Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mr. Henry (Part 1 of many blogs)

So, just when I thought my Labor Day weekend was over, I get a call from "Mr. Henry". It will take too many blogs to describe our love/hate/passionate/on again off again fwb relationship. I met Mr. Henry 8 years ago in undergrad. We were actually friends for two years before we crossed the dark side together. I remember my first time I stayed at his house. It was the year I vowed celibacy. Mr. Henry was a complete sweetheart and gentleman, we slept on the couch together because he wanted to respect my "celibacy vow". In the morning he woke up & made me frozen waffles. (If you knew him, that was a big step for him)

Don't get it wrong, we had our moments. He could be a jerk a-hole when he wanted to be. He caused me to do psycho things I would never do to anyone, except him and his patio door and car. Hence the hate part in our relationship. We've both matured since the college days. I no longer throw bricks (although he found that quite sexy) he's still a jerk sometimes, just not a jerk a-hole. Also we're really honest with each other maybe a little too honest, but the honesty is refreshing and I like honesty.

So, he calls me around 11:30pm. Nothing out of the norm. We usually talk to each other once a day or at least a few times a week.

Mr Henry : What are you doing?

Me: Laying Down, what's up

Mr. Henry: Are you asleep?

Me: No, just laying here

Mr. Henry: Come Over

Me: Where are you?

Mr. Henry: Downtown

Me: You come over

Mr. Henry: No, I always come over, you come to me

Me: I have to work in the morning

Mr. Henry: Me too

Me: Did you have sex this weekend?

Mr. Henry: No.

Me: You really want me to come over?

Mr. Henry: Yes.


Shawn Smith said...

Aww, so what happened next?


Shawn, come on now!!! I have to leave this one to your imagination...