Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Unknown Callers

I knew this was going to happen. That's why I frantically looked for my phone ( and lost my buzz during the process) Friday night. Anyways, tonight has been quite eventful. The Old Man and I made last minute plans to hang out, but once again, he was acting indecisive (which I hate), I wanted to say "Just make up your fucking mind and choose something, be spontaneous, I told you I didn't care", but I didn't. I talked to him at 6ish. Told him to choose something, anything, that I would be ready at 9pm. Well he must have taken his Geritol or whatever Old people take that makes them sleepy or whatnot.

7:50ish pm

Old Man: Hey
Me: Hi, What's up
Old Man: It's me
Me: I know, what's up
Old Man: What are you doing, are you still taking care of your business (I had a list of stuff to do), do you need more time?
Me: I'm working on it now, I'll be ready when you get here
Old Man: About that, don't be mad at me...
Me: What
Old Man: Will you be mad if I say I don't feel like doing anything?
Me: No
Old Man: I don't feel like doing anything tonight
Me: Ok. Bye.

I know I got short with him, but WTF, I'm running around my place like a mad woman, trying to take care of a shitload of stuff I have to do, and I squeeze him in, and he cancels an hour before our agreed upon time.
I stop.
I breathe.
I was tempted to go to the bar and get a drink and to just say fuck it (sorry for the language, but I had a REALLY rough day).

Anyways, I make a drink, and decide to chill for a minute. I get a call (unknown caller..... DAMN):

Unknown Caller 1: Hello, hey how are you?
Me: Good, who is this?
Unknown Caller 1: It's "Jason... Jason Mathis" ... (haven't talked about him yet)
Me: Ohhhhhh. Hey how are you!

After a few minutes of conversation, someone beeps in, I immediately recognize the number...

Unknown Caller 2: Hello,
Me: Heyyyyy Island Prince, oh my god, how are you!!! Hold on....

At least tonight wasn't all the way bad. I talked to Island Prince for a few moments, and I called Jason back...I still need that stiff drink though


Cheekie said...

*eyebrows raise at Island Prince* Hmmm...

WHY does that happen? When you just say "Whatever!" about one guy, then all of the others guys come out of the woodwork. At ONE time?! Weirdness.


Cause, they have some kind of sensor...then it goes off...they want to always be in the forefront "just in case"...

But in Island Prince's Defense, he's a foreigner and doesn't know...awe hell who am I kiddin!!!!

Cheekie said...

Oh yeah, that sensor can definitely pick up long distance, I'm sure! lol

Shelia said...

At least you weren't


Yeah... but, I always enjoy talking to Island Prince...although most of the time we can't understand each other...I just think about how delicious he looked, and the mumbo jumbo sounds like English!!!!