Monday, December 8, 2008

Cookies, Convo, & Clarity

Yesterday was the day I dedicated to the Old Man. The plan: Dinner at his place (he promised to spoil me) and then a night out listening to live music.

I arrived at his place around 4p (I know, twice in one week!). When I walked in, he had the mood set. Music, warmth, food on the stove simmering, the oven full, and cookies. (one of the many ways to my heart). So a few things you should know about the Old Man, 1) he doesn't cook much, 2) he's a self proclaimed vegetarian (he eats seafood on occasion).

He cooked everything from scratch. Cookies and all!

He had me to try a cookie first...(ugh, ick, wtf??? Just a few things that came to mind)

Old Man: Sooo what do you think

Me: Ummmm, they are....

Old Man: I made some changes, I used honey instead of sugar

Me: Oh

Old Man: I can tell by the look on your face you don't like them

Me: Nooo, they are ummmm... good ( I ate another one to prove to him they were...gag)

Old Man: Do they need sugar

Me: Yes!!!

Dinner was much better. After dinner, we laid on the couch and tried to decide whether or not we were going to brave the cold weather & to go listen to the band he picked out? ( It was so cold, I couldn't even think straight.) We opted to stay in. I asked him if he had Scrabble. He went to the basement and came back with three board games. The first one was some ancient game, that I never seen or played (waaaaay before my time), but managed to beat him four times! Then we played Scrabble (yes, the party girl is SMART!). I killed him in that, then I made up a game for us to play...QUESTIONS.

I knew he wanted to "TALK" and he had questions. We pulled the cards from the Scruples game (yes, no, depends, halo, pitch fork).

Me: Ok. Here are the rules. We can ask each other seven questions. You lay one of these cards on the table, and that's your answer. No question is off limits. But you ONLY get 7, ok?

Old Man: (holding up the cards) So these are my answer choices....

Me: Yes

Old Man: (silent)

Me: Want me to go first

Old Man: Yes

(to be continued...)

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