Saturday, December 6, 2008

If 30 is...

If 30 is the new 20. What's 28?

Ok, the last two nights I've been out partying. Thursday night I hung out with Brian. We hadn't hung out in awhile, so it was a nice change. After we finalized our plans for our upcoming trip in February (Jamaica, Jamaica!) we went to this lounge that is the "place to be", if you are into the seen and be seen crowd. Although that's not really me, I always have fun...Thursday night was no exception.

Since I drove, I kept my drinking to a minimum (1 glass wine, 1 vodka & cran at Brian's), which is generally hard for me. The solution: leave credit/debit card in car or at home. Take a certain amount and once that's's gone.

Sometimes when I go out with Brian it's hard to meet other guys because they aren't sure if we are together or I split for awhile. On my mission to search out hot guys I ran into this guy, John Q, I used to work with at a previous job. HOT, HOT, HOT! He's the quintessential good guy, with a mysterious secret life you want to know about. At work he's a suit and tie guy, extremely nice, well liked, smart.

Well, I seen a different, sexier side of him Thursday. I like!!! I had a crush on him, when we were working together. I never told him (or anyone else) because 1) we were co-workers and 2) he had a girlfriend at the time. But now...I think he's fair game. I heard he's single again!!! Hmmmm

For the most part, I was good on Thursday. I met another (and I mean this in all kindness) young guy. What is it with me meeting 23 year olds??? We danced & hung out for a second, but I could tell what was on his was on mine too...but not with him.

Friday. Ahhhh, too much to tell, but I will say this. I'm going to stop partying...I mean it this time, really I do. I went out with friends, and ended up:

1) using the same pick-up line three times (three different guys), it works! Trust me!
2) someone from my night of partying two weeks ago, recognized me, "Hey aren't you that girl.... "Uh no, that was my twin sister Victoria" ....(Damn, I need to go to obscure spots)
3) not sure if I drunk dialed or drunk text messaged anyone, because I lost my phone
4) woke up at 6:30am...(why do I wake up early when I drink???)
5) drunk more than I intended to drink (damn open bars get you in trouble!)

So my pledge is to stop partying...yep. Starting tonight (salsa dancing doesn't count).


Shawn Smith said...

You lie.

You know you won't stop partying. It's the "oh God, I'll slow down my drinking" pledge.

Ha ha. Oh, and I want to know what line you are using.


I can't tell you my secret pick-up line... ;)

And yes...I am going to stop. See I already started. Today is day 1 of being on the wagon!!! I pledge not to fall off

Tonja said...

*alsoc curious about secret successful pickup line*


Hmmm, I'll have to make sure you guys don't go selling my "secrets" now... Only if you swear you won't tell anyone...not 1 single person!