gym action??? (Go online to get free 1-Day gym passes from a local gym) – Total Cost of Date – Free

7. Shut Up & Drive – I’ve never done this, but it’s not a bad idea, test-drive your dream car. Pretend you just hit the lottery or you’re filthy rich and go test drive your favorite car. Did I hear someone say Aston Martin???? Total Cost of Date - Free

8. Happy Hour – In a city where Happy Hours are trendy, you’ll never look cheap when you take your date for free drinks before 8 and half-priced appetizers. One up them and take care of the tips the whole night! Total Cost of Date - $10-$20

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Tonja said...

Great ideas, DC Diva! Definitely relevant for the times and they all sound fun. The point is to be creative and more times than not, they end up being more fun than the "expensive" dates!