Monday, September 8, 2008

My Extended Fun Filled Weekend (Part 1 of 3)

Amazing, fun, jam packed, interesting...all words that come to mind when I think about the last four days. So much happened that I will have to break up the blogs into three parts. So, let me start at the beginning of my extended weekend.

Wednesday - Finally met Terry in person. He's a good on paper guy, but to sum everything else up...I would use the one word that first popped in my mind when I left his place. Horrible. Everything. End of story. After I left I went to pick up my friend "Party on Wheels" (P.O.W.) from the airport and talked her ear off on how everything played out.

Thursday - Me & P.O.W. went out. The night kind of started out slow, but picked up. I drove, so I couldn't indulge in drinking, which is fine. I have to practice on limiting my beer goggle experiences. I met this guy from Kenya with a British accent; I'll call "Ivan". He was cool at first, but then as our conversation progressed he became annoying. He asked me for a ride to his place. On the way there, he kept trying to convince me & P.O.W. to stop for breakfast or to come to his place. NO, WAY! He called me twice that night, twice Friday, and once today. Red flags!!! Potentially stalker-ish. Hmmm, I think I will put him in the "NWIH" (no way in hell) box.

Friday - The real fun began. Friday deserves it’s own blog. To be continued...

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