Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Sexy Labor Day Weekend

So this weekend was pretty good. I wasn’t as bad as I wanted to be, which is a good thing I guess.

Friday I went to New York to hang with one of my best friends. We are always down for a good party, drinks and sexy men. Friday night started out a little slow, but we finally found a lounge that played decent music. There were a few cuties there, but a lot, and I mean a lot of the guys had bad breath…really bad breath. There was this one guy in particular every time he opened his mouth I fainted. His breath reminded me of Shrek. He didn’t look like him, but if I were blind, I definitely would have thought of Shrek when he talked.

So anyways after a few drinks, I found this guy…more like a prince, who was sexy. I mean, really, really beautiful and at this point it wasn’t the liquor speaking.

This guy, I’ll call him my island prince, ok, I’ll call him John, was gorgeous. One problem. His first language is French…which is sexy if only I knew what the hell he was saying. But we both knew what French kissing was….hmmm. So anyways, John was even sexier because he had fresh minty breath and he could dance. So Friday wasn’t a total bust. John and I exchanged numbers and talked a few times. I convinced him to come to DC to see me before he heads back to the West Indies. We’ll see, he’s supposed to come on Friday.

Saturday, we couldn’t even really pull it together. After a day of hanging in the city, drinking, eating & walking, and window shopping. When it finally came time to go out, my friend and I were so tired we called it a night.

Sunday, I was on the road for the first part of the day….back to D.C….back to my men…back to work…although I didn’t have to work, coming back to DC reminded me of work. I decided not to stay at home and dread Tuesday. So I went to a dance party. It was ok. Generally, I don’t mind going out alone, in fact I like it, but tonight it was mostly couples and men who were more interested in each other than me. I had a good time, but I think I was thinking it could have been more fun. When I got home I text messaged Brian for a little bit and sent one liner text to my new friend “Terry”. I met Terry awhile ago, so far just text & e-mails, but maybe we’ll get it together soon.

Today, I guess I had options. Benjamin (The Old Man) called me and wanted to go to a show. Terry and I sent text messages back and forth about dinner. And my Latino Friend Alex and I sent messages back and forth. I ended up chilling by myself mostly and meeting a friend for a quick going away dinner…

So, I guess I was pretty good this weekend…I really wish I could have been bad though...this weekend I know I'll probably be bad. My best friend from home is coming... she's a party on wheels too, so I'm sure we'll find some trouble to get into.....

DC Dating Diva

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