Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Q & A Session: Clarifications

So I wanted him to feel comfortable...he looked rather perplexed, intrigued and like a deer caught in headlights. So I made the first question easy.

Me: Did you enjoy staying the night in playing games?:
Old Man: YES (he held up the card)

Me: Ok now your turn
Old Man: Did you like the meal I prepared for you?

Me: Do you wonder why/ or does it bother you that I haven't invited you to my place yet?
Me: Why
Old Man: I'm not mad about it, I'm just curious as to what your place is like. I want to see what you are like at home, your personality so to speak...

Old Man: Does our difference in age bother you?
Me...(after a long pause, I hold up 3 cards): YES, NO, DEPENDS
Old Man: Why give me an example
(I go on to explain to him about the time I went with him to his friend's place on Election night, and how that lady was "fishing for info", and how I wondered what his friends thought of me, if they asked who I was, and how I was the youngest, (by at least 20 years) person there)

Old Man: Do you think about having sex with me?
Me: YES, but...I feel like sex could be a really good thing or a really bad thing. We've taken a long time to build a relationship, and I'm scared about what would happen if the sex is bad
Old Man: Wha...
Me: Because I know how I am, and I'm scared of the ramifications after we take it there

Me: You want to have sex with me don't you?
Old Man: (Grins): YES, DEPENDS
Me: Why depends
Old Man: Kind of what you touched on, on the ramifications that could happen afterwards

Me: Are you seeing/sleeping with other people?
Old Man: Have I slept with other people, yes
Me: REALLY (I didn't see that coming.....wow)
Old Man: It was awhile ago
Me: REALLY???? How long ago
Old Man: I don't know, a month or two
Me: Wow. I didn't expect that..... that's not that long ago( I really, didn't expect that, I was almost speechless)

We talk somemore about sex and how I didn't think he was having sex based on some things he has said, that I drew assumptions from.

We then go on, back and forth about our past, and what we want right now. Basically, he understands I'm not ready for anything serious, I understand he is seeing other people as well, and I told him, that if we ever did take it there, and decided to have a sexual relationship, then I would want it to be monogamous (although at this point I still can't see us having sex)....

...but there is one thing I didn't mention....he didn't ask me if I am/was seeing other people, and I'm on the don't ask, don't tell policy....guess he didn't want to know.....


Anonymous said...

i love this game.. adding it to my date nights with whoever is in rotation!


HA!!! Rotation. Love it!

Another game you should play is Two Turth's & a lie... You tell the other person two truths and a lie about yourself and they have to figure out which one is the lie...you can make it sexy & fun and learn about the other person during the process


Ooops, I meant Truth's :)