Monday, December 1, 2008

Pro's & Con's

So after our date on Sunday night, the Old Man had and still has me thinking. What would be the Pro's & Con's of a relationship with him...

He'll be getting Senior discounts soon
He'll be up for retirement, which will allow more time for hanging out
He can tell me about all of the Social Security (SS) benefits I will be missing, since SS probably won't exist by the time I retire
He can tell me if Ensure really works or if I should go with Boost instead
He probably has tons of experience, and I can learn new tricks from an Old Dog (or is it the other way around...hmmm)
He'll be the envy of all of his dirty old friends...60 is the new 20
He probably doesn't want anymore kids since he has kids and grandkids
Since he's older than my parents, he can tell them what to expect when they retire
He calls me Kitten, but then sometimes gets a little forgetful and calls me "Cupcake" (My Dad calls me cupcake, he can't do that!)
He knows all about Recessions & Depressions since he's like...old as...(fill in your cliché term)

Uhhh, did I mention he has sons my age???
I wouldn't want him to have a heart attack while horizontal "dancing"
When we go out, people think I'm his daughter
Sponge bath's
He'll be up for retirement, which means he may not allow me enough "space"
I may have to start spoon feeding him in less than 5 years
60 is NOT the new 20, maybe the new 50...but definitely not 20
He doesn't know who JayZ is...(that was quite funny actually...)
You can't teach an Old Dog new tricks
If we were to get married, I'd be his kids Step Mother...ha!!!! (that's not funny)


Shawn Smith said...

You are soooooo wrong for this one.

I had to laugh at the Pros.

I feel you on dating someone with kids almost your age. I think I've done that twice.

Tonja said...

Glad you decided to sit down and think about these pros and cons. Both of which gave me a giggle! lol

So, um, question: Have you ever seriously considered doing the horizontal salsa (heh) with Old Man?


Ha Shawn...I speak the I haven't met his sons yet...what if they are hot! Or even worse...what if I dated one of


Ohhhh, The Horizontal salsa....yeah, and I'm I can't really actually see myself in his love shack...(gag) lol

Essence said...

Girl, I am going to pray for you on this one because you know God don't like ugly!!! LOL!

SINgleGIRL said...

Screw the pros and cons honey, it's an issue because you think it's an issue. That is all you really need to know. The fact that you've given it so much thought should be telling you something.


SingleGirl Interesting. And yes, I do think the age difference is an issue or will be one eventually. Don't get me wrong I do like him, or else I wouldn't be spending so much time with him. But everyone has something or other that is an "issue" (i.e. smoking, gambling, low or high sex drive, squeezing the toothpaste from the middle, leaving the seat up). My mom once said to me, everyman has flaws, issues and problems, what matters is the one's you can overlook or want to deal is age really THAT important. And that's something I've been thinking about a lot. If he can give me almost everything I want, but happens to be older, is it worth the risk???

Tonja said...

DC Diva: That's the thing, I think it's great you're doing this pros and cons list because it'll help you in deciding how big the issue actually is. It'll help you decide what is a dealbreaker and what isn't. If the pros outweigh the cons...or vice versa.

What you're trying to sift through is no different than the situations where a girl is trying to decide to give that nice guy who might not be the sexiest thing alive a chance. It's all about finding out what's worth it. Or, more specifically, WHO'S worth it. :)

.::Anonymous::. said...

Hey. I'm a new reader and you seriously had me over here dying. Ay yiiii. This should be interesting lol.


Anonymous: we can't have you dying now...I need help in figuring out what to do about the Old Man :)

So don't die yet...die after (if I ever in my lifetime) I have sex...with him.... So I guess you'll be living forever!