Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Guess Who's Coming...

Between work stress, weather stress, running crazy stress and lack of sex stress, I somehow am starting to feel sick. Last night, I got home, doped up on every vitamin in my house and drank two packets of Thera-flu before hitting the sack. This morning, I get my daily wake-up call.

Me: Morning Babe (in my not so sexy, throat hurts voice)

Old Man: You still sleep Kitten?

Me: No, I'm on my way to work, I don't feel good...

Old Man: You're not taking care of yourself

Me: I know, it's hard, I've been running crazy and haven't been able to get enough rest

Old Man: Awwwe, you need me to take care of you

Me: Yes

Old Man: Well how can I if you don't sit still

Me: You can come over tonight & take care of me. We'll order Thai food and play Scrabble

Old Man: (probably shit'n in his pants from excitement, 1st invite to my place!) Ok, what do you need me to bring???

I'll let you know how it goes...

In Other News

Latino Papi Alex finally got the picture (I hope) and stopped texting me. For the last few weeks he was sending me these one liner texts asking when he could see me. Tony sent me some stupid mass text last night. Brian asked me to dog sit for him this week, I'm going to JAMAICA in 10 DAYS!!! (different trip from the one with Brian in February)


Shawn Smith said...

Well let's hope this time you had better "planning" this time for your Jam-rock trip. If you did, I'm sure you won't be seeing too much of the island.

Oh, and which one is it, Hedo II or Hedo III?


What, me go to Hedo??? I don't think so...I'd never, EVER, go there....... well, ok, maybe one day ;)

Going to Montego Bay with a friend of mine...she & I started planning this NYE trip last I'm sure we'll have fun, and I'm sure there will be plenty of EXTRA activities to keep me occupied!