Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Something New: Second Chances

Recycled Booty - Reusing your previous sex partners for a variety of reasons, including great sex, comfort, lack of choices, familiarity or for the sole purpose of not adding "notches" to the belt...

So I seen the "new" craze this year. You know the one, everyone proud of their shiny brand new recycled bag, that you can use over & over for groceries and everyday shopping. You see them everywhere. Also, as Americans we tend to recycle other things, and sometimes get rewards for doing so...so why not recycle booty???

Tonight, I was invited out by Tony. I know what you're thinking...WTF!

But, I think, everything & everyone deserves a second chance...(disclaimer...in most cases)

I don't know if I'm delirious because I haven't gotten laid since October...or if I truly have it in my heart to give people another chance...in any case I went out with Tony tonight. After a brief conversation (and voicemail) he invited me out. It was a short quick date (right to the point) but good. I got to see a different side of him, and we got caught up. Of course he asked me about Mr. Henry & I asked him about any new "girlfriends"...

Afterwards he walked me to my car (after alluding to my place, and how he's going to come over with wine) and we hugged & gave each other a peck goodnight...hmmmm

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